As we learn to consciously cooperate with the Universal Laws that govern us (for our own Good), we discover that Spiritual Principles are not meant to restrict us, but to set us free to be all we are created to be, even where we are having a human experience. We are one with a Universe that loves us and withholds nothing from us. In the Book of Matthew we read, “Freely you have received; freely give.” The Universal Law of Circulation is about is all about giving and receiving that allows us to live fully in The Flow of Life.

What is “The Flow”? We could look at It as the Perpetual Power of Love that moves through all of creation, but isn’t affected by time and space, or any particular expression. We could look at the Perpetual Power of Love as the Propelling Source Energy of Life, Itself, that is never captured by, or limited to, any life form It may take. We could look at that Propelling Source Energy as the invisible Vibration of Creation that constantly creates by moving in and out of visible form and expression in perfect and impartial response to the stimulation of thought. And we could look at thought as the designer of the template, pattern or mold that guides the invisible Unformed Flow into visible form and expression—here, there and everywhere. One Power, One Energy, One Vibration of Creation.

The good news is we are already in The Flow. We couldn’t be alive if we weren’t. It lives in us and we live in It, and through our thinking we can create with It, and within It, a life that feels good to live. The bad news is that through our thinking we can design with It, and within It, boulders of rigidity and build dams of resistance that block Its natural Flow of Good into our individual life. Put another way, our thoughts can intentionally or unintentionally put knots, crimps, kinks, and crinkles in our “Holy Hose,” our Divine Pipeline to our Source.

That is why changing our thinking changes our life. What think about creates what we see. And, what we see generally continues to be what we think about unless we change our mind and choose to think differently (no matter what we see) so that we’re able to see things differently. Life is a moving experience. The only reason we may not consciously experience movement in our life is because the thoughts we focus on in mind don’t move. They stay stuck as is. Whatever is on our mind most of the time forms the template, pattern or mold through which The Flow flows to us and through us. If our thoughts don’t change, the mental patterns remain the same.

If our experience of life seems redundant and going nowhere, it is because we are guiding the spontaneous invisible possibilities of life into repetitive patterns in our mind. In this way, our life and who we are in it can appear to stay the same day after day, decade after decade, even a whole lifetime. We don’t have to budge an inch and change one thought if we choose not to. That’s how powerful we are! We convince our self that our rigid thoughts are “unchangingly” true by pointing to the sameness of our health, relationships, finances, and every other way we experience life. Dennis Merritt Jones wrote in The Art of Abundance that what keeps us from enjoying greater affluence in our life is fear that causes constriction. Fear crimps the conduit of consciousness through which abundance flows. When resistance to anything becomes a habit, it spills over into every area of our life, and the pipeline through which Life’s unending supply of goodness flows, becomes clogged.

Because we are alive in a Universe of Movement, if we are to be healthy, happy and free, that movement must continue to move in us. For example, if our blood stops circulating, it begins to clot, coagulate and stagnate. Such a condition causes illness and, unless circulation begins again, leads to death. The Law of Circulation works the same way on every level of existence, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well. When we feel stuck in a life we don’t want, and powerless to change it, it is because our creative power isn’t flowing. It has slowed down. It may even seem to have stopped all together.

We impede the Law of Circulation, and block the flow of new and greater experiences in our life when don’t give and receive generously and joyously, whether we withhold an emotion or a possession. When The Flow “can’t go,” we are often stuck in sameness we’d give anything to change. The instant cure for “stuckness” is giving The Flow permission to flow within us by letting go of all the limited thoughts we’ve believed to be so, and free-falling into the Perpetual Power of Love, trusting that Love knows exactly what to do to move us through. The Universe has only our happiness in Mind. When we let go of resistance fueled by our insistence that it is up to us, alone, to make what we want happen, and keep what we don’t want to happen from happening, and let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like—because the Universe of Love is taking care of us, we’re going to like the way things flow.

How spontaneous are you? Do you demand a plan for your day, or even for your life, and stick to it even though the plan doesn’t inspire joy or excitement. Or do you trust in Life’s Spontaneity and leave room in the moments of your day for the unexpected and unplanned to happily surprise you? In other words, do you hang onto the way it’s supposed to be for you because that’s the way it’s always been for you, and leave no wiggle room in your mind to be in the Flow of Spontaneity, open to the Perpetual Power of Love that is effortlessly taking care of you?

The constant movement of life flows to us from the inside out. We can only receive new inspiration for our life, healing inspiration and revealing inspiration, by making more space for The Flow to go. How do we make more space within us? By creating a vacuum for Source to fill. By giving to others around us whatever it is we want to receive within us. To consciously Be in The Flow we must be open at both ends, inside and out, so that we keep the miracles circulating.

When we realize that the Perpetual Power of Love, the Propelling Source Energy of Life, Itself, is seeking to expand and express as us through the Vibration of Creation, we don’t wait for someone to love us first before we love, we love first. We don’t wait for an apology first, we forgive first. We don’t wait for reasons to feel joy, we feel joy first. And we don’t wait for the Universe to show us what It has up Its Sacred Sleeve for us first, we trust first. In this way we invite the goodness of Life to flow into our life, knowing we’ve made more than enough room within us for The Flow to flow with ease. As we unknot, uncrimp, unkink, and uncrinkle our Holy Hose and let Love Flow, we become an active participant in the “Miraculous Magic Show” of Life.