We are exploring the power of the declaration, “I AM,” as the Creative Power of God that lives in us as our creative power. The Science of Mind tells us, “I AM is another way of saying God,” and that the I AM in us is the Life in us, and without this I AM we could not be. But, here we are! So the question is: “What are we going to do about?” Who are we going to declare our self to be? What are we going to say about our individual existence after we say those powerfully creative words, I AM?

Though we may forget the obvious sometimes, we are the only one who gets to decide which words come after I AM. There may be those around us who are more than happy to tell us what should come next, but there is no one who can say words, I AM, for us and cause us to believe the words that come next, but us. We are who we are, and there is no one like us because there is no reason to repeat us. The only way we can improve upon our self is to discover more and more of who we already are. In fact, Emerson wrote, “Imitation is suicide. Insist on yourself. Never imitate.” So, what say you? Who do you insist you are? It is essential for us to be able to answer that question because we not only create our life experiences out of the answer, as we perceive our self to be, we perceive the world we see. That’s why it is important for us to declare wisely when we say, “I am” out loud or in our head. We believe what we tell our self, and what we believe shapes our reality (believe it or not).

We might want to ask our self, “Do I believe I’m in charge of me? Do I believe that I am filled with unlimited creativity? If not, who do I believe is in charge of me. Am I living an I AM declaration of vulnerability and letting the world decide who I am? If we’re not living as a deliberate creator of our own experiences, by deciding what we want to focus on in our mind because we understand that what we see there is what we see everywhere, then we’re living by default, which is to say, our declarations are something like this: “Who I am is default of someone else or something else.”

There is a whole lot of I AM declarations being made these days that may seem powerful on the surface, especially when joined with the YOU ARE statements that are going on. For example,“I am right, you are wrong” is rampant in this country right now, and it’s spreading more quickly than any virus ever could. Yet, disease, contamination and contagion ride on the waves of fear and conflict.

Abraham Hicks tells us, “Well-Being is the basis of this Universe. Well-Being is the basis of All-That-Is. It flows to you and through you. If you will relax and find a way to allow it, it will be your experience.” In the past few months we’ve had a beautiful opportunity to relax at home and find a way to allow well-being to be our experience. How is that going for you? Do you feel Well-Being flowing to you and through you? We’ve had a lot time to reflect on who we want to be in the world, and how we want to interact with the world. We’ve had an abundance of time to embrace our unity while viewing our human diversity from a distance. We’ve had the time to reflect on how we can live in harmony with others with ease and acceptance.

It may be helpful in our acceptance of our differences, to look at our diverse existence together in this way: We are all “incubated” every moment by the warmth of the same Universal Love. Yet, we’re all different eggs that are meant to hatch at different times into a rainbow of colors, abilities, and expressions of Life. It’s our wanting everyone to hatch at the same time, and come out looking like us and behaving like we do, that gets in our way. Just as a baby bird dies if it’s forced out its shell from the outside (even a little) not only by frustrated hands, but even by well-meaning hands, so it is with each of us. We all must crack our own shell from the inside so we can discover the strength of our own wings and soar as our unique self-expression in the world. When we realize we’re all in this together, different eggs laid by the same Source so to speak, we won’t be so frustrated with each other. We won’t think anyone is “stupid or foolish” because they’re not imitating us. And, we won’t need to force anyone out of their shell before we take flight.

A few months ago as it appeared the whole world was being forced into a timeout, we considered that because we weren’t as distracted by the busy-ness of our worldly activities, it was an excellent time for us to meditate and contemplate upon how we could do better, individually, in bringing more love, peace, joy, and tolerance into the world. We considered the loving thoughts, compassionate words, and acts of kindness we could choose to offer when the time came for us to come out and play with each other again. We considered we’d been given an opportunity to decide for our self whether we’d come out fighting like we did before or loving like we’d never done before. We considered that the world will change as we do, for better or not, through our choice to the be the change we want see (or not). We realized we couldn’t walk into a new day dragging yesterday’s conflicts with us. And, we seemed to understand we can’t change the world by raising our fists against one another. And, yet, so many of us still can’t seem to put our fists down. If we are ever to live a life of well-being filled with the joy, love, peace, and freedom our hearts long for, we must declare those things through our own I AM declarations, for as we see our self, we see the world.

Right now it is vital for our every thought to be infused with the hope we haven’t tossed away the amazing opportunity we’ve had these past few months. Because, if we were to judge according to appearances, it surely appears the “I am right, you are wrong” declarations of conflict are still going on and continuing to shape our individual and collective reality in ways that contradict what we all truly want in our heart. We, spiritual beings, having this human experience often find we do our best when our backs are against the wall, probably because there is nowhere else to go but forward, if we move at all. But, if we were to assess our progress forward, so far, in the expansion, extension and expression of Love by what’s currently going on, it appears as we collectively took our first steps into physical interaction with each other again, we took one step forward and two steps back. It seems to be human business as usual. The same old angry finger pointing accompanied by the same declarations of “I am right, you are wrong” that possibly got us into trouble in first place. The conflict over wearing a mask or not has not only become a health debate, but a political issue! It’s become just another heated issue in our “I am right, you are wrong” worldly ways.

There is One Life from which all life comes forth, and One Law of Attraction that responds with perfect correspondence to the vibration of any thought anyone is focused on. There is no “out of sight, out of mind” even when we’re home alone because we live in the same spiritual-vibrational Universe. The vibration of our thoughts of well-being or fear join with the vibration of the thoughts of well-being of fear of others, and like attracts like. How many people are we angry with right now, for whatever reason? How many people do we feel threatened by we’ve never met? There is no getting away from one another no matter how long we stay quarantined because the vibration of our thoughts can’t be separated or made inactive or powerless through isolation.We are all one with The One. Unless we learn to get along, and to differ without anger, we’ll miss out in our lifetime on what it feels like to freely love each other.

If the virus appears to be getting worse, could it be we’ve become even more afraid of each other? Whatever we declare is true, “you’re afraid of me and I am afraid of you” increases because we are evolving, expansive, creative beings. If we don’t take a deep breath and be easier with each other and our self, we’re in danger of having to shelter at home once again, where the only conflict that will have ended is whether to wear a mask or not because we’ll be alone again! Like misbehaved children, even the little freedom we’ve had to come out and “play nice” with each other may be taken away again until we’ve learned our lesson. We have got to learn to get along even when we disagree, to be kind in our conversations with each other, and about each other. We have got to put our fists down, stop pointing fingers, and look for solutions instead of blame. Abraham Hicks tells us, “You cannot stop negative momentum. So what’s your only option? To start and perpetuate and allow positive momentum, which means you gotta let go of issues.” If we don’t let go of our issues of who’s right and who’s wrong before we feel positive, safe and unthreatened, we might as well stay sheltered for a lifetime because controlling others is not possible!

Each of us must find a way to relax and allow the Well-Being that is the basis of All-That-Is to flow to us and through us. We must find a way to be at ease in this world if we want to see it change before our eyes. We must find a way to come out of our own shell of resistance without poking at anyone else’s shell in process. We need to start behaving like the spiritual-vibrational beings of Love we are so that we can experience the peace, love, joy, and harmony we are created to be together. The thoughts we choose to think now, the feelings we feel now, the words we speak now, and the actions we take now, matter now because they are shaping our reality now and giving shape to our future experiences together. When we declare we are safe because we live in a Universe of Love and Well-being, our thoughts, words and actions are uncontaminated by fear, and we naturally attract to us the people, situations, and experiences that are a vibrational match to our fearlessness.

We are children of God and God is only Love. We are children of a Universe created by Love. In Truth we can’t give anything to each other but Love because Love is all there is that is real to give and receive. We can begin to declare “I am at ease wherever I am because I am a blessed being who deserves well-being and so does every living being.” Laughter is contagious. A smile is contagious. Let us open our mind and “unfold our heart,” and spread the Lightness of Love wherever we go. In this way we won’t miss out on even one more moment of experiencing what it feels like to freely love one another.