Teachers of God have chosen a curriculum of Love that causes them to see the good, beautiful and holy in all things, including themselves. They recognize that life happens through them, and they trust that the Universe in which they live has only their happiness in mind. They demonstrate Love through forgiveness of themselves and the world. They feel no need to defend themselves against the world, or the accusations of others, because they know that what they see within themselves is the same view with which they see the world. They live a life of choice by deciding how they will experience any person, condition, situation, or event in their life. They emit a calm, peaceful energy even in the midst of chaos. The vibrational tone they set wherever they are is uplifting even as they face the ever-changing, unpredictable situations that come into their individual life.

Those who decide to teach the only other thought system available believe life happens to them, and so they generally “freak out” when something happens that they don’t like. They believe people, conditions, situations, and events are separate from them and are responsible whatever they personally think, feel and do. They emit and anxious, fearful vibration that joins with the vibration of fear in the world and seems to validate that their thought system is true. The tone they set wherever they go is a “downer,” and they face the ever-changing, unpredictable situations that come into the personal life with self-pity, resentment and doom.

Which teacher sounds like they having the most fun in life and experiencing the greatest freedom? It’s hard to dance with life when we’re under the covers protecting our self from getting our toes stepped on!

Defenselessness is a quality of the Teachers of God. “Quality,” by definition, is “the character and nature belonging to and distinguishing a thing.” Through our focus on the qualities of the Teachers of God we are exploring the character and nature that belongs us and distinguishes us as spiritual beings. “Quality” is also the feeling tone, or tonal vibration that characterizes a particular sound (like the different tones of singing bowls or the vibrations of the strings on a guitar). As spiritual beings we emit a particular sound, vibration and energy that characterizes who we are choosing to be wherever we show up.

Every day through our mood and attitude we set the tone for our day, and emit that tone whether it is harmonious or discordant. If we wake up in a bad mood and we don’t change that mood, we are setting the tone for a lot of discord, friction and disagreement for our day. It’s been said, “If everything is sound and vibration you’re the DJ of your existence.”

Our spiritual nature, which is to say our vibrational nature, isn’t something we can turn on and off at will, or decide to live without because it isn’t separate from us. It is the very life within us even while we are having this human experience. Even though our spiritual nature is unseen by us and those around us, we feel it within us as the vibration of emotion and movement in the body. It is felt by those around us as well because we one on the invisible, spiritual, vibrational, energetic side of life. That’s what is meant by “We are One Life together.” Obviously, it’s not that we are physically one—joined at the hip and walking around with our body parts connected like conjoined twins! We are One on the Invisible Side of Life that is Present right where the visible appears to be.

We know who we like to be around and who we don’t. It has nothing to do with anything visible or physical, even when we think it does. The energy we feel within our self around someone else, or when we think of someone else (whether we feel good or not so good), is the reality of our spiritual connection, not a human one because no separate human connection exists. Life is all Spirit (heaven to earth). We could not have a relationship with anyone (even one that doesn’t feel good) without the spirit that lives in us that connects us with the same spirit that lives in another.

We see each other through the perceptions of our own mind. The vibration of thought that causes us to “see things” and to perceive anything (good-bad) must first be alive in us before we can interpret its meaning in someone else. “It takes one know one” It takes the same thought in us for someone elses thought to have meaning to us, e.g., for us to feel offended, or even complimented, by someone elses words or actions.

And it takes the same feeling in us to feel the energy of anyone else. If we don’t like someone’s energy, and we fight with it or seek to protect our self from it, we are fighting against our self because we can’t interpret anything “outside” our self without first experiencing it “inside” our self. That is why sacred texts tell us to “love one another as yourself.” On the invisible, spiritual, vibrational, energetic side of life we are One Self—One Life, together. And that Life is loving all of us equally all the time even when we choose not to love.

If we feel an energy that makes us feel uncomfortable, agitated, angry, or fearful it is because it’s alive in us. If we want to feel a more comfortable, calm and loving energy, it is up to us to raise our own vibration from the lowlands (where we’ve been connecting with the negative energy) to the highlands above it, the high vibration of Love. In this way the lower energy that we were feeling can pass through us without finding home to abide in within us.