There was a sweet video of a female orangutan that lives in a glass enclosure at the Louisville Zoo. When she saw a human couple with their 2-week-old baby, she went up to the glass, tapped it, pointed to the baby, and then asked through a hand gesture for them to bring the baby closer so that she could see it. And, they did. As she looked at the baby with such a sweet look of curiosity and love, it was easy to see the Divine Mother that lives in her. According to these beautiful animals share a lot of similarities with humans including having a close bond with their mama, and that it is likely only humans have a more intensive relationship with their mothers.

We, human, certainly do seem have an intense relationship with our mother. Whether she’s left this Earth plane or still with us in physical form, when we think of her it’s easy to recognize that no one can invoke from us, or provoke within us, the depth and range of emotions our mother can. There’s a Jewish Proverb that says, “God couldn’t be everywhere, so he created mothers.”

Even though we know there’s really no spot where God is not in all Universe because the Universe is the very expression of God, it does seem many mothers take their assignment of being everywhere in their children’s life seriously. I know my mom did. She seemed to show up and surprise me by unexpectedly being right where I was, especially when I was where I shouldn’t be and doing something I shouldn’t do! But, fortunately for all of us, our mother was right where we wanted her to be, and needed her to be, when we decided to come into this world in physical form.

From moment she felt our heartbeat within her, our birth mother chose to be there for us, to share a journey with us within herself that would lead to our physical arrival. That’s big! In fact, it’s everything in this world. Without our birth mother’s agreement, not one of us would be here right now in our particular human form.

Our birth mother, may she rest in peace or live in peace on Earth still, was the first one willing to go the distance with us. No matter how she expressed herself on the surface as our mother, no matter what she said next once we arrived, she first said “yes” to us, and it made all the difference for us because here we are.

Whether we learned to love our self through our mother’s eyes as we were growing up, or our longing for Love and acceptance caused us to look for Love in all the wrong places until we finally found It within our Self, it’s important for us to remember that the Divine Mother, the Sacred Feminine Energy of Life, the Unconditional Love that gave birth to all life, was and is the only Truth of that One that birthed us into the world. Unconditional Love is everywhere because God is that Love. It remains, in Its purity as All that Is, far beyond personalities and human forms.

As adults we know there’s likely no magical properties in human saliva, even a mother’s. But as children it was clear to us that nothing got the dirt off our face faster than Kleenex anointed with our mother’s saliva. It was also clear that nothing made our skinned knees and cut fingers feel better than her kiss. We felt the healing vibrations of love radiating from lips that, in the moment that kiss was offered, were focused on us. And, for us it was the very manifestation of Love.

However, for many of us, a kiss that made our booboo feel better didn’t always come exclusively from our mom. Our dad knew exactly how to give a healing kiss. Because there is no spot where Unconditional Love is not, both women and men have equal access to It within. Unconditional Love is the Substance of every Soul whether our physical form is female or male. It expresses just as freely, as the Impulse to make things feel better, through a dad for his little girl, as it does through a mom for all her children.

Alan Watts wrote, “We do not ‘come into’ this world; we come out of it. As the ocean ‘waves,’ the universe ‘peoples.’ Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a wave in a Sea of Love, a unique action of the total universe.” Universal Love expresses as the nurturing nature of every individual on Earth. Mother’s Day is not only a wonderful time for us to celebrate our birth mother for the unconditional love she expressed in bringing us into this physical world, it’s a great day for us to remember all those throughout our life who loved us enough to desire to, at least metaphorically, kiss our pain away so we’d feel better.

It’s the Nature of the heart within all that lives to want to nurture all that lives. We’ve all seen at least a video of a dog who adopted a kitten or a cat that adopted a baby chick. Unconditional Love makes no distinction as to where It flows. It just seems to flow more easily in the animal kingdom because there’s no resistance to expressing It.

Often the thoughts in the human mind cause us to believe that only some deserve our care and love. Accessing the Unconditional Love within us requires our relinquishing feelings of unworthiness to give love. It requires our letting go of anger about being hurt when we’ve offered love. And, it requires our abandoning our prized opinions about others.

It’s easy for us to see the innocence of animals, babies and small children, but when we look at other adults—with different life experiences than our own, with so much diversity in self-expression in this world, and lifestyles that keep getting more and more diverse, with politics, religions, and such a vast variety of personal preferences available to all of us—we think that when we find those who seem to think as we do, speak words we like to hear, and act in ways that please us, that it’s enough to be joined head to head. But Unconditional Love can’t be found in the head without inspiration from the heart.

No matter what thoughts we may have in common with others, no matter how many theories we may agree on, being joined in head to head with others will never free us to experience the nurturing nature of being joined heart to heart. Mooji wrote, “Your heart is the light of this world. Don’t cover it with your mind.” Today is the perfect day for all of us, male and female, to consciously uncover more of our heart, and reconnect with the true Power of Unconditional Love that resides there and gives it light. When we feel kissed by the Unconditional Love within us, It makes our personal hurts disappear and we feel better and better about life. Only then are we able to shine our heart light into the world, truly embrace and nurture others, and be a high vibrational healing presence of Love on Earth.

When we reconnect with our heart we become vulnerable to the holy desire within us that urges us to reach out to everyone, no matter who, no matter what, and let the Light of Love reveal itself through us as us in ways that make the world feel better. Alan Watts wrote, “I’ll tell you what hermits realize: If you go off into a far far forest and get very quiet, you’ll come to understand that you’re connected with everything.”