Even if we didn’t stay up until midnight to greet the new year, we woke up New Year’s morning and, without any effort on our part, 2019 was there waiting for us! Now it’s our turn (if we take it) to make the individual changes within our self, the changes that are waiting for us to make, so that we can truly experience something new in this new year.

It is up to us to decide to practice a new way of thinking and a new way of responding to the events of our life, that will awaken us to greater freedom to express our self in this earth life, even if it seems that the world around us is still sleeping.

We can change our mind and change our life any time we choose. We can tell a whole new story about our self in life because our life isn’t over yet. We could say that story the we’re telling about our self is an epic poem of a journey in progress, similar to Homer’s Odyssey.

Since our journey isn’t over, we can change our story, edit it or completely rewrite it at will, anytime we choose. A new year is a good time for us to take a good look at the story we’re telling, and take advantage of our freedom to change it if we want to.

I’m so excited about the Nature of our Spiritual Exploration this year. We are going to be focusing all year long on the Art of Abundance, inspired by the book of the same name, written by Dr. Dennis Merritt Jones.

All year long we will be focusing on how we can Be more of the Being we’re created to Be. How we can Become the change we want to see in our life. And, how we can choose to live with an attitude about our self and our relationship to life that causes us to prosper in all that we do. It is who we are Being moment-to-moment, no matter what we are doing in any moment, that makes all the difference in the outcome of our doing, and in our experience of our self in life.

Often when we hear the word, “abundance,” we think that it refers only to money. And while it includes financial ease because everything we see in form (including cold hard cash) comes from the same Invisible Source and is created by the same Vibrational Energy, Abundance is so much more.

The Principle (Law) of Abundance is, like the Principle or Law of Attraction, an eternal, persistent Principle within the Laws of the Universe. It is simply this: There is an unlimited Source of everything that every living being requires to fully live as the Being they are created to Be.

The Art of Abundance relates to our spiritual practice of Being consciously connected to our Universal Source, Divine Energy. It is about our cooperating with the Laws of the Universe that govern us so that we are able to create a life worth living.

However, there is no cookie cutter in the heavens that determines what a life worth living is supposed to be for us. A life worth living (for us) is one that feels like one we want live! And, though it is likely we all want to live a life filled with joy, love, peace, passion, health, fulfillment, and satisfaction, that life will express differently through each of us as we individualize It through our unique self-expression and perception of the world around us.

The Universe is made of Divine Energy that not only shines on us, but in us. In this way we are that Light. We live, move, and have our Being in a Universal Divine Energy that we individualize through our expression of It. There is no limit to how much we are free to individualize in, and as, our life.

There can be no lack anywhere, any time, because Universal Divine Energy is equally available to all aspects of Itself, including you and me. It is the Source of all abundance because It fills all space, including “our space.” If we’re taking up space right now, the Source is with us!

All we could ever want or need is infinitely available to us right where are, no matter where we are. So, why isn’t everyone utilizing the Law of Abundance for themselves and living a prosperous life all the time? Why does there seem to be such an imbalance and inequality between those who seem to have all they want when they want it, and those who don’t seem to be able to get what they want no matter how much they want it?

Our creation of a prosperous life depends upon our acceptance of our inseparable Oneness with Source, the Divine Energy that awaits our call. All we need to do is accept It as our reality and live as if It is who we are no matter what we appear to be. The only thing that limits us is our belief in lack and limitation in some area (or all areas) of our life. We block our self from attracting abundant good by giving more attention to the lack of what we want than to the fulfillment of what we want. And through the Law of Attraction (the “like-attracts-like” Principle) we recreate more of less, i.e., more of the lack of what we want, because that is where we’re focusing, and we can’t see or experience anything else.

To practice the Art of Abundance we must be vigilant over our mind and become aware of where we focus our attention most of time and what we believe to be true about our self and life. In this way we can begin to make changes in our belief system that will “un-limit” our self-expression

As we practice the Art of Abundance we become more aware of the Universal Law that governs us from the inside out. We learn to be more open to the Good that is always open to us, and we begin to trust that our every desire is met through a “Principle that is as old as the Universe Itself: The Principle of Abundance.”