Image by Shad0wfall from Pixabay

On Friday night at our Holiday Sing-a-Long, our Santa who, in addition to sharing his bag of candy, shared uplifting words with us about the meaning of Christmas. He said it is season for giving and for sharing the Love that we are with others. And, throughout the evening with us, he demonstrated just that! But Santa wasn’t finished for the night. The following story was related to me by the sleigh driver who transported Santa to and from LEC: As the sleigh driver was preparing to take Santa home, Santa asked if they could stop at Big John’s on way so he could buy a steak and onion sandwich for Mrs Claus. As he stood in line at Big John’s, Santa continued his goodwill-to-all message to everyone around him, and they seemed convinced he was the real deal. After all he was jolly, friendly, filled with kindness, and his white beard that grew right out of his face!

When he got to the counter, Santa asked the employees if they’d been good. But before anyone answered, a young man, about 13-14 years-old, who standing to his left at the counter, said “Santa I’ve been good, really good, all A’s and B’s this year.” Santa said, “That is good! What school do you go to?” The young man said “I go to school in Lansing, but I’m here this weekend visiting my dad.” So Santa reached into his generous pocket, pulled out a twenty dollar bill, and gave it to the young man as he said “Merry Xmas.” The young man’s eyes got really big as he said, “Thank you so much!” and tenderly put it in his pocket. After the young man left, while Santa waited for his order, a tall man walked into Big John’s with a “neck gaiter” pulled up so just his eyes were visible. He towered over Santa as he walked up behind him, tapped him on the shoulder, and said “You’re the guy who gave my son the money, right? I want you know that it meant lot to him, and to me. Thank you.” Then he left.

But this story doesn’t end there. Before Santa paid for his order, he asked how many employees were working. A young woman behind the counter said, “There are four of us tonight.” Santa, feeling the spaciousness of giving, said “I just happen have four $20 bills in my pocket, and he handed one to each employee with a jolly “Merry Christmas.” After Santa and his sleigh driver got back into the sleigh, the sleigh driver asked him how he felt. He said, “Wonderful! There’s something that happens to me when I put on this suit.”

There is something wonderful that can happen to all of us in any moment we see our self differently, in our true Light, when we feel more free and more spacious as a being, i.e., when we feel The Christ rise up in us and we see Christ in everyone around us. Anytime we feel Joy bubbling within us, and anytime we let Love inspire us, we are feeling The Christ in us. We read in The Way of Transformation, “Then we walk this Earth as one who is free, and one who is the spaciousness through which only Love abides and is offered.”

Words don’t teach. Example lives, where only Love abides and is offered, teach. When we live by example, when we walk-the-talk, when we speak from inner experience rather than words we’ve read or heard, we proclaim Christ on Earth. We “Tell It on the Mountain,” so to speak. Something wonderful can occur in us, and through us, as we give birth in our mind to the idea, and birth in our heart to the feeling, that the same Christ that lived as Jesus on Earth so long ago is there in us to live as us on Earth as well.

The Christ of Christmas is The Christ of Creation, the One Creation that includes all who live. The holy birth of Jesus, and the life that followed, was an example Life that proclaimed for all of us that the holy Son of God can walk the Earth in human form. The Christ of God’s Creation is the Pure Positive Energy and Power of Heaven that is also the essence of every temporary physical manifestation on Earth. The Christ is everywhere, including right where we are, and as we become more aware Its there, the Christmas story of Christ on Earth, and the givingness of Santa, become our story as well.

The Christ, God’s One Creation, fills the whole Universe with Joy in every moment as It always has since the beginning. That’s a call for celebration! Ours is a shared identity with the whole Joyous Universe, with All-That-Is wherever It is, and that’s a call for celebration! One Creator, One Creation. One Father, One Son. We are all One with that One, or we wouldn’t be here or anywhere else. Of the Creative Power of The Christ that belongs to all of us to demonstrate the good, the beautiful, and the true; of The Christ in us, as us, whose purpose it is to expand and extend Creation forever, we read in the Book of John, “God created everything through him and nothing was created except through him. Everything was in his hand, and without him not even one thing was made that has been made.” In our human confusion about our true spiritual identity, through the choices we make we can make a mess of our individual human life and the world we live in. But The Christ in us can only create the good, beautiful and true because we’re created to create for God as God. Nothing else has meaning in the Universe. Nothing else is real in the Universe. And THAT’S a cause for celebration!

When we consciously join in our mind and heart with Universal Joy, Love, Peace, and goodwill to all, when we live with the awareness we are a spiritual being, we speak from that awareness and act from that awareness, so that whatever comes through us is a creation for God, and the whole Universe is blessed. It is necessary for us to open our mind and heart to the Truth that we are God’s child, to mentally “put on our Spirit,” so to speak, so that we feel just like the holy One of God’s Creation.

We’ve got to want to claim that Truth and unconditionally focus on that Truth if we are to live that Truth and by example proclaim Christ on Earth. We read in the Book of Romans, “For the creation eagerly waits with anticipation for God’s sons to be revealed.” That revelation is a moment to moment choice of Self-expression. The Christ is always there for us to choose to Be, and for us to see. Its that unchangeable place within us where all that is beautiful, good and true lives without judgment; that place where all are fully loved by us because All-That-Is is forever unconditionally Loved by God, and we are created to create for God as God.

All that we need to do to feel the Joy of the Season, to share the Love that we are, to feel more free and more spacious as a being, is to put on those Holy Clothes that can only be found within us. If we decide It is what we want to feel, and then focus on thoughts that cause us to feel that way, thoughts that inspire forgiveness, compassion, generosity, sweetness, and kindness will direct our words and actions.

Every thought imaginable, every feeling possible, every action feasible is available to us, ours for the choosing. We are free to choose to shout our judgments of displeasure from the bowels of Earth, but we are also free to allow the high holy Vibration of The Christ to rise in us. And, if we do, we can’t help but shout out our joy from the mountaintop of our highest thoughts. Every moment is a choice for Love or not. And, every choice we make affects how we interpret and the Energy and Vibration of The Christ we share. We read in The Way of Transformation, “You are the one who holds dominion over all things. What does this idea of dominion mean? It means that you are the one who is the source of the power that can choose how you will see what is around you, how you will perceive it, and what you will believe most about it. You are the one with the power to penetrate the illusory veil of the world and see the heart, the essence, the truth, the Christ Child in everything—a blade of grass, the cry of a child, the barking of a dog, or the coming of the mail with the bills.”

Let us tell our Earth story from the mountain top of our mind and the immeasurable love of our heart, so that everyone we meet will know (if they choose to) what we know to be true: The Christ has been born on Earth as us.