The 4th of July, or Independence Day, is just a few days away. However, rather than focusing on bombs bursting in air, or battles fought in the name of independence and freedom, we can look at this national holiday as a wonderful opportunity for us to consider the independence and freedom that are eternally ours. Inalienable rights that belong to every living being, and can’t be surrendered, stolen or transferred to anyone else because they are indwelling, untouchable gifts of the Spirit within all.

Independence and freedom are present within us even when we feel dependent and restricted, and even when we temporarily hand them over to someone else or the world in general. Since they are forever ours, we can bring them to life in our life anytime we choose. So, even if we haven’t been exercising our independence from the limitations, conditions and demands of this world, we are free today to decide to claim our power to create a life that feels good to live from now on. If we decide that we are in charge of our life, nothing has the power to stop us—not money, age, health, education, or the opinions of others.

Our natural independence and freedom aren’t won through struggle or battle against anything or anyone, including our self. They eternally flow with Grace and Ease within us. If our life isn’t flowing with Grace and Ease, it is because we are standing in the way by struggling against life. The self that battles itself and makes itself crazy, the self that seems to be filled with problems that need to be resolved before we can live a life that feels good to live, isn’t the Self that is already perfect and perfectly free. That is our true Self, the only Self we are now or will ever be.

We’re not flawed as we are, even when we seem to screw up.There is nothing wrong with us, even when we appear to make mistakes. We’re not here to get fixed, or to become more spiritual, powerful and creative. We are here to discover the Amazing Grace within the Self we are already. When we’re busy struggling to fix what’s wrong with our life, or change what we believe is wrong with us, we’re living life the hard way. We miss experiencing the Joyous Flow that is natural to us. We are more than enough just as we are, and powerful enough right where we are, to create the life of our dreams with ease.

When we’re “struggling, struggling, struggling” to become better before we feel better about self, whether we’re struggling to become healthier, wealthier, happier, or more forgiving and loving in a world that focuses so much attention on the unloving words and actions that take place every day. Even though our wanting to express our self in a more positive way is a good thing, if we want to live a life that feels good now, rather than exerting our energy trying to fix who we’re not, we need to decide to love the Self we are. It is only as we accept that we are beautiful and capable just as we are, and feel good about the Self we are right now, that we’re able to feel the Good within us that causes us to emit the good vibrations that create a life that feels good to live!

The Universe Flows unopposed because It is the Only Life there Is. It isn’t struggling against Itself because there is nothing but Itself. It flows with Grace and Ease in and out of countless forms and expressions because It is uncontested and unimpeded by otherness. Lao Tzu said, “Those who flow as life flows know they need no other force.” When we flow as life flows we live with grace in our heart and ease in our mind because we know we are free to be all we desire to be. We enjoy the journey of self-discovery and self-expression. We move in and out of as many forms of self-expression as we choose. We know there is no otherness to block our individual Flow of Good. We don’t need to be against anyone for any reason. We’re free to love each other as our Self.

In The Science of Mind we read: “Man has with himself the key to every situation, but he must come to realize his relationship to the Whole. That relationship is one of Perfect Unity.” The freedom we feel to express our self in life is dependent upon only one thing: Our full acceptance we are One with a Universe of Perfect Unity that flows (unopposed) as the Powerful Vibration of Love within us. That Love is independent of reasons and conditions for expression. Because we live in It, and It lives in us, our feeling Love and expressing It is also independent of reasons and conditions. Everything we struggle against, no matter how righteous that battle may appear be, anything we oppose in our self, others or the world, no matter how reasonable our opposition may seem, is a struggle against Oneness and an acceptance of otherness.

It has been said many times by influential people in the world “Forgive but don’t forget” Yet, it is written in the Book of 1 Corinthians, “Love holds no record of wrongs.” If we’re not going to forget it, we might as well not forgive it either. If we’ve told our self that we’ve forgiven someone, but every time we think of that person, or see that person, or hear about person, we feel discomfort within us, and we have to remind our self that we forgave that person “for what they did,” we’re still carrying with us what they did. The discomfort that arises lets us know hurt and blame are still alive in us.

How do we forgive and forget so we’re free to be the Self of Grace and Ease? One of the clearest the examples of forgiving and forgetting is a dog. Even though we may not always appreciate or understand certain wild animal behaviors, it’s easy for us to see that a dog holds no record of wrongs. The love that a dog expresses is one of most pure, unadulterated loves expressed in this world. In fact, being loved by a dog is often the closest many humans come to the experience of unconditional love. 19th C English Novelist, George Eliot, wrote: “We long for an affection altogether ignorant of our faults. Heaven has accorded this to us in the uncritical canine attachment.” Research has shown that for most people, the loss of a dog is in almost every way comparable to loss of human loved one.

There is a whole lot of forgiving and forgetting without struggling or effort where a dog is concerned because a dog is willing to forget what you did (and forget what he, too, did if you are) and get on with a tail-wagging good time because that’s the way life flows. A dog doesn’t care about our age, whether we’re fat or thin, or about the color of our skin. A dog isn’t concerned about ethnicity, political views, or sexual orientation. A dog not only doesn’t take it personally if we’re in bad mood and say or do something harsh. He wants to cheer us up because a dog wants our tail to wag with joy too! It’s been said “Speak to yourself in the same loving and supportive way as you would to a friend.” We could add: Think of yourself and feel about yourself with the same lack of judgement and pure unadulterated love as man’s best friend!

The Universal Vibration of Love is the Only Power that creates all that is true and everlasting. It flows with Grace and Ease because It holds no record of wrongs. It flows, unopposed, without struggle or effort to be Itself. If we would flow as life flows we must decide to do the same. As the Spiritual Teacher, Mooji, said, “Because if you discover yourself, really the Truth of what I’m speaking, you have discovered the heart of every living being.” And that Heart flows with Grace and Ease.