Image by jplenio from Pixabay

As spiritual beings having a human experience, we are individually independent and free to live as we choose to live in this world—in the harmlessness, love, joy, and peace that creates a life we enjoy living. We can choose to be independent of the need to please those around us, especially when that pleasing doesn’t feel good to us or true about us. And, we can choose to be free from asking others to change in order for us to feel better. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “About other people’s opinions about what you should be doing and your belief that you should somehow be pleasing them, it’s impossible to please them, even if it’s just one of them. You can’t unravel your life. You can’t become less than you are. There’s no moving back from what life has caused you to become.”

Everything in this world changes every day. But sometimes changes in the world, and in us, are so subtle they’re hardly noticeable unless we’re paying close attention. But we would have had to be living with our eyes closed, ears plugged, and humming not to have noticed the drastic changes that have taken place in every way in the past year and a half. Even though some things may appear the same in the world, or in us, there is no going back to “the way it was” for the world, or the way we were in it, no longer is. The ancient Greek philosopher, Heraclitus of Ephesus wrote, “No man ever steps in the same river twice for its not the same river and he’s not the same man.” Life flows. We can’t step into the same world today as we did yesterday for it’s not the same world and we’re not the same human being stepping into it. For better or worse we are forever changed by the intense human condition the world has been manifesting for almost two years. And what comes next, for better or worse, is up to us.

There is no going back to normal, whatever that was or how comfortable it may have felt, because like a river, life doesn’t move backwards. Life is ever-expanding and becoming new as It expands, and we are part of that expansion. But it’s up to you and me to let that newness be what we see in our self and others, to let the innocence of a new day, like a new born baby that’s never been before, heal our hindsight of what was and allow our vision to become clear with new, unlimited possibilities of what can be now. The past has no power to bring itself up. It’s life depends on us and how we remember it. We can let unhappy memories of yesterday make our heart bitter and contracted today, or we can let happy memories expand the joy we feel now. Living as a spiritual being is living in the freedom of here and now. It’s choosing who we want to be, and how we want to live this day no matter who we’ve been or how we’ve lived until today.We can’t change what happened yesterday, but we can change yesterday’s thoughts today. In fact, it’s the only place we can make that change. And, if we do, we’ll create something beautifully new for today and for all our tomorrows.

Everyday is a new dawn in which to create life in new way. Spiritual independence is allowing our self to tell a new story about our self. And, spiritual freedom is allowing others to do the same. So often we miss the new moment by expecting someone to behave in the same old way, and expecting them to bring out the same old reaction in us. And, sure enough they live up to our expectation, just like they always do! Do we brace for the unwanted experiences in our life even before they happen or do we embrace what we want by allowing our heart and mind to stay clear and open to newness? When we keep thinking the same thoughts over and over again, things appear to be the same over and over again, even though it is we who are bringing the old into a new moment that’s never been and letting the old cover up the new.

What if newness is God’s gift to us every day and we’re throwing it away on yesterday’s thoughts? When we hold others, or our self, in a non-changing perception in our mind, newness is impossible to see. Our old expectations make things foggy even on the clearest day. Spiritual freshness is a gift each day, but we can’t experience that freshness while we’re following the old rules others have made for us, or while we’re expecting others to follow the ones we’ve made for them. Spiritual freedom is following what feels true, good and pleasing to us in the moments of our life, and letting others do the same. When we do, through the Law of Attraction we discover that what feels good to us brings good to us. When spirituality becomes our reality we find we’re able to more freely express our self as the Love we are without placing conditions on our expression of Love. A Course in Miracles tells us that love is the absence of judgment.

Loving without conditions doesn’t mean we need to feel warm and fuzzy about everyone we encounter. It simply means that we need to stop judging them! Love is the highest vibration of freedom. The absence of judgment keeps our view clear of the residue of resistance. Without judgment, Love flows like a clear, sparkling river that reflects the sun. When we love without judgment, it brings clarity to our mind because our mind isn’t cluttered with shoulds and shouldn’ts about our self and others. It brings a feeling of well-being because we’re free of the mental and emotional conflict of deciding who we should love and why, and who we should condemn and why.

There are probably as many rules of human conduct as there are religions that seek to impose them on their followers, and to use them to condemn anyone who doesn’t follow the rules. It’s been said , “Religion is belief in someone else’s experience. Spirituality is having your own experience. Spirituality does not come from religion. It comes from our soul.”  Rules are about controlling others or being controlled by others Spirituality is about mastering our self. To feel free to live from our soul, we must trust that the Universe in which we live wants us to be happy. Otherwise we won’t even ask for what we want, much less expect to get it.

When we’re guarded and self-protective we live in the fear we’re not worthy enough to be Sourced by Love with all we need to live the life we want to live. Sri Sri Rave Shankar said, “Know that there is a supreme power who loves you, is behind you, and accepts you totally. Feeling secure comes with this sense of belongingness.” Unlike social security, Spiritual Security is priceless, endless freedom. We qualify for it at any age, and it goes a whole lot farther in sourcing and supporting a life we enjoy. The good news is that we can’t out live it. In fact, it increases the more we feel It and live from It.

We’re created to become more and more of the Love we already are. We might as well start today. In fact, now is always perfect time! The more we sense our belongingness to a Universe of Love, the more we want to express that Love for our self and others, and the more we discover we have to give. What if we choose this day to see our self and others as if we’ve been reborn just this morning? What if we’re willing to awaken us to a greater appreciation of being our self and being with others as we truly are. When we feel excited about being our self, we feel our oneness with a Universe that loves us, is behind us, and accepts us totally no matter what we do. There is no greater independence or freedom than that!