Image by Karin Henseler from Pixabay

Today’s talk isn’t about the old Sonny and Cher song, “I Got You, Babe.” In fact, isn’t about who or what we’ve got in the world—a person, a possession, a title, a position. It’s about where we’ve got the world in our mind. It’s about the opinions we hold that give us the perceptions we’ve got about life and everyone in it. Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, “Whatever happens, happens to you, for you, and through you. You are the creator, enjoyer, and destroyer of all that you perceive.”

The phrase, “I got you,” may not seem new, but it seems to be suddenly catching on and being used everywhere for everything. “I got you” is often a phrase intended to bring calmness and trust, to ease the apprehension and fear another may be feeling—like a baby learning to walk, a child learning to swim or ride a bike, or an adult trying to learn a new physical activity.

I believe “I got you” is so catchy because the words have a deeper spiritual meaning for us that we’re not always consciously aware of. But even if it’s not a conscious knowing, even if it’s just a subtle feeling, we often sense that there is a Powerful Something that has our back no matter what. However, in those moments when we consciously look for It, and open our mind to It, it’s as if we can almost hear the Universal Source Energy of Love, the Life Force within us, the God of our Creation whispering to us, “Fear not, I got you.”

That promise is spoken of in every sacred text, and it is stated so beautifully in the Book of Isaiah: “Though the mountains move and the hills shake, My love will not be removed from you and My covenant of peace will not be shaken.” In other words, “I got you.” Abraham-Hicks tells us simply, “The truth is, the Universe will always take care of you.”

Here are a few good questions we might want to ask our self: “Do I feel taken care of by the Universe? Am I relaxed and enjoying life? Or do I worry and feel anxious most of the time? Do I trust that, no matter what, there is a Power everywhere, including right where I am, that is greater than any physical challenge—to my health, happiness, experience of abundance, and peace of mind—that Loves me and has got me in Its Embrace? Or do I look to the world to keep me safe and to get what I need, and find it falls short of supply?”

We all talk to our self every time we think. We constantly remind our self of what we think about this and that as if we’d forget if we didn’t think about it. But, more often than not, we talk to our self without wondering who we’re talking to. Since we see only one of us in the mirror, it only makes sense that we must believe there’s a part of us we can’t see.

Unless we’re praying, we usually think we’re talking to a private invisible self that we have no problem believing is part of us. We listen to the feedback we get from that self. We check in with it when we’re weighing the pros and cons of some decision. We check in with it to see how we’re doing in the world (good or bad) and to consider how the world is treating us (fairly or unfairly). We let it automatically decide who we like and why, and who we don’t like and why, and how we feel about our self.

We’re all familiar with that self—the invisible one who’s defensive on our behalf; the one who believes it’s us against the world because it believes we’re separate from the world and what we see. Because it does, it’s got us in a self-protective grip of fear and separation that causes us to believe we’re alone and on our own; that we have to make things happen; that we’re less than who we’d like to be and can’t do the things we’d like to do. And, even though that self agrees with our negative thinking and we agree with it, that agreement never feels good.

We get into trouble when we mistake that self, born of our worldly experiences, as all there is to us when it has no knowledge beyond what has already happened in our life, and no knowledge of where we truly came from or where we’re created to go. It’s in the world and of the world. We know we’re listening to that self when the answers we get, or the thoughts that come to us, are not only limited, but don’t feel satisfying or peaceful (even when we agree with them and we get others to agree with us).

Thank God there is more to us, more within us and more for us than the thoughts we’ve already thought. Our true Self, i.e., the larger invisible spiritual part of us, is the Self we can’t live without—even now, even if we don’t believe It’s there—because It’s the invisible part us that is the Life within us, the Inner us that animates the outer us. It’s in the world but not of the world. It is the Unlimited Self of God’s Creation that knows that our physical self is simply a condensed version of Itself, our Self.

That Cosmic Self, though we can’t see it, is the non-physical part of us that we’re created to be eternally, and to express physically while we’re here. That Self knows us as God created us, and that even in this physical form we’re still a creation of God. As we start living from the Inside out, we’ll know it too, and we’ll know that nothing is impossible for us.

Our Inner Being constantly whispers to us, “I got you,” not because we could be a victim of the world that needs protecting, but because we are an Unlimited Spiritual Being, in a temporary physical form, that requires greater and greater self-expression. Our Inner Self wants us to express outwardly more and more of who we are Inwardly.

Why is it that we have no problem believing in a tiny invisible self that’s separate from everything, and such a hard time accepting an unlimited invisible Self that is One with everything? It is, we are, inseparable from the Love, Joy, Peace, and Power of the Universe. There is no other place to exist in that Allness, no outside of It for anything to be.

Our Inner Being always looks out for us, and always has our best interest in mind because no matter what we think, say or do, It only knows what’s true about us. It never believes the lies we’ve been told about our self, even when we humanly believe them and act upon them. It knows what we want (just as we do), but It never believes anything is impossible for us. It knows what we mean even when we misspeak because It knows our heart’s intention.

Our Spirit, Soul, Inner Being is never going to agree with our negative thought. When we turn to that Self for guidance, It will never guide us to think, say or do anything that isn’t good for us and good for all. It’s got us in an embrace of Unconditional Love, so it’s a good idea for us to listen to Its guidance. When we listen within and a thought comes that feels good or a good feeling comes without a thought, we know we’re in sync with the Self of God’s Creation. Abraham-Hicks reminds us, “You cannot be in sync with Source and thinking about somebody negatively at the same time.”

When we have a negative opinion about someone, we’ve got them in our mind right where we think they belong and, sure enough, they live up to our expectations. Why? Because that’s all we can perceive about them. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are the vibrational writers of the script of your life, and everyone else in the Universe is playing the part that you have assigned to them.” Our thoughts are powerfully creative things that set the scenes that we play out with each other. If we’ve got someone in a negative place in our mind, our thoughts will continue to write similar scenes for the future.

Ever hear someone saying something nice about someone you don’t get along with, and you tossed around the idea in your head of telling them what you think about that person because you figured they just didn’t know that person all that well? It’s important for us to remember that others simply reflect back to us where we’ve got them in our mind.

When we’ve got someone in a place of Love in our mind, it’s obvious to us that the Love we feel comes from within us. We don’t have any problem owning it. We’re “the lover in Love.” Its origin begins within us. But so often we have a problem owning our negative feelings and accepting we are “the blamer in blame,” and that its origin begins in us. too.

It’s hard to believe (that’s why most people don’t) that we’re never experiencing anything except own thoughts. As we say every Sunday, and still it’s hard for us to remember it’s true: “The world we individually experience is not being done to us, it’s being done by us, and it’s not coming at us, it’s coming from us.” We never experience another person as they are, or the world as it is, we experience others and the world as we are, i.e., where we’ve got them in our mind.

When we’ve got someone in a negative place in our mind, we’re not in sync with the Greater Part of us that Loves no matter what, so we don’t realize that we are free to love no matter what; that whoever we’re judging doesn’t need to change, or be different in any way, for us to let go of our blame.

We can’t take negativity into the High Vibration of Love that lives within us as us. We have to let it go in order for our vibration to RISE. And, it’s only as we rise into the awareness of Love that lives in us, and Loves us no matter what, that we’re able to look at others and say from our heart, no matter what they’re saying or doing: “I got you up where my Inner Being has me, and you are beautiful just as you are.

We read in The Way of the Heart, “Therefore, as I have said unto you many times, never fail to remember that it takes one to know one. For it is your consciousness alone that can reach out and embrace all created things until you literally realize that all things have arisen from within you!”