Image by Bianca Mentil from Pixabay

If we want our life to be filled with health, happiness, peace of mind, and abundant good, if we want to live a life that is a joy to live because we feel connected with all that lives, it’s essential that we make choosing, feeling and expressing Love our focus in life. Our inner being, our inmost self, knows that we are already completely loved and lovable because God is love. Our inner spirit knows that we live by the Grace of God. Our spiritual practice, then, is to catch up with, or open up to, what we already know is true about us. When we do we realize we need go nowhere because we’re already there.

Love is the Vibration of Creation, the Source Energy that creates worlds, including our world and us in it! Love fills the Universe in which we live and breathes life into all that is created with It. If we have a breathing body that we’re conscious of, we are already part of Love’s Creation. And because God is Love, and always creating, Love is creating through us. We are each a place through which Life expresses Life, and also a place through which Love expresses Love. The poet Rumi, wrote, “We are made of love and made to love.” No matter where our physical body may be, no matter what we are doing or why, the purpose of our life is to expand in our awareness of Love and grow in our expression of It.

But we may be wondering if we could somehow be a Universal exception. Rather than our being a perfect shining creation of Love “in whom our Creator is well-pleased,” we might be an escapee from the reject pile. How is it possible that we are actually made of Love and made to Love, and our purpose is to expand and grow in Love, when so often we feel Love’s opposite or we don’t feel anything at all? How can Love be all there Is and not seem to be all we are? What our individual experience of our self as Love boils down to, or what it can be lifted up to, is this: Do we believe God is all there Is, the ultimate Reality and only Power in the Universe, no matter what appears to be anywhere, including in us? Or do we believe there is Love and “something else” that is real, and that often we are on the “something else” side of things? If we do then feeling loved by the Universe is a difficult thing, and our being love a doubtful thing.

But even when we’re not feeling Love within us because we don’t believe It’s there, we prove we are made of Love and made to Love anyway. Because when we don’t love, and feel something else for our self or anyone else, we don’t feel good. We may not be sick but we don’t feel a sense of well-being. The Love that is natural to the Universe is natural to us. If unloving thoughts were natural to us then our thinking unloving thoughts wouldn’t feel so bad. But unloving thoughts feel awful, even when we feel justified! Though our inner being knows who we are, unless we’re listening and allowing the Love that we are to be who we are in the world, we won’t be happy in the world. It is Love that attracts abundant good to us. The Power of Love that flows above, beneath, and within all life, including our own, can’t be stopped by anything on earth except us and our refusal to accept that Love is what Life is and we are Its perfect shining expression! We often feel afraid to love because we fear rejection, loss, looking foolish or naive, or we just don’t know what we’d do with all the Love that might be within us if we let our self feel It.

When we were children and the kids we were playing with weren’t being very nice, or things weren’t going our way, all we wanted to do was to take our toys and go home. Home felt safe. Home was the place where we belonged. Home was where our heart felt free to be. We’ve all likely heard the proverb “Home is where the heart is.” But we’ve also heard that “where our treasure is, there is our heart also.” A good question to ask our self is “What do I treasure most in life, my judgements and opinions or peace and well being?” When our thoughts aren’t very nice, and when things in our mind aren’t going our way, we are free to go home to our heart, where we feel safe, peaceful and happy. Love lives in our heart, not in our head, and has no judgements against us or anyone else.

It’s been said that the mind is like a dog on a bone. It chews away on a problem and won’t let it go. The mind can be relentless in its desire to be right. It replays conflicts and misunderstandings over and over again trying to find a thought that feels better than the one we’re thinking. But, so many times what comes to mind when we’re afraid to be wrong, every scenario we conjure up for correcting a misunderstanding in our favor, doesn’t seem to end up in a happy place. Even when we reach the conclusion that the best thing we could do is just let it go, and we say our self, “I’m not going to think about it anymore,” we often find we do. We might be doing something totally unrelated to the problem and discover we’re thinking about it again because we haven’t let go of the need to be right. We may have buried the bone, but we know right where it is!

Only the Power of Love within us can heal our wounded perceptions. Love heals simply by Being Present as Its Unconditional Self. We’re healed by being aware of Its healing Presence as our self. We can’t find our way home to the Love in our heart unless we truly let go of what we think we know is so. But if we treasure a need to be right, or to fix the problem in our head, we won’t be able to let it go. Love inspires thought, but thoughts don’t create Love because Love is already alive in our heart. Thoughts can either allow that Love to express or create a barrier against It. The momentum of unloving, conflicting, upsetting thoughts won’t stop unless we’re truly done with them. Not just not thinking about them. Not just putting them aside to chew on later, but continuing to be hurt by them. But done with them. Done, not mad. Done, not bothered. Just DONE! We know when we are truly done when we feel peace and a sense of well being.

Like the father who welcomed home his prodigal son with open, loving arms, the Love within us welcomes us home to our heart every time, no explanations or excuses needed. When our mind isn’t resisting Love’s caress, when we aren’t denying Love’s presence in us or anyone else, when we let love emerge as the steady beat of our heart, without the erratic thumping of the opinions, judgements and fears of the mind, we discover that we are made of Love and we can wait to Love.