Image by Ralf Kunze from Pixabay

It is important for the enrichment of our life experiences for us to stop and, metaphorically, smell the roses that bloom everyday, in some way, within us and around us. Whatever the season may be, it can feel like springtime within us if we decide to be present in the moments of our life. If we are, our Earth life won’t fly by in a blur without blossoming thru the enrichment of our appreciative attention, and without our having a conscious say so as to how we want to live each moment.

The lyrics to “It’s a New Day” by Eddie Watkins, Jr., tell us that “Everyday we’re born again to create this world we live in.” Every day offers us the miracle of creating our life anew in ways that bring more love, more joy, more peace, and more well-being to us and the world around us. The beautiful renewal of creation never goes away no matter what the season. It happens everyday in obvious and subtle ways. All we need are eyes that desire to see the beauty and ears that desire to hear the joyful sounds of life creating anew. Alan Watts wrote, “Through our eyes the universe is perceiving itself. Through our ears the universe is listening to its harmonies. We are the witnesses through which the universe becomes conscious of its glory and magnificence.”

Springtime is such a wonderful time to serve as a reminder to us of how magnificent a new perspective of life can be. With its rebirth and new birth popping out all over, it’s hard to miss the reminder that change and renewal are part of the Nature of Life, including the nature of our life. Are we ready to allow an energetic renewal and revival of our spirit that is being propelled by the Energy of Spring right now? Are we ready for a metamorphosis in our life and the world around us by allowing newness to come alive in us, and inviting it to come to live with us as the world we see? If we allow it to be, this can be a time of awakening for us, a time of spiritual restoration of our natural harmonious relationship with the world we live in, and a time for a new way of expressing ourself in it.

Rainer Maria Rilke wrote, “You are not too old and it is not too late to dive into your increasing depths where life calmly gives out its own secrets.” We might want to ask ourself: “Am I feeling a surge of aliveness that is urging me to dive deeper within me so I can rise higher in my spirit? Am I willing to live at new level of self-expression, at a new altitude of spiritual awareness ,and with a new attitude toward myself and life?” In other words, are you ready to fly at this point in your life so the world can see the beauty of your true colors as you rise higher in your spirit? Or do you have aerophobia, the fear of flying, and find the whole idea of living at a higher, more spiritual mental vibration too scary? There’s a story about two caterpillars crawling casually across the grass when they noticed a beautiful butterfly fluttering gently about just above them. They watched, eyes-wide, for a long moment, and then finally one turned to the other and whispered, “You couldn’t get me up in one of those things for a million bucks!”

Is that how we feel about our next level of spiritual awareness? Is it how we feel about a new uplifted point of view? Are we afraid if we become more of our Self, and live it out loud, we’ll be too much for others? Are we worried if we evolve and grow spiritually we’ll change too much and outgrow those around us that want us to stay same? Buckminster Fuller wrote, “There is nothing in a caterpillar that tells you it’s going to be a butterfly.” Yet there is something in caterpillar that lets it know when it’s time to become a butterfly. And, when that time comes, it doesn’t resist its evolutionary timing. It goes within and allows change, and the gift of that change is being able to live life with a whole new view. It takes faith to follow the innate impulse within us to change and grow. It takes trust to express, rather than suppress, the urge to be more. But we can only achieve a new view of life by following what feels right within us, and by being true to what we honestly want in life. Osho said, “Trust doesn’t mean that everything is going to be alright. Trust means that everything is already right.” Even if we don’t believe we’re too old or that it’s too late for us to do something new, are we concerned others will? Are we letting the worry and concerns of those around us deter us from moving forward, onward and upward? We often want to ignore the urge to evolve, or we stuff it inside until we’re sure it’s alright with everyone else; until the coast is clear. But if the urge is there now, and we can feel it now, then the coast is clear now for us to follow it.

Many of us may recognize the phrase “It takes one to know one” from our childhood. Back then it likely had a negative meaning to us. It may have been something we said to someone when they called us names, or something they said to us when we called them names. And, though back then it was said in childish defense, no truer words were ever spoken. Nisargadatta Maharaj wrote, “Whatever happens, happens to you, for you, and through you. You are the creator, enjoyer, and destroyer of all that you perceive.” What we see around us as our individual life is a mirror reflecting back to us our thoughts about it. We perceive what we believe. We could say that the images that seem outside of us are shaped first in our mind, according to our script and creative direction, and then projected outward like a movie on a screen.

Have you ever found yourself planning a conversation with someone, and thinking about what you’re going to say to them, then thinking about what they’re going say back to you,  and then thinking about how you’re going to react to that? And, all the while getting more and more anxious and stressed, or even angry, in the process even though nothing “out there” had happened yet? We naturally relate to, and react to, what we perceive around us because it’s happening within us as well. Our thoughts are making plans for the future events we’ll experience. We get what we think about. When think about others, and talk about others and the world around us in positive or negative ways, we reveal our own perceptions of life. It’s the way we see it, and it will always be the way we see it until we see it differently. And, that’s okay. In fact, it is more than “okay.” It’s the miracle of creating our life experiences that allows us to create anew.

When we feel love for someone, it’s obvious to us that the love we feel comes from within us. We don’t have any problem owning it. We’re the lover in love. It’s origin begins in us. But, so often we have a problem owning our negative feelings, and accepting we are the blamer in blame, and that its origin begins in us. In fact, we’re pretty convinced that any negativity we feel has to do with someone or something outside of us.

What confuses us about Love is that we believe the object of our love must stay same, must be a certain way, for our love to continue. We don’t realize we are free to love no matter what; that Love is a choice we can make that doesn’t depend on anything but our choosing It. In the same way, what confuses us about blaming others is we believe the object of our judgment needs to change, to be a different way, for our blaming to stop. We don’t realize we’re free to stop judging no matter what because judging is choice we make that doesn’t depend on anything but our choosing it.

When we don’t like what we see, and it causes us feel fearful, angry, resentful, or filled with blame, what we feel is based on the thoughts in our mind that cause the emotion. There’s only one place we can change how we feel and that is at its point of origin, which is always in our mind. The Way of the Heart tells us that we select what is going to make an imprint upon us; that it’s like dropping a solitary pebble into a pool of clear still water. Waves radiate from that pebble, and this is what is occurring constantly in the field of our wave of awareness.

In The Way of the Heart we read, “As you have attracted to yourselves certain persons, places, things, objects, and above all thoughts, beliefs and perceptions, you have dropped them like little pebbles into the still clear pool of your vast and eternal awareness. What you experience are the effects or ripples of those pebbles. They literally join with the other ripples you have created, and as these ripples move out and touch one another and come back to you, this is the field of creation that makes up your physical three-dimensional reality.” It may be hard to believe, and that’s why most people don’t, that we’re never experiencing anything except our own thoughts. It’s been said that we never experience another person as they are, or the world as it is. We experience others and the world as we are. We experience what we have chosen to create through thoughts, that like pebbles, we’ve dropped into the field of our awareness. Every wave, every ripple, is our own creation

What we experience outside of us is a projection. It isn’t solid or unchangeable—not our body, our relationships, our finances, or whatever is in three-dimensional form. Since it’s the effect of a thought or belief or perception we hold, we can change that thought or belief or perception. We change the world, not by complaining about it, but by changing our mind about it. The Way of the Heart tells us, “The Mind of Christ dwells within you in its fullness now. Therefore, as I have said unto you many times, never fail to remember that it takes one to know one. For it is your consciousness, alone, that can reach out and embrace all created things until you literally realize that all things have arisen from within you!”