We can learn to access, and work with, a Universal Principle of Abundance that provides for more than enough of everything for every living Being within It—more than enough to live a life of freedom; more than enough to live a life that radiates health, joy, love, peace of mind, fulfillment, and satisfaction. In other words, more than enough for all of us to live a life that feels good to live!

Since It is a Law that governs everything in the Universe, including us, it’s a good idea for us to learn the secret of how It works, and work with It rather than against It. As we become aware we are one with a Universe of Unlimited Good, and that It is the only source of all abundance including the good we desire, we realize the only thing that could limit our experience of the life we’d love to live is our lack of openness, or resistance, to our Source.

Dennis Merritt Jones writes in The Art of Abundance that “Our knowing we are one with our Source is essentially meaningless” unless we open our mind and let go of resistance to It, so we can “effectively collaborate with Its impartial and unbiased creative process.”

In this way we participate in the creation of a life that is a joy for us to live. How do we consciously participate? Here’s the key: By choosing to focus on thoughts that cause us feel “ahead of time” the very joy, happiness, freedom, and peace of mind we believe the fulfillment of our desires will bring. Our awareness that our Source is already providing more than enough for us, joined with the feeling of fulfillment within us (even before what we desire appears in visible form and expression in our life) calls its manifestation to us.

We collaborate in creating the life we want to live by realizing the Whole Universe wants us to live it, too, and that It is already there providing all we need, if we’d just let It. We begin to do our part in participating by identifying our self as that powerful one that is already One with a Universal Power that has only our happiness in Mind, and by recognizing there is no other Source for our good no matter where our good seems to come from, whether it’s a pill, person or paycheck.

We participate in conscious creation by choosing thoughts that affirm our acceptance of our good.Thoughts that cause us to feel good. Thoughts that reflect how we want to show up as our self in the world and how we want the world of our creation to show up for us.

If we’re always thinking about and talking about and acting as if something good is missing in us, or in our life; if we spend our days hoping and our nights wishing that our good will show up one day, our focus on what’s not there (yet) blinds us to Its Energetic Presence and causes us to experience that “something good” is missing in our health, relationships, finances, daily activities, or in our being good enough.

If we want to experience our self as we’re created to be, with more than enough to live a life of freedom, we must have “great expectations” that that good is already there. We must keep our eyes on the prize even before we see it materialize. We need to stay focused on the feeling that something good has already happened within us.

To live with the awareness that we are one with an Unlimited Inner Source, and to focus on thoughts that cause us to feel inner fulfillment, is to be accountable for our consciousness. It is to be responsible for what we mean by the “Here I am” we say every day as we wake up in the morning and show up for human duty each day. It is who we believe we are when we say, “Here I am,” that makes all the difference in how we experience our life and what we create in it. Do we say “Here I am,” the same sick, tired, broke, lonely me”? Or do we open our eyes with the awareness of the Divinity of our “Here I am,” and look with expectation to a new day filled with greater possibilities for our self-expression?

We might want to ask our self “What is my intention for my life? How do I intend to express myself? What do I intend to create while I’m living in this world?” As it’s been said, “Where our intention goes, our life flows.” Even though we may not consciously intend to, we mentally determine the result or action we experience in each moment by what we expect experience. Through our attention to specific thoughts, the moment lives up to our greatest expectations, whether we want what we expected or not.

A focused mind is a powerful thing. The problem is that an unfocused mind is equally powerful. If we’re not paying devoted attention to our intention in life, our mind that is created to support our intention can become our master, rather than our servant. How often have we said, or heard someone else say, “I’d love to meditate, but my mind won’t let me.” If we don’t become the master of our mind, it will take us places we didn’t “intend” to go. If we let the chatter in our mind take over, we’ll never find peace or clear focus.

If our life seems to be zigzagging, and our days ending with more feelings of dissatisfaction than fulfillment, it’s likely we’re letting a scattered mind lead the way. Mental multi-tasking may allow us to get a lot of things done, but it will never allow us to do the things we love with joy in the doing, or help us to intentionally create the life we want.

The human mind gives as much attention, and often more attention, to what it doesn’t like and doesn’t want. And, like a universal magnet, “the impartial, unbiased creative process,” aka the Law of Attraction, draws to us whatever we’re focused at the time. If we have no greater expectation of our self in the moments of our life than to simply react to whatever is going on around us (and often appears to be coming at us); if we have no intention of choosing a response to life as the powerfully free “Here I am” of God we’d love to be, how can we manifest the results and actions we desire?

If we want to manifest a life that feels good to live, we need to expect to show up in the moments of our life as the “Here I am” of God, the one that is sourced with unlimited possibilities for self-expression, the one that is full and running over with the love, peace and compassion each moment calls us to be.