Image by Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

The dictionary defines the word, lived, as “having life.” A valuable question for us to ask our self is “How much life am I willing to have? How much freedom to be fully alive am I willing to give to myself in the moments of my life?” The dictionary also defines the word, lived (when pronounced with a long “i”) as having many lives, such as a “many-lived” cat. It’s easy for us to recognize that even if it’s true that a cat has nine lives, it can only live those lives one life at time. And, it’s likely that all that matters to a cat is the life it’s living now. In much the same way, we can only live our life one moment at a time. If we’d do just that, which is to say, if all that mattered to us was how well we lived each moment, we’d have time of our life all the time! We’d discover our power to create beautiful, joyous and fulfilling experiences through our power to choose how we want to experience the present moment.

But, so often we are unaware of the fullness of the present moment because we’re busy in our head wishing it were different than it is. We fight against it as it is, and wish it away by looking back longingly at better days gone by, or impatiently forward to better days to come. Eckhart Tolle wrote, “The more you’re focused on time, past and future, the more you miss the Now, the most precious thing there is.” NOW is “the most precious thing there is” because it contains the fullness of all that Life Is. The present moment is happening everywhere at the same time—in every dimension, in heaven and on earth. It is right where we are wherever we are NOW. Since everything is happening in the present moment, whether in visible energetic form or invisible energetic potential, every moment offers unlimited possibilities for life expression to all that live, including us. Every moment offers us possibilities for new expressions of our self, happier expressions of our self, healthier expressions of our self, more peaceful and more loving expressions of our self.

Ernest Holmes wrote, “Principle doesn’t follow precedent.” Briefly, that means that it doesn’t matter what happened yesterday, or even a moment ago, the present moment is brand new. What do you want to do? Every moment is a fresh start for us to “get up,” which is to say, “vibe higher,” and do better by making better choices. In this way we evolve, expand and transform our self expression. That is why we’re here. And, the present moment is the only place we can express our self and see what we can do! The Good News is that because the fullness of Life, Itself, is present within us, and we’re present in It, we’re never alone to do anything on our own. We are sourced with all we need to express more and more of the amazing one we’re created to be. We read in A Course of Love, “It is about moment to moment knowing exactly who you are and acting out of that loving identity. It is about knowing that as you do so you are in accord and enjoying the full cooperation of the entire universe.” If the entire universe is cooperating with us in each moment, could there be any loving expression of life that we could not be, do, have, or experience if we stay in the present in moment? If we’ve been waiting to live more fully until the world gives us a better reason to, we’re missing the point, power and purpose of the present moment to experience the fullness of who we are now, and grow from that experience in beautiful life-enriching ways. We are missing the precious opportunity to live our best self yet right now, and every lived moment adds up!

We humans are beings of “many-lived moments.” With the average human lifespan of 71.1 years, we have the potential of 2,242,209,600 lived seconds (or more). That’s a lot of moments to live! If we were to choose to be fully alive in each of them, we’d never doubt the joy, love, peace and well-being present in them. But because we’re often looking for a different moment, with all those moments available to us, we see no problem with tossing of few away, or many away, without caring about them, without noticing they have come and gone, and without looking to see what good thing might be there. These days it seems almost natural to wish away the moments of our life in hopes of a better tomorrow. But NOW, no matter how it seems, is the most precious thing there is. This is the time of our life! Every moment is our moment to shine because it holds within it the preciousness of our living that moment as the amazing being we are.

If we have been pinching our self off from the powerful potential of NOW, hoping that what’s next will be better than what’s now, it’s important for us to realize that what comes next can only be better if we “be better,” rather than bitter, right now. With all that is happening in the world around us, our heart just might be in danger of becoming bitter if we don’t choose to use this time to get to know who we truly are; if we don’t choose to use the world situation to inspire us to access our power to decide for our self how we’ll experience each lived moment right now; and, if we don’t act out of our loving identity by choosing to love our self and everyone else. Our heart will experience bitterness if we use this time to look for someone to blame for the anger and frustration we feel, if we look for someone to be accountable for what’s happened and fix it, and if we spend our time making sure that if those around us can’t fix it, they’re not making things worse by standing too close or going out when we believe they should stay in.

Whether we become bitter or better doesn’t have anything to do with the world getting better first. Who we are is not determined by fate. We determine our fate by how much love, joy, peace, and well-being we allow into our lived moments. When those moments are filled with anger and frustration, the smallest thing can set us off because what we’re focused on in our mind, and how we feel when we focus on it, becomes what we see and experience in those around us. We might find we’re less tolerant of those we live with. We may notice habits we’ve been too busy to notice before, and we may find certain actions and reactions irritating. Wasting one moment of this precious earth time, letting it go by without honoring its sacred value, keeps us from experiencing the precious gifts in the present moment and sharing our experience with others.

Not one of us can be absolutely sure how many more of those billions of earth time seconds we’ll have tomorrow. We can plan for a future, but we can’t depend on one. Now is the most precious thing there is, so we may want to ask our self, “If today were my last day on earth, is what I’m feeling now the last thread I want to add to the tapestry of my life?” The thoughts we choose to think now, how we feel now, the words we speak now, and the actions we take now are woven into our individual life expression, no matter how many seconds we’ve lived or have left. Every moment counts. If we want to live “the rest of our life” in the joyous freedom, radiant love and deep peace of our true identity, we don’t have one moment to waste living as anything else. It’s been said, “A life well lived is exquisite work of art.” But, it’s not the finished work that is the joy of the artist. It’s the exquisiteness of every stroke of the brush by the painter, every splendid turn of the wheel by the potter, and every elegant word chosen by the writer. Every lived moment brings an essential color, a crucial component, and an indispensable touch that makes our life a unique expression of the One Life in which we live, the One Life we came into form to express.

We can fall in love with each day by letting love be our first thought and feeling in it. As we awaken to a new day we can decide to open our heart to our true loving identity. And, if we do, we’ll discover that the smallest thing will turn us on, rather than set us off, because what we’re focused on in our mind, and how we feel when we focus on it, becomes what we see and experience in those around us. We may be looking forward to life returning to the way it was, or looking forward to things being so much better than they were. But, either way, how we live each moment today, in love or in fear, will determine the world we experience tomorrow.