When we state, “I have faith in positive outcome (of whatever may be going on in our life,” more often than not we mean “I trust in God to take care of things.” The mottoe “In God we trust” was adopted by the United States as a replacement or alternative to the unofficial Latin motto: “E pluribus unum,” which translates, “Out of many, one” or “One out of many.” Both mottoes, combined, can be helpful reminders that it is far easier to trust in God to take care of all things when we realize that nothing is outside of God, and that we “the many” have come forth out of One. God, being all there Is, is everywhere.There is no living being (no matter what the behavior of that being may be) that is not One with God right now and an essential part of the extension of creation.

We live in a Universe where there are no boundaries between the Invisible Living Energy of the Creator and Giver of Life, and the invisible living energy of the created, the living. The Universal Law of Attraction in which we live, i.e., the Law that “like attracts like,” brings us together through the vibrational matches of the energy we emit through our thoughts and feelings. Every relationship we have, whether we perceive it as good or bad, we experience within the Perfect Unity of Life. No matter how divisive a relationship might seem at times (all the time), it is a perfect match to us (our energy) in some way. Like it or not we are bound together in One Infinite, Perfectly Unified Energy Field into which we individually emit positive and negative energy.

Out of One Invisible Formless Life Force we appear as many visible forms and expressions of Life. But just because we can see each other and the world around us, doesn’t mean we’re separate from one another.  We can stay away from each other, ignore each other, judge each other, and choose not to love each other, but we can’t live without each other because we can’t express Life, and our self in Life without one another. Even though we are One Life, it takes at least two to express It. It’s been poetically said that “Love wasn’t put in your heart to stay. Love isn’t Love until you give it away.”

Every interaction we have with any human being is an opportunity for us to extend that Love that we are. So why don’t we? Often it seems that we trust in our judgments more than we trust in God, and we’re convinced that some beings are just not worthy to be loved. It’s easy for us to think we have this whole spiritual thing down—We love everybody, and we’re not bothered by what others think, say or do…until we’re bothered by what another thinks, says or does! It’s an opportunity (if we take it) to realize we still have some judgments lurking in our mind that are keeping us from expressing Love in the way we’re created to express It.

Loving everything and everyone isn’t about feeling warm and fuzzy and sentimental about Life. It’s about clearing our mind of judgments that keep us from accessing the positive creative power within us that only Love provides. A judgment against our self or anyone else is an act of unfaithfulness to God and the Unity of creation. It’s a dark affirmation of separation that prevents more Light from entering our awareness. Unless we’re willing to eradicate every false belief as it arises, we’ll remain in the dark about the Life we’re created to express.

While it’s easy for us to love those we’ve judged as lovable, if we trust in God to take care of all things, we can love those button pushers in our life because they push us toward the Light. They let us know that there is something within us that isn’t shining bright. If we’re willing, those who perturb and irritate us the most can be our best teachers because we can grow in greater self-awareness all the way to enlightenment by noticing when we feel something within us that doesn’t feel like love. That feeling of constriction in our heart lets us know our heart isn’t yet open to everyone. When our heart isn’t open all the way, we can’t experience the One Love that’s for the many. And it is we who separate our self in our mind from the Love that belongs to all alike.

To trust in God (alone) to Resolve every condition and situation—to heal our body, mediate and harmonize our relationships, and to bring about all the good we desire to experience in life—is to give up all problems to one Answer. To give up all problems to One Answer is to live our life being true to our Inner Truth, and with a view of Life that is far greater, and far more loving and lovable, than the eyes can see.

Faithfulness is our unwavering trust in God to set all things right, not some but all—not just the sniffles, but a life-threatening health issue; not just a little disagreement, but the one that hurt so much it’s hard to forgive; not just a tiny ripple in our day, but the stormy sea of our life. Faithfulness is trusting that if we let go of all the judgments we think keep us safe in a world of harmful others, all the judgments we believe help us to get a grip in life, and to trust instead that if we let go and free-fall every moment into the Arms Love, Love will catch us every time and take care of everything.