Time seems to be speeding up in this world, doesn’t it? And, along with it, our life may seem to be speeding up as well. That is why it’s important for us to pay attention to the moments of our life, and to look for the blessings in them. Otherwise, we might find that we’re left in the dust of boredom and ingratitude as our earth life goes whizzing by.

If we want to live a life of rich experiences, it’s essential for us to appreciate and value each moment as if we’ll never see anything like it again…because we won’t. Life doesn’t repeat itself in a snowflake, or in any other way. Missing a moment of our life because we weren’t paying attention while it was happening, is like walking through a rose garden in full bloom and not noticing the beauty of the blossoms or inhaling the sweet fragrance of their floral perfume.

“This too shall pass” is the mantra of this world. Nothing stays the same because earth life is about change. Sometimes that may seem like good news. There are certainly plenty of moments we wouldn’t want to sustain or revisit. But, in every moment, no matter what is going on, there is an unlimited supply of “something good” waiting for us to reach in and grab it. Maybe the moment is offering us an opportunity to improve our view of our self or someone else. Maybe it’s offering us a deeper feel of something real within us, something beautiful and more expansive to discover. That “something good” is ours for the asking, and we “ask” by giving it our attention. If we don’t ask to extract the juicy goodness out of every single moment of this life of change, we’ll feel cheated by change when it comes. We’ll be stuck with “If I’d only known I would have paid closer attention.”

We can’t fully enjoy anything in life we don’t give our full attention to, and we can’t improve the quality of our life if we’re not paying attention to our life as it’s happening. That’s why gratitude for each moment is so important. It causes us to pay attention to our life—to feel grateful to be with whomever we’re with, to be grateful to be wherever we are and doing whatever we’re doing.
Even though gratitude may not actually slow down the velocity of time, it will enrich our experiences “in time,” and keep the moments of our earth life from fleeting by unnoticed and taken for granted by us.

The good news is we don’t have to do one thing to be blessed. To “be blessed” is a given. We are blessed automatically and endlessly by the God of our creation without having to meet any requirements first or pass a test of worthiness. Our blessings are present right where we are because God is present right where we are. We were born blessed. Every heartbeat, every breath, every tear, and every smile is worthy of our appreciation.

We are blessed with more than enough to answer every desire we could have. We are blessed with more than enough Love to love our self and everyone else. We are blessed with more than enough Joy to uplift our self and those around us. We are blessed with more than enough Peace to bring peace to our mind and peace to all the earth. We are loved unconditionally, blessed continuously, and created to be a blessing expressing. But, here’s the catch: We must know that we are blessed before we can be an authentic blessing to others. If we feel more stressed or depressed, than blessed, we’re not able to uplift our self, much less anyone else.

We can’t “give from an empty vessel.”  We can’t give what we’re unaware we have to give. Even though our heart may be in the right place, and we truly want to be a blessing, our head may keep us from expressing as the blessing we are. This is occurs especially when we join the drama and trauma of negative energy around us. Whatever we pay attention to grows more important to us. We become part of a problem if we focus on that problem. When we do, we forget that no matter what may be going on, right where we are God is blessing us and everyone else. Then our overstimulated, fearful mental and emotional energy keeps us from expressing a calming presence. We can’t fake it when it comes to what we are actually thinking and feeling. Our words of “stay calm, everything’s going to be fine” don’t ring true if we’re not calm as we utter them. It is the energy we emit that determines what we give to the moment we’re in. To consciously know we are blessed is to be our own miracle—a living, breathing expression of the blessing we’re created to be, able to bless the world with all it appears to need. As Gandhi said, “We must be the change we want to see.” To be our own miracle we must feel blessed within our self, uplifted in our spirit and peaceful in our mind.

How do we become an authentic blessing to others? It’s as if there is a beautiful, peaceful Garden of Eden within us, a heart space where our Inner Being walks with us, and talks with us, and guides us with lovingkindness in every moment, so that wherever we are, we are able to be a blessing. All we need to do to enter our Garden is to acknowledge Its presence within us, and giving our full attention to It. When we are in that heart space, mentally and emotionally, we emit a calm, loving, uplifting, peaceful energy no matter what’s going on. When we choose to be still, even if everything around us is in frenetic motion, we become aware that right where we are God is, and we become the One through which God blesses the world.