Image by Arek Socha from Pixabay

The beautiful autumn month of November, with its inclusion of an official Thanksgiving Day, calls to us to focus our attention on the positive creative power of feeling grateful just to be alive, one day at a time. This month offers us the opportunity to focus on the high vibration we emit when we feel appreciation, and how that vibration draws our attention toward more and more to appreciate  in our self and the world around us.

There is a sacredness in our feeling “thanksgiving” within us before we say “thank you” to anyone for anything, so that our words come straight from our heart. A mantra of “thank you-thank you-thank you” is one of the most powerful mantras we can say in our life. The spiritual master, Mooji, tells us, “Just keep saying thank you. Don’t explain. Don’t complain. Just say thank you. Say thank you to existence.”

Giving thanks for our journey so far through life, feeling thankful for this time and place in our life, opens us to fully appreciate our existence in the present moment. When we’re thankful for the gift of being alive, we’re more able to appreciate the good we have now. And that appreciation allows more good to come our way and flow into what comes next.

Though Thanksgiving Day often calls our attention to people we love, and to the positive aspects of our life that we might have been taking for granted, giving thanks every day, and every moment throughout the day, uplifts us to a place in our mind and heart where we are able to feel the Love within us that has called us into Being. As we allow Its Presence to fill us to overflowing, Love through us flows into the world. Then Thanksgiving becomes a lifestyle, rather than just a holiday.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Love and appreciation are identical vibrations. Appreciation is the vibration of alignment with who you are. When you focus upon what you want, when you tell the story of how you want your life to be, you come closer and closer to the vicinity of appreciation. And, when you reach it, it will pull you toward all things that you consider to be good in a very powerful way.” If we want to know the direction our thoughts are taking us in life, we need to notice the feelings that are pulling us there. In other words, we need to become self-aware and self-observant as we live our life.

We know we’re on the path that leads to all things we consider to be good when what we think, say and do energizes us, brings us joy throughout our day, and brings peace, satisfaction and rest at the end of the day. If we feel agitated throughout the day, with unpleasant energy running through us, and at the end of day we feel exhausted, unsatisfied and restless, it’s an indication we’re heading in a direction we don’t want to go, one that is pulling us toward experiences we’ll consider to be not-so-good.

It’s essential for us to find our “why” in life: Why we get up in the morning. Why we do what we do all day long. What it is that motivates our thoughts, words and actions. If obligation is our motivation, our thoughts, words and actions will lack appreciation, that positive creative Force that makes what we doing spiritually worthwhile. Obligation creates resentment, and it won’t bring us the good we want no matter how good we look doing what we do. If fear is the reason we do what we do—whether it’s fear of not being loved and accepted, fear of not having enough money, fear of getting sick—since fear and Love, as A Course in Miracles reminds us, can’t coexist, we won’t bring Love into our actions. And our actions won’t bring the Love we desire to express as we do what we do. Even though what we do may be helpful in some way in pleasing another or easing our guilt, in helping us to feel less lonely, or helping us to get by financially, it is only by loving what we do, and feeling Love while we’re doing it, that we feel grateful for our life and pulled in the direction of our good.

We may wonder how we can feel grateful doing anything when we don’t appreciate the conditions of our life. How we can maintain positivity and an attitude of gratitude when most of the time we feel like a negative, down-in-the dumps grump. What if we’re experiencing health challenges that are limiting and painful, or we’re experiencing disharmony in our relationships with family, friends, coworkers, neighbors, or even total strangers? What do we have to be grateful for under those conditions? We can start by just being grateful that we have the spiritual option to let our self rise in an awareness of appreciation that is above conditions. In order for us to maintain an attitude of gratitude, our gratefulness must to unconditional. How do wewe rise in appreciation? By being grateful that we’re alive to feel gratitude. Feeling gratitude feels good to feel, and it creates a mental-vibrational environment that draws our attention to something good in any condition. But in order for us to notice our attitude in any given moment (just in case we want to change it), we must become self-aware and self-observant as we live our life.

Tibetan Lama Surya Das wrote, “Before speaking, notice what motivates your words.” In order for us to notice why we’re about to say something, it’s necessary for us to be aware of our thoughts and feelings in the present moment so we’ll know the motivation behind our words. Then we can choose the words that convey what we truly mean to say. Ambrose Bierce wrote, “Speak when you are angry and you will make the best speech you will ever regret.” So often we react to life through the force of habit rather than the Force of deliberate choice.

When we live our life by rote, mechanically and repetitiously, thinking, saying and doing the same things over and over again, we’re unaware of why we say and do what we say and do, or how we feel while we’re saying and doing it. When we have a routine for living our life that is so familiar and predictable that it doesn’t seem to require much thought, we don’t give it much thought. We move about our life unaware of what’s going on within us that motivates us as we move. It’s as if we’re mentally on automatic pilot, with old thoughts and old stories spinning around in our mind and making us numb to the present moment. We’re not considering that each moment is offering us something new to think, say and do. We don’t consider telling a new story about what we want.

Life doesn’t just happen to us, it happens through us, through the thought forms we give Life Energy to flow through. We’ll know if we’re going to like the forms and expressions that our thoughts are molding into shape by the way we feel. That’s why it’s important for us to find the “why” in what we think, say and do.

Love and appreciation are identical vibrations because God is Love and appreciates all that His Love has created. We are born of the One Love that is forever in Love with us. We are eternally the Beloved of God. When we feel appreciation within us, we’re in alignment with who we are because we are feeling the Divine Appreciation that Sources us every mo with all we want and need.

Spiritual teacher, Adyashanti, said “When we are in our true being, the purpose of life is to feel that every moment is the purpose.” When we are being our true being, we find our “why” and our purpose as a spiritual being for coming into this human experience becomes clear. It’s got to be a good purpose because God is Good and called us here. And, it is God that continues every moment to gift us with life. When realize we’ve already received more than what we deserve, and we realize that it has all come to us as a blessing and a gift, then the gratitude we feel becomes a prayer. Gratitude connects our awareness with the Holy Invisible that is not tangible, but existing—the Creator of the Universe, the Divine Presence that exists within all that lives. But, we have to change our attitude to one of gratitude, and rise to meet its vibration, to be ready to receive what we’ve asked for through our desires and prayers.

When we live this life unafraid to be grateful for it all (no matter how some of it may appear some of the time), when appreciation replaces the attitude “I just gotta through this,” then we become aware that there is always something to be grateful for right where we are. Appreciation allows our attention to be drawn to it because we’re in vibration with it. When we choose love of life over fear of any condition, we discover that Love is all around us because we feel the Love within us. Love becomes our “why” as we do whatever we do. It becomes the motivation behind our words and the Presence within our actions. If what we’re doing doesn’t feel good, we’re not doing it with Love.

What we experience in life is who we are being in life. If our “why” in life is to be our true self, we’ll find that it’s not just our purpose to be loving, but to be Love. And, that’s an awareness to be grateful for!