Does this year feel as alive with boundless possibilities for creating something beautiful and new in our life, and for greater possibilities for positive change in the world, as it felt on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day? Can we recall right now how hopeful and excited we felt then? The promise of something new, the promise of something better, carries a High Vibrational Energy that may have been easier for us feel when the whole world was feeling it, too, as we teetered on the edge of symbolic newness together.

We don’t have to keep that Energy going because It’s always going. It is perpetual, eternal, without beginning or end. All that’s required of us is to stop pinching It off from our life experiences by thinking of reasons not to feel It. But because we often have our reasons, we checked in with our self on the first Sunday in January when we were already seven days into 2024 to see if we were still feeling fresh and frisky about the new or if we were feeling stale and tired already.

We might want to check in with our self again, right now, to see we’re doing with our renewing. It’s always good for us to be aware at all times of how we’re feeling about life, and our self in life, because if we’re not noticing who we think we are and how our being that one causes us to feel in the moments we’re living our life, then to paraphrase John Lennon, “Life will be what happens to us while we’re busy making other plans.”

Often we focus on the business of our day—appointments to keep, obligations to fulfill, stuff we think we’ve got to do or at least stuff we think we’ve got to think about doing—and we get going on all of that without first intentionally connecting with the Life within us that has given us a life to live and filled us with beautiful, loving, peaceful Energetic possibilities for our living It every moment of every day. What does it matter if we get through a day and get everything on our to-do list done if we weren’t paying attention throughout the day to the story we were telling to self and others about our self and life and noticing if we were enjoying the storyline as we were telling it.

We asked our self on January seventh if we were feeling happy about who we are in life and how life goes for us, or if we were still trying to improve on who we are, and trying to become more spiritual so that we feel worthy of life going better for us. It’s a good question for us to ask our self today: Do we know how precious and miraculous we are right now? Do we feel blessed just to be alive as our self? Or are we still trying to improve on God’s Handy Work so that we feel worthy to tell a greater story about our self?

All of that work, all of that effort and struggle to understand It all is so unnecessary when each of us already has the greatest story ever told within us. It’s Sacred Title is “I AM.” Mooji wrote, “You never have to prove your own worth for you are already complete within as the beloved child of the Divine. Be happy.” Happiness is our Divine nature. Happiness is who we are.

If our story so far this year has been one we enjoyed most of time, or at least some of time, and we’ve been sharing our happy life- affirming stories with family and friends—if we’ve been thinking about and talking about healing, happiness, positive aspects of others, and the positive outcomes for our self then our story moving forward this year can only get better and better, with no effort on our part.

But even if our story so far has been one we haven’t enjoyed most of the time or any of the time, and we’ve been sharing that story with family and friends—and in the process not only not helping the situation, but making it worse through repetition and affirmation—then even if it wasn’t a great story, for better or wose, there’s one thing we can know for sure, we can’t go back and tell another story about January 2024. But we can turn the page and ask our self how we want to tell our story of life now.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You have to begin telling your story in a new way. You have to tell it as you want it to be.” If the thought comes to mind, “Well thats not realistic,” then we might want to ask our self what it is we believe is real. Ever have an unwanted experience. Perhaps it was a health challenge or injury, and unexpected negative encounter with someone, or something happened that seemed to us so unfair, and found yourself saying “That’s the story of my life!”

It’s easy for us to think that way and stay with the story of the past that seems like the only story of our life. We like to think that after all this time, and after all those experiences we struggled through, that we have a handle on this human life, even if we’d rather let go of the handle. We keep pointing at the obvious, at what appears in front us that keeps affirming for us that things in our life can’t change. And, that will seem to be reality because what’s in front of us can’t change until we start telling story in new way, in the way we want it to be, in the way we imagine it could be for our self and the world.

That’s why Jesus and so many spiritual teachers advise us not to judge according to appearances. If we would just stop “tellin’ it like it is” and start talking about how it could be, then how it could be would start feeling real to us. And, that would manifest before our eyes because we’d have started by looking beyond physical evidence to the Powerful Energy that creates everything.

Abraham-Hicks tells us that looking at what’s unwanted that has already manifested is like driving a car with the windshield on the floorboard so that all we can see is where we’ve been as it passes by. We need to decide to put our mental windshield up where it belongs, within us where the view is so much more expansive and spiritual possibilities abound. Then we can see the possibilities ahead even before we get there, and decide where we want to go next.

We could say it’s time for us to say “It’s a wrap” to our old stories. If we’ve been “telling it like it is” and we haven’t been happy in the telling, then it’s time for us to tell our story in a new way. However, it’s way too early for us to say “Its a wrap” on the whole story of our life because we haven’t lived it all yet. As long as we’re participating in this Earth experience, our story teeters on edge of something new and better every moment.

We’re not stuck with any story about our self, no matter how long we’ve been telling it—stories about our negative upbringing or stories about our lack of well-being today—because that High Vibrational Energy of newness is still present right now, and It will continue to be present in every moment of every day as this year moves along, and we move along with it into the positive possibilities of what’s next.

In fact, the only thing that could keep us from experiencing out self and our life in a new way that expresses more peace and love in 2024 than ever before is if we say “It’s a wrap” to our life story because we believe there’s not going to be anything new or different to it. Ever wonder how those “B Movies” ever got made; so much time, money and effort put into poor scripts and poor acting? It could be that the director gave up too soon, and that he or she said “It’s a wrap!” when there was still an inspired story left to tell.

None of us was created to tell a life story that looks like a B Movie because everyone of us is on Spirit’s A list, and no matter how the story has gone so far, there is still an inspired story left within us to tell. We read in The Way of the Heart, “I cannot find a concept, a word, an idea, a philosophy, or dogma that can contain the mystery that is closer to you than your own breath and awaits your discovery.” God saw everything that He had made, including all of us, and behold it was very good, and He said “It’s a Wrap! No matter what happens next, this that I have made will never change.”

We are all pure Spirit now and forever, and nothing is impossible to us. We’re here on a journey of discovery, not for repairs or improvement. It’s our desire to Be the great stuff that allows us to live the great stuff and attract more of it to us so that our Earth story becomes a Universal classic! Betty White, when asked what she attributed to her longevity and obvious joy in life, said: “I know it sounds corny, but I try to see the funny side, the upside, not the downside. I get bored with people who complain about this and that. It’s such a waste of time. Enjoy life. Accentuate the positive, not the negative. It sounds so trite, but a lot of people will pick out something to complain about, rather than say, ‘Hey, that was great!’ It’s not hard to find great stuff if you look.”

The good news is our life as we live it is still ongoing right now in the very presence of the High Vibrational Energy of Creation. That Energy is perpetual, eternal, without beginning or end, and so are we. We get to create our self anew every moment if we want to. Our Earth story ain’t over ’til it’s over. So let’s not say “It’s a wrap” on our story until then.