Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

Passion gives us access to our power to create the life we want to live. When we are feeling passion-filled joy in the life we live each day, we are feeling the Joy of the Universe in which we are living our life each day. There is power in our awareness that we are one with the Universe. There is power in our conscious connection with Its unconditional support and unlimited supply. We increase our passion for living by loving being our self in life. Passion deepens through our authentic self-expression, and blossoms from the inside out like a beautiful flower that opens and blooms endlessly. The spiritual teacher, Osho, wrote: “Find ecstasy within yourself. It is not out there. It is in your innermost flowering. The one you are looking for is you.”

Passion causes a surge in our ability to create a life that feels good to live because passion feels good to feel. The high vibration we emit as we do those things our passion calls us to do, and as we do all things we do with passion, our uplifted, life-affirming thoughts naturally attract more and more experiences into our life for us to feel good about. It is a Divine Circle without end. Love attracts more loving experiences. Joy attract more experiences to enjoy.

If we don’t fully appreciate our life as we live it, how can we ever arrive at the awakened awareness of all we are now, and “the more we can be” as we continue to blossom? We can learn to live in Joy along our pathway home by removing, dissolving and transcending whatever seems to get in our way along our path—those thoughts that keep us from living “full out with every bit of passion we can muster!” Those feelings that hold us back from embracing our life and claiming its value as we’re living it.

There is only one thing that has power to hold us back and keep us small and unexpressed in this world, and that is our tiny, inhibited idea of who we are. We fear our power because we lack confidence that we are the one who should be in charge of our life. We fear our greatness because we lack the self-worth that comes with knowing our oneness with a Universe that love us as is, and empowers us to be anything we choose to be.

A guarded, defensive, self-protective attitude in life trips us up every time we feel the urge to take even one passioned-filled step forward, and instead causes us to take two fearful steps back where we may feel bored, but safe. We miss the joy of living our day-to-day life with the awareness we are able to create a life that feels great to live because we are a beautiful, worthwhile expression of the greatness of the Universe in which we live. We miss the excitement of living full out with no holds barred and every stopper pulled because we want to experience what comes out of us when we don’t block it or stop it.

Instead, we walk around with a useless and fruitless (but not powerless) worry about what others will think of us if we suddenly think, say or do the unexpected. Which is to say, if we suddenly think for our self, say what’s truly on our mind, and do those things that bring us joy no matter how “weird or outrageous” those things may be. Worry is a powerful thing because it causes interference and prevents us from clearly tuning into the powerful transmission of energy within us that allows us to create anything we choose to create.

What others are thinking about us is not what holds us back from following our passion, and living the life we want to live. It’s what we think others are thinking and our agreement with what we think they’re thinking! All thinking we believe happens “out there” happens in our mind, and nowhere else. Not one of us can get inside someone else’s head and find out what they truly think, no matter what they say they think. And, even if we could, why would we let someone else’s idea of us interfere with our living a life that feels good to us. It is helpful to ask our self: “What thoughts do I focus on in my mind that cause me to give my passion a cold shower? What thoughts of me do I allow to limit what I see, what I touch, and what I experience in my life?”

Often when we feel passion come alive in us, our past failures come to mind almost simultaneously. We remember the last time we tried whatever it is that’s stimulating our passion now, and remind our self that it didn’t go well. We remember the last time we tried to learn a new skill, the last time we took a trip, the last time we asked for a raise, the last time we spoke our mind, the last time we fell in love. We judge our self a failure before we take our first step forward toward happy, toward honesty, toward fulfillment, toward love.

All that fearful, negative self-talk about yesterday gets in our way today. We let it keep us from learning something new, from exploring the world around us, from getting that raise or a new job, from being authentic, or experiencing an intimate relationship. But, we don’t have to follow negative thoughts that come mind, and let them cause us to take two steps backward in our life. We can decide to stop being afraid of what could go wrong and start being positive about what could go right.

We can look at the past, and say “So what? So what if I didn’t succeed last time. If I’m still here it wasn’t the end of my life. I don’t need to stop loving or trusting myself because of it. Today is a fresh start. What if I succeed this time?” Every moment is a fresh start if we open our heart to it, and allow it to be. It is never too late to succeed at something our passion has called us to no matter how long we’ve waited to do it. We can look at today, and say ““Now What? What is my passion calling me to do now?”

Our passion never gives up on us because our life is our way home. Passion is an entry point, and a pathway, to our awakening! Passion keeps us living at the summit of all we can be right now, and calls us to be more, so that we live from peak-to-peak and summit-to-summit.

When we live each moment with the awareness that it is fresh and new, and we open our heart to a more expanded view, life doesn’t wear us down. We feel energized because we know we
have with us the power and passion to handle whatever comes up in our life. But, only we can give our self permission to live as one created with that Power and Passion.