Dennis Merritt Jones wrote in The Art of Abundance, “Notice that when you are happy and doing what you love to do, you naturally enter the flow of life with a sense of effortless grace and ease. We don’t actually need to “enter” The Flow because we live in It already. The Flow is Life, Itself. It’s God on the Move. It’s the Universe jumping with Joy. It is where we exist and couldn’t exist otherwise. But to consciously “enter the flow of life,” to live within It with awareness and a sense of effortless grace and ease, is to realize we don’t need to force, push, pull, manipulate or coerce anything or anyone in order for us to create a life that feels good to live.

Passion is an “entry point” to the secret of life because when we’re feeling the joy of living we are feeling our connection and oneness with the Joy of Life. Rather than starting the day anticipating the burden of getting things done we don’t like to do, so that we can do at least some of the things we like to do, when we’re passionate about being alive, we naturally begin each day with joy and gratitude that we’re alive to begin the day. The flow of Joy and Gratitude carries us with lightness through our day in a world that if we let it will burden us and cause us to feel as if we are carrying it on our shoulders.

As a child we innately knew that life is good. We were curious about the world and who we could be in it. But somewhere along the line some of us learned that life should be taken seriously. That it is filled with adversity to overcome. And that if we wanted to succeed, we needed to keep our nose to the grindstone and wipe that silly grin off our face. As a teenage many of us rebelled against the restrictions that seemed to limit who we could be and what we could do. But the world seemed to wear us down more often than we could lift our self up, and eventually we surrendered to other people’s opinions about our possibilities for self-expression. We let those opinions define us and keep us from pushing the limits of what we are capable of being. We began to weigh the pros and cons of what we were capable of, against the limitations we’d already accepted as true about our self, and made our life choices and decisions based on those limited self-concepts.

Long before the “Life is Good Co.” put the saying “Do what you love and love what you do” on t-shirts and caps, there were many others who advocated living each day in Joy. In fact, Confucius, way back in the 5th Century BC, said “Choose a job you love and you’ll never have to work a day in your life.” Those words have been repeated so often throughout history that most people have forgotten just how far back the “do what you love” concept goes.

If we work at life. If we’re trying to make  living or just trying to make life work for us, we miss out on living the Life that is already working in our favor—the Life that lives in us. The life that is ours to live. The Good Life we came here to live. There is so much more Life within us than we’ve imagined so far. There is so much more in life for us enjoy if we are willing to Be the Joy in our life, and share the Joy we are wherever we are. It’s been said that Joy is the reason for the journey. Passion is the fire that lights the way.

If we want to stimulate the passion within us, we need to get hooked on the feeling of feeling good. So often we get addicted to drama in our life, and in the world, because it fools us into believing we’re alive because at least we’re feeling something. But that “something” we’re feeling doesn’t feel good, and it doesn’t attract to us the good life we want to experience.

We might want to ask our self a few of these questions: “How often do I do what I love and love what I do? Do I love what I do each day, or do I save my passion for weekends and vacations? And, the rest of the time, do I do what I believe I need to do, should do, ought to do, or I’m obligated to do?” In other words, do we need to get away from our life to enjoy living? If we postpone feeling inspired by our life until we have the time. If we wait for weekends to spend two days doing what inspires us with the Joy of doing it, then we’re only inspired 28.571429% of the time. That’s less than 29% of our life! It leaves 71.428571% of our life in which we “walk around with an empty bucket.” If we were to live to be 100 years old, we’d have spent 71 years of our life without passion, joy or inspiration. When we live without passion we lose our awareness of our connection with our true self and our own voice. We lose clarity about who are and what we want. If we’re not excited about the moments of our life, it’s time for us to get our happy groove back on. Because we’re not just creating our life 29% of the time when we’re inspired, we’re creating our life 100% of time inspired or not.

When we are motivated to do anything simply for the joy of it, we’re aligned with our inner being, with what is ours do, with who we are as an individual expression of Life’s Joy. And we discover unlimited opportunities to express that Joy. It’s been said that the universe is never testing you, it’s giving you an opportunity to be all that you say you are. When we’re hooked on the feeling of feeling good, we’re not just living a life, we’re alive in Life. We’re not interested in focusing on the smallness and pettiness this world calls “life” because we feel the expansiveness of our oneness with the Universal Energy of Joy that is celebrating life every moment.

We need to become aware of what feels good to think when we think it, and think more of that! We need to become aware of what feels good when we say it, and say more of that! And we need to become aware of what feels good to do when we’re doing it, and do more of that! Passion gives us access to our Power to create a life that feels good to live every day, and all the moments of the day. And if a moment doesn’t feel good, we find that the passion within us becomes a power surge that lifts and carries us over the obstacles, and forward into the flow of life with a sense of grace and ease once again. When we’re hooked on the feeling of feeling good, we’re energized and excited about being our self. We’ve come alive in world, and we’ve become exactly what the world needs.