Though there may be some of us who have felt isolated and separated from others most our life and may have been practicing social distancing for years, it’s likely six months ago not one of us would have imagined or welcomed a scenario where everyone in the world would be mandated to stay away from one another! Despite the masks that hide our smiles, and beyond the fears that we may be harmful to one another, we long to be together, to freely interact with each other with clear minds, open hearts, and no worries. It is spiritually natural for us to want to be together in every way because we are One Life together; One living infinite Something born of the Love that is in Everything. We are created to exist in happy relationship with each other, to create together in Joy, to easily laugh, play, dance, and sing together, along with the rest of Nature and the Earth, Itself.

In The Science of Mind we read, “Each individual is a unique variation in the Universe; no two people are alike and yet all people are rooted in that which is identical.” That which is identical is Love. And, for Love to be Love, It must shared; expressed freely so It can extend, expand and create forever. The rules and restrictions of the world today have affected all of us in some way, mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. Someone other than our self, someone who doesn’t even know us, is telling us what to do and when to do it. As spiritually free beings, we don’t even like people who do know to us tell us what to do! We are created to freely express our self with no rules to follow. There is only One Law in the Entire Universe, the Law of Love. One Law is simple enough to follow, but it isn’t always easy. However, it is easy to know when we’ve broken that Law because our thoughts aren’t happy, we don’t feel good, and through the Law of Attraction, we attract fearful encounters and unpleasant situations.

Our country, along with the rest of the world, is having a “coming out” party. We are slowly venturing out into a world of human interaction once again. Much has changed since the last time we were all free to be together. And, though some people are hoping things will eventually return to “normal,” perhaps it was our “normal” human conflicts, name-calling, class distinctions, and disrespect for each other that created the habit of being together that got us into this situation in first place. We can create a new normal together based on that which is spiritually normal for us: Loving the Love we are together, and sharing that Love no matter what, without fear or judgement.

While Michigan is entering Phase 5 of reopening, it is important for us to remember that just as we all are in different places along our life path and it’s all good wherever we are, we will likely be in different “phases” of our individual reopening to the world and it’s all good wherever we are. If we keep in mind that all people are rooted in Love, and we practice that Love, our coming out party will be a great success! We might want to ask our self, “Am I ready to let Love freely flow through me as I make my reentry into the world?” Love can only go where It is free to flow. As we begin to take first less-restricted steps, it is more important than ever for us to let Love lead us, to listen to our Inner Guidance, and to feel our way into loving physical interactions with each other.

As powerful spiritual-vibrational beings, this human experience we are having is meant to serve the further evolution of our Divine self-expression. Even with all its rules, the world can’t limit who we are. Only we can do that. There is nothing we can’t choose to think and feel right where we are, wherever we are, no matter what anyone else is doing, if we want to think and feel it.

The Way of the Heart suggests we ask our self, “What do I truly want this moment to be for? For as I decree it, so shall it be.” Whatever we decide we want to experience in each moment, we receive from each moment. If we want our moments to be for Joy, Peace, Love, Uplifting, Healing, and Well Being, we need to declare to our self, “I can do it!” Guidance from our Inner Being is always “follow your bliss.” Abraham Hicks tells us, “If it feels good while you’re thinking about it, it means your Inner Being agrees with that thought. If it feels satisfying while you’re doing it, it means it’s good idea.” Forcing our self to do anything we don’t want to do, acting out of obligation, duty, to please others, or to be happy after-the-fact skips right over the place where our power lies to declare what the moment is for, to choose joy in moment is to live a joyful life. Joy is always there for us to choose. We can’t force our self to be joyful. But if we want to be happy, we can do it and nothing can stop us!

None of us truly wants to be sad, but if we wait for the world to give us a reason to be happy, we may wait a lifetime for our Joy. Joy is always Present within us for us to choose first, and when we declare for Its Presence, we attract reasons for It in forms and expressions all around us. We all know when we’re convinced of anything, no one can talk us out of it. If we don’t make up our mind to be happy, no one in the world can make us happy. There is power in all our declarations as long as we continue to believe in them, whether we declare our self to be happy or sad, in Love with life or fearful of the living. Every moment that we are conscious of being alive, every moment that we are aware we exist, we are declaring something. We might as well declare something good. Joy isn’t a future destination. It is the Vibration of positive creation.

Only we possess the power of declaration that can affect our individual life. It doesn’t matter what anyone else declares about us. What is established for us is what we declare our self to be. How much love, peace, joy and freedom are we ready to declare Present within us as we move into the world and back home again? How many loving friends, peaceful encounters, and joyful activities are we ready to have established for us in the new world of our attraction? When we make up our mind to be happy, we don’t react as quickly to unkind words. Other people’s behaviors don’t bug us so much. And, we have a sense of well-being that no one and nothing on earth can take from us.

If we’re not feeling happy and we want to, if we’re not feeling love and we long to, if we’re not feeling peace of mind and we wish to, we can do it! In each moment we have a choice, and there is power in the choice we make. Everything necessary for the most boundless experience, joy and life, everything is now, right where we are now, but we must know it, see it, feel it, and be it. Who do we declare our self to be now, not yesterday? How do we want to feel now, not tomorrow? What do we truly want to experience in this moment? For as we decree it, so shall it be.