Though the title of this message is “Generosity, Goodwill and God, there is no “and God” because there is nothing that exists that isn’t God. There is no world and God, no thing in the world and God, no us and God. If there is an “and” next to God at all, it’s “and nothing else.” The God in you is you. The God in me is me. Every time we feel good, we feel God in us. Every time we extend good will toward others, we extend God through us. In the Book of Isaiah we read, “I am the LORD and there is none else; there is no God besides me.”

Our Inner Being—the One Self, the Lord, the Christ in us, the out-flowing Energy of God’s Love—is who we are. But even though God is all there is, without our awareness of who we are, God could not be expressed in the world because no one besides each of us, individually, can express the God in us. No matter what else appears to be, there is no God outside of you and me, and God is Good and so are we. Our spiritual journey on Earth, then, is to become aware of God in us, and expand and extend that awareness in all that we do.

As we all know there is nothing we can do about the weather even while it’s happening except to decide whether it is going to affect our enjoyment of the day or not. As the saying goes, “You can’t judge a day by the weather,” even though we often do. But unless we decide to enjoy any day because we want to, we won’t enjoy it no matter what the weather may be. Happiness, as they say, is an inside job. Like the weather, there are so many potential conditions, situations and events that can affect our joy if we can let them. There are so many happenings that come about in our individual life and in the world that we worry about because we can’t predict what might happen next. Life often seems so random, as if what’s happening is happening out of the blue. Unless we decide we’re going to enjoy our life as it’s happening in the moment it’s happening, we won’t. There is just too much to worry about in this world.

When give our worried attention to a condition or situation, as if our keeping an anxious eye on what might happen, and stressing ahead of time, will somehow keep it from happening, we forfeit the positive energy available to us in the present moment. Our fears, worries and anxieties about a future outcome that we don’t want for our self, a loved one, or the world not only causes us to miss the gift of joy today, but fear, worry and anxiety have the power to affect a future outcome in a negative way. Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “Give your attention to what makes you feel good now, thereby releasing your attention from what makes you feel bad.” Feeling bad today isn’t going to bring about a future we feel good about!

Our life, all life, exists in the present moment. How we experience the present moment, whether we feel good about it or bad about it, affects what we’re attracting next. How we think and feel about our life now is an on-going process of creation for us. Every time we think, the invisible vibration of our thoughts is attracting to us a match to it that will appear in some visible physical condition or situation in our life. As the saying goes, “Worrying is using your imagination to create something you don’t want.” If we truly believed that, we’d give up worrying in heartbeat. Most us were taught by well-meaning parents that if you love someone, you worry about them, their health, safety, and success. But when we worry we put whomever we’re worried about in a vulnerable “anything can happen to you” place in our mind, which isn’t helpful for them or good for us!

If we truly understood the power of our imagination, we’d imagine a good outcome every time. We’d imagine only God outcomes for our future, the future those we love, and the future of the world. Since the present moment is the only place we can imagine anything, and the power of our imagination is right here with us, it’s a good idea for us to choose carefully the thoughts we focus on. Rather than worrying about a bad outcome, we can imagine the best outcome and then peacefully await its appearance.

But whether or not we believe our thoughts have the power to create, they still create. Whether we believe it matters how we feel, how we feel matters. How we feel is our spiritual guidance system, our spiritual GPS, our “God Positioning System.” How we’re feeling about what we thinking right now is letting us know whether or not we’re in sync with our Inner Being, the One Self, the Lord, the Christ Energy in us. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “What you are living is the evidence of what you are thinking and feeling, every single time.” Now is where our power lies because now is where the creative process in our life is taking place. Now is the only time we can change our thinking and change the evidence of our life as we move forward. We can’t change yesterday’s thoughts, even though we’re living the evidence of them today. But we can begin today to change all our tomorrows by choosing the thoughts that cause us to feel good now.

Sri Sri Ravi Shankar said, “When the mind is free of fear, free of guilt, free of anger, and more centered, then it holds the power to heal any ailment.” We can’t remind our self enough that the thoughts we focus on emit a vibration that stimulates the creation of our future. Unless we free our mind, by shifting our focus from bad feeling thoughts to good feeling thoughts, what we’re sending out is headed in a direction we don’t want. And depending upon the momentum of the emotional energy our thoughts carry, their vibration will quickly, or eventually, bring a corresponding condition or situation into our experience. We can’t experience the future until it gets here, even though we’re creating it now. When it gets here the future we’re thinking about now will be the present moment. And it is our attitude now that will attract what we experience then.

“Don’t worry be happy” is sage advice if we are looking for a good outcome to the situations in our life. Our happy thoughts affect our body now, affect our relationships now, affect our resources now, By giving our attention to what makes us feel good now, we feel God now. Despite the evidence before us of what we may have been thinking in the past, our mind, freed from fear and worry, has the power to heal any condition, and create a future of good health, happiness and abundance in all the happy forms and expressions we’re looking for in our life.