Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Love is the most powerful energy in the Universe. It is the highest Vibration of Creation. Love makes the world go round because Love made the world. The Free-Flow of Love, unopposed and all powerful at the Center of the Universe, emanates endlessly and extends without limitation or conditions throughout all of Creation. Love is never withheld anywhere, for any reason. We are a Center for that Love.

Love is the central flame of spirituality because God is Love. Without Love there would be nothing. Without Love we would be nothing. Love is all there is to be because God is Love, and God is all there Is. We are because God Is. When we love we experience our oneness with God and become a Center through which the Boundless Heart of God extends Love through our heart. Though we may look ordinary, we are sparks of Divinity from the One Divine Flame of Love. We have no other purpose for being in this world but to light the world with the fire of our heart.

There is no such thing as a “little bit of Love” or a “lot of Love,” anymore than there can be a little bit of God or a lot of God. Wherever God is, God is fully there because God is everywhere—above, beneath, within, and throughout all of Creation. The God of Love, the Love of God, is constantly being given everywhere, at all times. The Power of Love is always there, right where we are. Whether we allow our self to receive It or not, Love is always given. It is ours every moment if we don’t place conditions on our willingness to receive It.

If we are waiting for someone or something to love before we express Love, if we only love this one but not that one, we limit the Love we receive. But when we love because Love is what we want to be, and extend Love to whoever or whatever comes to us, in mind or manifestation, Love heals us in every way. Love gives clarity to our mind, brings health to our body, well being to our emotions, and passion to all that we do. If we allow Love to be alive in us, Love will reveal to us the amazing being we are created to be, and set our heart on fire!

Though it may feel like we possess a personal love that is ours to express when we feel like it and hold back when we don’t, A Course of Love reminds us, “God’s love is your love. Your love is the love of God. There is no other Love because there is no other God.” We can limit Love’s Healing Energy in us by not allowing It to flow through us. We can resist Its Joyous Vibration and pinch off Its expression as us. But we can’t limit the Power of Love that is everywhere in the Universe, anymore than we can limit the Power of God that is everywhere in the Universe.

Any condition we place upon expressing Love, whether we’re not loving our self or someone else, doesn’t prevent God from loving us and everyone else. It just prevents us from feeling God’s Love within us for our self and everyone else. We all have reasons that we believe are good ones for not loving everyone including our self. After all, we know what we’ve done or thought about doing! And there are people in the world, and in our individual life, that say and do terrible things. Then there are those people who seem to be nice, and we want to love them, but if they’re not open to our conditions for that love, we don’t.

Love would be so easy to feel and express if everyone would just think like we think, say what we’d like them to say, and do what we want them to do. If others would just live their life our way we’d be such a calm, untroubled, happy person—loving life and loving them! The playwright, Oscar Wilde, wrote: “Selfishness is not living as one wishes to live, it is asking others to live as one wishes them to live. Unselfishness is letting other people’s lives alone and not interfering with them.”

Loving everyone without needing anyone to change is tough in this world. The good news is we don’t have to share a house within anyone! But, we do share One Life with everyone. Living our joy and letting others find theirs is the best gift we can give to our self and the world. Our being Love wherever we are brings peace and well-being right where we are. We share a world with all that lives upon it. We touch the world with the self we choose to be. We’re here, in this human experience, not to fix others or place conditions on them before we love them. We are here to learn through our differences, and diversity, that we can choose to love without conditions in the One Life we share. We are created to dance together, sing together, laugh together, and create beautiful experiences together. But it is up to each of us to get our own act together!

We don’t actually learn our freedom to choose Love from those who, to us, are easy to love. We learn from those who inspire us to choose Love anyway. A well-meaning person posted these words on Facebook the other day, “Don’t let the ugly in others kill the beauty in you.” But, the ugly we see in others, as well as the beauty, is in our own mind. It’s up to us not to let the ugly we see in us destroy our view of the beauty in us. Because it is only as we focus on that beauty we are able to see beauty in the world around us. We are the beholder of our life. What we see in the characters around us are the images, opinions and judgments we hold internally, beautiful or not. Beauty is as beauty does. When we feel Love within us, we can’t help but to express It in the world around us.

We are all souls in physical form learning love lessons together. We can choose to be on a holy path or a war path. Everyone learns differently and at different times. We can learn to appreciate each other just as we are, for whatever reason we are as we are, as we pass and, perhaps interact, along our pathway Home. We have no other purpose for being in this world but to light this world with the fire of our heart. We are that perfect one made visible in time and space by the Invisible, Infinite Love of God. It up to us to claim our flame. We can’t wait for the world, or anyone in it, to change before we love equally and without reservation. The Heart of Love within us whispers to us every moment, “If you will just do you, I promise the world will change before your eyes.”