Image by Myriam Zilles from Pixabay

This Father’s Day message, “I Am an Original,” is in honor of our earthly fathers without whom, at least in part, we wouldn’t be so physically original! But, it is primarily an exploration of the true Source of our Life and our true Identity as Sons and Daughters of God. The Science of Mind tells us, “God is not external, but at the very center of our Life.” We could say, in this way, we all share the same Divine DNA. Yet, we are each a unique variation of Creation, an original expression of Divinity, rooted in that which is identical: Love. In The Way of the Heart we read, “For you are Love. God creates only that which is like unto Himself. And God is only Love.”

Though at times in this world it is difficult for us to see that Love is in every aspect of our vast Diversity, and to recognize that even with the vivid contrast expressed by individual thoughts, words and actions, the Life within every life originated and continues to exist in Love. The more we know who we are looking at despite appearances, the more aware of what we are looking for beyond the obvious, whether we are looking in the mirror or at a world filled with seeming others, the Christ in us will show to us the Christ within every aspect of Life, and we will be “purely in love with the whole thing.”

Sometimes we may think, or even say out loud in so many words, “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you, but not in you, and especially not in you. And, if you want me to see the Christ in you, this is what you need to do.” But, The Way of the Heart reminds us, “For Christ is the sons and daughters of God, the offspring of God is God’s only creation. Your Creator’s only creation is you, the truth of you.” We could say, paradoxically, we are each an Only Child with infinite brothers and sisters! When we feel free to be the original we are in the One Creation, we feel free to let others be the original they are without trying to make them conform to our way. The Christ, God’s only creation, cannot see anyone who isn’t related to Itself by Holy Birth. And since God creates only that which is like unto Himself, and God is only Love, the Christ sees only that which can be seen through the eyes of Love.

When we’re not seeing what the Christ in us is seeing, it doesn’t feel good within us because we are pinching our self off from the very Love that would shine Its Healing Light through us and change what we see. This is what is meant by “I am responsible for what I see,” found in A Course in Miracles. It is powerful, not passive, to take a stand for Love, no matter what. When we feel the Love that lives in us, the Love that causes us to live, we’re able to get our opinions out of the way and live harmoniously with others. We’re able to see “the inside as it really is, and not as our mind projects it to be.” Then we are able to declare with heart-filled conviction, “The Christ in me, sees the Christ in you, no matter what you do.” In this way we become part of the solution rather than an additional part of the problem.

There is Power in our declarations that can change the world. It may be helpful for our greater understanding of that Power to revisit the full passage from A Course in Miracles referred to above: “I am responsible for what I see. I choose the feelings I experience and I decide upon the goal I would achieve. And everything that seems to happen to me I ask for and receive as I have asked.” This perfectly reflects our authority to choose a thing, or declare a thing, and have that thing established for us. It is a powerful affirmation of our pure creative spiritual-vibrational nature and purpose. It is a reminder of our ability to make a conscious choice about what want to focus on in life, and our freedom to take responsibility for what we believe to be true above, beneath, within, and beyond the physical appearance of anything in any moment. It is a confirmation of our capacity to choose how we want to feel, the emotional energy we want to come alive in us no matter what is happening around us.

It is through the Power of those two choices, taking responsibility for what we see and choosing how we feel, that we achieve our goal to Love, or not, in any moment. Everything that seems to happen to us happens through us and unfolds for us as we’ve asked through our choices. It seems like such a wonderful way to live life knowing we have spiritual authority to create our life however we choose. But because the above quote, and many like it, are mistaken for words of shame and blame, that misunderstanding causes us to feel bad about our self, like a spiritual screw up not worthy to be called a son or daughter of God. And when we feel unworthy and bad about our self, sometimes we use the concept of personal responsibility as a means of making others feel bad about themselves, too. Not always intentionally. When I was a little girl I was a climber. I climbed on fences, trees, and on the top of the garage roof. When I fell and ran crying to my mom, she’d say “Well, you brought it on yourself!” After awhile I stopped climbing on anything high. Even standing on the edge of something high made me nervous because if I was someone who brought falling on myself, I wasn’t going to take any chances!

When “You are responsible” is heard without spiritual understanding, and said with words not flowing on currents of Love, they can be harmful. A friend shared with me that when her loved one developed cancer a few years ago, someone said to her loved one, “You know you brought this all on yourself!” The words didn’t convey the speaker’s recognition that we are all powerful creators of our life experiences. Instead, they reflected the foolish assumption that someone would intentionally, willingly or deliberately call pain and suffering into their life. Though all us may experience health challenges or body pain sometimes; anger and conflict in our relationships occasionally; confusion and lack of peace in mind every once in awhile; or financial problems that seem to come and then go—none of it is the result of our asking for something “bad” to happen us!

In our hearts, and in our prayers, we always ask for something good, and something good is always given to us the moment we ask. When something occurs in our life that appears to be what we don’t want, it can serve us in getting more clear about what we do want. And, it’s good to be clear about what we truly want to create in our life and discover that we have the Power to do it.
But once we’re clear, once we know what it is we do want, in order for it to take form and expression for us, we need to stop staring at what we don’t want!

We can only create from that which belongs to us, and there is nothing we can truly claim as ours except our thoughts and feelings. We can choose to live in joyous expectation of our good, and the happy vibration of expectation will allow our good to appear to us. But, if we believe what seems to happen to us, happens to us from a power outside and separate from us, rather than through us from the Power within us, we won’t see what we want when it arrives because we won’t be looking for it. In the Book of Mark we read, “Therefore I say to you that everything you pray and ask for, believe you are receiving it and you shall have it.” We can only stand joyously in answered prayer if we believe our prayers are answered.

The key to receiving our good is to look away from what we don’t want and toward what we do want. Jesus said “Turn the other cheek! Look this way! Here it is! Look up for the fields are already ripe for harvest.” Where our mental energy goes, so our life experience flows. We are the only one who can see what we see. We can describe what we see, but no one will ever see anything quite the way we do. No one will truly feel our pain or our happiness quite the way we do. That is what makes us unique, original, and important to the extension and expansion of the Universe. Only we are responsible for what we see and how we feel. By deliberately directing our thoughts, we have the Power to control the way we feel and positively affect the things that come into our life experience. But we’ve got to stick with our mental focus and not get wobbly in our thinking just because others doubt we can have what we want. We can decide to walk through our day, not focusing on what the world has to say, but instead seeing and feeling what the Christ in us is revealing to us.

We don’t look the same on the outside and thank goodness for that! Otherwise, we’d get bored. But the holy blood within each of us flows with the same Love. On this Father’s Day, let us remember our Divine Father and claim our relationship to one another as brothers and sisters in Christ. Then we’ll be purely in love with the whole thing! A Course of Love reminds us, “The Christ in you is the real you.” No one expresses the Christ quite like you, or me, or anyone else we see. But, we must believe that is true before we can authentically declare, “The Christ in me sees the Christ in you.”