We can create a life in which we are happy being our self everyday. A life in which we feel fully alive, where our body radiates healthy energy, our mind is filled with positive expectation, and we experience a natural emotional sense of well-being. Being happy is good for our health, physically, mentally and emotionally. We are free to experience a life we’re happy to live because we live within a Creative Universe that is happy to create it for us. The Universe wants the same thing for us we want: a life that feels good to live. We are created to enjoy living without struggle, effort or sacrifice. All that is required of us to live a life with a “sense of effortless grace and ease” is  to do more of those things that cause us to feel happy and expansive when we’re doing them, and less of those things we feel burdened by, obligated to do, and contracted within us while we’re doing them, or even anticipating doing them.

Time goes by quickly, and even seems to be speeding up these days. Our feeling passionate about being our self in life, and happily doing what we love to do, gives meaning to our earth experience. Happiness enriches our days, and fleshes out our experiences with beautiful depth and color that stays with us and becomes a part of us. If we don’t enjoy the moments of our life, we may be surprised that as our life is nearing its end, we don’t know what we’ve done with all the time we’ve lived.

We may want to ask our self: “Do I feel as if I’m on the verge of creating the life I want to live, but I haven’t quite begun yet because something seems to be holding me back?” So often when we feel the urge to do something we love to do, or when something catches our attention that seems interesting, fun and exciting that we’ve never done, but would love to do. Rather than doing it, or even moving towards it, with grace and ease, we stumble with neither grace nor ease over the one thing that trips us up every time, our self-image. Our lack of self-confidence, lack of self-worth, lack of self-sufficiency, lack of self-trust, and most of all the one thing that so often includes all our self-defeating concepts, our worry about what others will think of us if we “go for it.” Let’s face it, almost everyone we know has an opinion about what is best for us, Or better said, an opinion about what we should think, say, and do in our life that would be best for them. And, even if we follow their advice, there is often plenty of judgments about how well we’re doing it!

How often have we been asked to do something by a family member, friend, coworker, or even a stranger, and even though we really felt like saying “no” because we had something else that we wanted to do, we said “yes” anyway? Not because we suddenly wanted to do it, but because we were afraid of upsetting someone. How often have we wanted say what was on our mind, to speak up and tell the truth about how we felt about a conversation we were having with someone, or a group of people? Only to find our self outwardly agreeing with what was being said, not because we actually agreed, but we appeared to agree through our silence because we were afraid of how others would react to us. How many times have we chosen not to do something new and different in our life we felt a deep desire and inner pull to try. Only to ignore that inner tug of intuition because we allowed someone else’s opinion to convince us that what we felt was a good thing was silly for us to even consider (especially at our age).

We can’t accomplish the miracle of being our self if we live by committee, and take a poll of the opinions of those around us so we can become a composite of the self others think we should be. The good life we want to live can’t happen in our life as long as we’re expecting someone else to tell us who to be and how to be. Even though we may think so, and even though someone else may agree, we don’t owe another human being an explanation for who we’ve been, how we’ve turned out so far, or why we feel like doing what we feel like doing next. Besides, it’s never about what others are thinking about us that holds us back. It’s what we’re thinking they’re thinking, and our decision that what we think they’re thinking has the power to hold us back when the whole Universe is rooting for us to go for it, and pushing us forward toward it!

It’s been said, “The only impossible journey is the one you never begin.” Time gets away from us, yet it seems to give us plenty of time to regret not having done that thing that called our passion to it. Time flies by and seems to take us with it. We’re here to experience the time of our life. And, there is no time like the present for us to start enjoying every moment by following our passion, and letting it take us with it.

If we want to be happy for the rest of this life, we need to get over the fearful self that’s afraid to lose or look foolish. The timid self that looks around before making a move or saying a word. The apologetic self that is always saying “sorry-sorry” when we actually make a move or say a word. In other words, we need to get over the man-made self, and discover the Self of God’s Creation. That Self needs no apology for Being because the whole Universe is backing Its Self-expression.

Michelangelo famously said, “The greater danger for most of us lies not in setting our aim too high and falling short; but in setting our aim too low and achieving our mark.” Is our aim in life to
live from our Inner Joy and Freedom to express our self? Or, do we “aims to please” those around us?

If our aim is to create a life that feels good to live, our passion will set our vibration high enough to do just that and more. That is why it’s important for us to pay attention to how we’re feeling as we’re live our life. Are you doing what you most want to be doing with your life? Do you even know what that is?  If we don’t know (yet) what “stirs our soul,” it’s not because we didn’t come into this human experience with a purpose, and the passion to achieve it. It’s been said, You can’t miss your boat. It’s yours. It stays docked until you’re ready.” Everyone of us has an internal guidance system, a Spiritual-Vibrational GPS that we could call our God Positioning System. It knows where our boat is, and exactly where we want to go because we set the course before we got here. Our Inner Guidance lets us know through the way we’re feeling in each moment if we’re heading in that direction or not. The one thing each of us has that nobody else has is an inside track on who we truly are. If we let fearful, timid, apologetic noises in our head drown out the still small voice of our heart, if we let the fear that those around us will be disappointed in us if we make choices they don’t want us to make, we’ll miss the Guidance that tells us in every moment: “Go here. Try this. Do that. IT’S SO YOU!”

We need to get over thinking, saying and doing what the world tells us think, say and do. We need to stop worrying we’ll look foolish, even crazy, if we don’t comply with the low expectations this world has of the human race. What others think of us is truly none of our business because no one has to live our life, but us. And, no one can live our life for us. If we’re not following our GPS because we believe someone other than the God of our Creation knows what’s best for us, we won’t discover in this lifetime the life we intended to live while we’re here. We discover the miracle of the more of who we are when we get over the self that is less than who we are, the self that insists we here to stay safe, small and unexpressed.

We increase our passion for living by enjoying being our self. We’re free to be anything we choose to be, and free to begin something new, again and again and again. When we feel joyfully alive, we not only do whatever brings us joy, but we do whatever we do with joy. Passion causes us to feel our power to create a life that feels good to live because we’re living a life that feels good to live. Passion keeps our vibration so high that we can easily and gracefully get over whatever seems to get in our way.