Image by Jill Wellington from Pixabay

The Grace of God lives within all that live and gives movement to all that moves. We read in The Science of Mind, “Grace is the givingness of the Spirit to Its Creation, but we need to recognize It. It is the logical result of the correct acceptance of life and of a correct relationship to the Spirit.” Grace is given graciously to us. Our Inner Being is bathed in Grace. Within us we have a flawless relationship to Spirit, even when we’re humanly unaware it’s there. We don’t lose our spiritual connection even when our human thoughts are unkind, our human words are rude, or our human actions are inconsiderate. The Grace of God is present beneath the chaos and confusion in our mind, and beneath the chaos and confusion in the world.

Grace is within us to choose even if we don’t choose It. It may go unrecognized, but Grace never goes away. It continuously flows on the currents of Love, and we are loved unconditionally and eternally no matter what we do. There is no getting away from Grace because we live within the Grace-filled Universe of God’s Creation. There is simply our allowing or denying Its expression through us. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You don’t attract well being. It is continuously flowing. You are either letting it in or resisting.” The same is true of Grace. We don’t attract Grace. It is continuously flowing. We are either letting It in or resisting. When we do let It in, even for a moment, by desiring to feel It and express It more than we desire to express our human opinion or to be right by making others wrong, It causes our thoughts, words and actions toward life to be gracious. We are able to bless the world in our mind, and bless those around us through our words and actions, even when we’re six feet away!

But when we are reacting against anything or anyone, when we are protecting our self against anything or anyone, and when we take sides against anything or anyone, we see a world we need to fight to make right. Yet, there is only One Life from which all life comes forth, including our own. We are all one with the One. There is only one Law of Attraction that responds with perfect correspondence to the vibration of any thought anyone is focused on, including ours. And, there is only one Source Energy moving all that moves. It moves each of us in the direction of our focus, and we all focus on thoughts we believe to be true. If we believe we are vulnerable in a fearful world that has power to affect our life from outside of us, that others can assert their will into our life experience, then that will be our experience. Not because it’s true, but because we believe it’s true, and whatever we give our attention to and accept as true increases in our life because we are evolving, expansive, creative beings.

Even though Grace flows to us continuously, so often we try to swim upstream to prove the point that what we see with our physical eyes is all there is to see. We point at a world that appears to us to have power over us, a world filled with all those things fear gives birth to—conflict, blame, anger, victimhood, pain, misery, sadness—and we say, “See?” We react to what we see and we want others to react too. And, the more we react to what we see, the more clearly we see it. And, the more clearly we see it, the more often it appears to us. And, the more often it appears to us, the more we react to its increase in the world. Then we shake head because it certainly appears to us that the world is going to hell in hand basket!

No matter what good or not-so-good thing appears to be happening before our physical eyes, no matter what harmony of agreement or noise of conflict we may hear with our physical ears, and no matter what clean or unclean thing we believe we touch with our physical body, there is far more to Life in any moment than our physical senses can detect, and far more than our human mind can comprehend. In the Book of 1 Corinthians we read, “No eye has seen, no ear has heard, and no mind has imagined the things that God has prepared for those who love Him.” We can’t love God and God’s Creation, and fear the world at the same time. We can’t feel good at the same time we are thinking about and talking about how bad we feel. We can’t experience a sense of well-being while we’re afraid that even though we may be okay now, something bad might get us anyway. And, we can’t imagine an increase in the good we want in our life as long as we’re focusing on the same old unwanted that we’ve experienced.

There is always a party going on in life and we get to choose which party we attend: There is the familiar pity party, hosted by the human mind, where we look for others to feel our pain. We sit around and commiserate with those in agreement with us that the world is a scary place we need to protect our self from. The conversation is filled with chatter about the ignorant people who have power over us and are making ignorant decisions for us. Everyone agrees that the world isn’t the happy place those crazy positive thinkers claim it to be. “Somebody done me (and the world) wrong songs” are played at such a party. And though there’s a lot of nodding of heads, there is no dancing at all. Then there is the positive, playful, perky party hosted by the Spirit of Joy where we find others that share our happiness and sense of well-being. We celebrate together those things God has prepared for all of creation. There is plenty of conversation about unlimited possibilities and positive solutions. Songs about peace, love and rock ’n roll are played at such a party, and there’s plenty of dancing. Both parties send out invitations on a regular basis from within us.

Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, “Once you realize that all comes from within, that the world in which you live is not projected on to you but by you, your fear comes to an end.” If the world appears to us to be going to hell in hand basket, and we’ve got a front row seat, then we need to change our mind about the world and project something better to see. We are free to let go of fear and accept the full power given to us to live a life of joyous freedom, with the unshakable conviction that nothing outside of us has power over us. We can know the despite any temporary appearances that can be pointed to, irrespective of any seeming opposition to Grace and Love anywhere, by anyone, we can experience those things God has prepared for us just the same. There is only one Law of Attraction, and it will respond with perfect correspondence to the vibration of the thoughts we focus on in our mind. There is only one Source Energy, and It will move us in the direction of our choosing. Whatever we are willing to allow into our awareness and accept as true, the Universe will yield to us as experience. As our thoughts, words and actions become more gracious, we’ll see a whole new world within us that we naturally project around us.

If we’ve been hiding in place waiting for the world to wow us by changing, to show us what it’s got that it didn’t have before the whole pandemic thing happened, if we’ve been waiting for Life to impress us with Its awesome healing power and amazing creative ability, while we wait we won’t see, hear or imagine those things that are already here, within us and all around us. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Look for good things about where you are. In your state of appreciation you lift all self-imposed limitations, and all limitations are always self-imposed. Then you free yourself for the receiving of wonderful things.” Even though there is nothing we can’t be, do and have, it’s up to us to allow the being, doing and having of it. We’re the wow we’ve been waiting for, but we must take back our power to allow the wow full expression through us. The more time we spend at the positive, playful, perky party within us, the more we increase our allowance of good in our life. The more we increase our allowance of good, the more we attract others to share happiness and a sense well-being with, and the more we see and celebrate those things God has prepared for all who free themselves to receive wonderful things.

The world, without us, seems to be quickly becoming safe and healthy. It’s a world we’ve all been wanting and waiting to see for such a long time. We don’t have to wait one moment longer because Grace gives us eyes to see. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Grace is the acceptance of the Love of God within a world of seeming hate and fear.” It is up to us to find the Grace within us that will allow us to accept the Love of God in the world, the Grace that will allow us to be a being that can live in a world free of hate and fear. Living in such a world will require an increase in our tolerance, a decision to mind our own thoughts, feelings and actions, and let others mind their own. As Abraham-Hicks would say, it will require a decision to “mind your own vibration”.

As we go out in the world, we may choose to wear a mask or not. Others may choose to wear one or not. But whether we do or not, what is important for us to notice is what we think and how we feel when we do or not. Do we feel gracious? Or do we feel self-righteous, obligated, or fearful? Life is not projected on to us, but by us. When we’ve reached a place in our mind and heart where we’ve accepted the Love of God in the world, we’ll see a world filled with all those things Love gives birth to—graciousness, tolerance, forgiveness, ease, kindness, and joy. And we’ll respond to what we see. And, the more we respond to what we see, the more clearly we’ll see it. And, the more clearly we see it, the more often it will appear to us. And, the more often it appears to us, the more we’ll see Love’s increase in the world. Then, we’ll shake our head in amazement that the world appears to be going to heaven on wings of love, and we’ve got a front row seat! Then the music coming from the positive, playful, perky party within us will fill us with so much joy that we will surely dance.