Image by Stefan Schweihofer from Pixabay

Thank God we can’t judge anything by the weather but the weather! It feels good to know that how we experience our day, each day, depends on how we choose to experience it, no matter what the weather. However there is a Chinese Proverb that might help us to put the whole weather thing in perspective: “Better the chill blast of winter than the hot breath of a pursuing elephant.” Almost all the time that’s going to be true! If we get the urge to complain about the weather, we can keep that proverb in mind. Compared to “the hot breath of a pursuing elephant,” any weather is going to be okay with us—Blizzard? No problem! In fact, that proverb could be a rule of thumb no matter what we’re tempted to complain about. We can ask our self, “Is this worse than the hot breath of pursuing elephant!” Most of time the answer is going to be “no”!

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “The only freedom that exists in all the universe, and it is everything, is in the knowledge that you create your own reality and that you can feel the way you choose to feel.” We could say that when it comes to our experiences in this Earth Life, we are the party planner—the decorations, music, and invitations. Even if some things, or a lot of things, haven’t seemed to go as planned in our life so far, if we can remember that we create own reality and it’s our party until “lights out,” we’ll realize that we’re free to change our mood (and tell Alexa to change the music), and get our Earth party going just the way we like it right now. We might want to ask our self, “Do I want to be a happy party planner or an unhappy party pooper?”

The lyrics to the chorus of the 60’s song, “Its My Party,” sung by Leslie Gore, went like this: “It’s my party and I’ll cry if I want to…you would cry too if it happened to you.” We’ve all had events in our life that seemed to happen to us that felt bad, sad and unfair. There’s no right or wrong reaction to those happenings. It’s natural to cry if we want to. In fact, it’s a good idea to cry if we feel like crying because it can be healing. But at some point we’ll need to change our mood if we want to attract happy experiences, once again, into our life. If we spend our time pointing out why we should continue to cry because of what happened to us, if we make a sad song the background music for our life, we won’t create a party that anyone wants to come to, including our self. Our sad emotions are like a “vibrational soup” that runs through us, and around us, and remains with us until we’re healed.

I briefly worked with a young woman years ago. Colleen was such a positive person that I enjoyed talking with her whenever we got the chance. One day as we were having lunch together, she pulled a black and white photo out of her wallet and showed it to me. It was the picture of a beautiful little girl who looked to be about 5-years-old. She was playing outside, smiling, and sitting on a tire hung from a tree. Colleen said, “That’s my little sister. She died when I was 10-years-old. It was the worst time of my life. I didn’t think I’d ever stop crying. Over the years I’ve used that pain as a benchmark when other sad events have come my way—a break up with a boyfriend, losing a job, or some other awful, unexpected thing. I always ask myself, ‘Does this feel as bad as when my little sister died?’ And, the answer is always ‘no.’ That question, and that answer, have helped me to stop crying over a lot of things and to get on with being happy in my life.”

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Sometimes letting things go is an act of far greater power than defending or hanging on.” It’s our party. We can cry if we want to, for as long as we choose to. But since we create our own reality out of our mood and attitude, there comes a time when we need to let go. Even if we feel justified in continuing to feel sad, and even if everyone agrees they would continue to cry too if it happened to them, since our life multiplies according to the emotional direction we’re heading, it’s important for us to decide whether we want to increase our sadness or increase our gladness. It’s our party to plan!

The Scottish essayist and philosopher, Thomas Carlyle, wrote: “Every day that is born into the world comes like a burst of music and rings the whole day through. And, you make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as you will.” What do we will to make of this day that has already burst forth like music? What party do we want to plan now? Will we allow happy music to play in the background for the rest of our day, and set a mood that makes us want to play and dance? The nonphysical Flow of Pure Positive Energy that has created us is hard to resist. Maybe that’s why we feel so tired when we do. If we’re struggling against Life’s Holy Currents, it is impossible for us to make any headway in our self-discovery of the joy, peace, love, and abundant good that awaits our true Self.

We read in The Science of Mind, “Each one of us is today the result of what has gone before, either consciously or unconsciously, no matter what kind of a condition we may be in. When we realize that what we now have, and what we’re now experiencing, is the result of what we have thought, we realize that the answer to what we shall be is contained in what we now are, for we can change our thinking.” No matter what has happened in the past, even if we’ve been wearing black as a symbol of grief our whole life, we can change our thinking. We can decide to put on our party clothes and change the mood of the music anytime.

Joy is already given to us by the Source of our creation. It’s a party gift that we get to share with others. The answer to planning a party that’s more fun than the one we planned yesterday is to choose how we want to feel now. Rumi wrote, “We are souls dressed up in sacred biochemical garments and our bodies are the instruments through which our souls play their music.” A chance to party in physical form to the music of our nonphysical soul, in concert with the whole Universe, isn’t a party gift to pass up!

We are free, right now, to throw the party of a lifetime. When we focus on thoughts that uplift us because we want to feel uplifted, when we feel inspired just being alive, we know it’s going to be a great party because the plans are contained in what we are and how we feel now. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “If you can trust that all you want is alive and well and waiting for you, and that the entire Universe is working to bring you into alignment with it, then your joy can start today.”