Image by Joshua Woroniecki from Pixabay

When it comes to loud noises, I’m with the animals. So on the Fourth of July, though I didn’t hide under the bed, I thought about it! The explosions that sounded like bombs bursting in air made my fur stand on end and ruffled my feathers until I decided to give peace a chance. Metaphorically speaking, when our fur stands on end or our feathers are ruffled for any reason, it is important for us to remember that Peace, and our freedom to choose It, is independent of the conditions around us, no matter what those conditions may be. Of course, just one night of loud explosions that were not directed toward anything or intended to harm anyone is a condition most of us can easily choose to rise above, by going within our self and quietly feel It there. But, there have been those who have made the same choice under far more intense conditions. Soldiers and civilians in midst of actual war have experienced Inner Peace right there on the battlefield. Individuals like Viktor Frankl and Nelson Mandela found Inner Freedom while locked in a prison cell. Helen Keller discovered Inner ears to hear and Inner eyes to see though she was physically deaf and blind.

The Power of Independence is always Present within us and remains steady, undisturbed by circumstances and unshaken by conditions. It is a Sacred Independence that is inseparable from our true freedom as spiritual beings. When we take a stand in Its Powerful Light, we are free from any condition in the world. When we empty our human mind of all the noisy reasons for not feeling free, the fullness of the Silence within the Divine Mind is able to come into our awareness, and we experience the Holy Vibration of the very Source of our Creation. In A Course in Miracles we read, “Here is your declaration of release from the bondage of the world: I am the holy Son of God Himself.” Spiritual, mental and emotional Independence resides in us as a living representation of the holy Son God Himself. Inner Independence belongs to us as an individual expression of Divinity, as one who is expressing the One Life, the One Creation, in our own individual way. The Science of Mind tells us, “Individuality means personified Spirit,” Spirit in the flesh, Spirit having a human experience, Spirit as us. “It means self-choice, preference, desire, volition, complete freedom, and a Power to back up that freedom.” That Power backs up our freedom to think for our self rather than blindly following the thinking of anyone else, or needing to defend our thinking to anyone else. It backs our freedom to feel whatever we feel without having to explain why we’re feeling what we’re feeling just because we’re not feeling what someone else is feeling! And, It backs our freedom to act from our own thoughts and feelings rather than acting from fear, duty, obligation, or financial or emotional bondage.

In The Science of Mind we read, “As the Universe is run by an Infinite Mind, so man’s life is controlled by his thinking; ignorance of this keeps him in bondage; knowledge will free him.” Our thoughts are powerful things that can cause us to feel bound by the conditions around us and controlled by human fears that seem to be reinforced by human facts. And, our powerful thoughts can free us to feel the peace, love, joy, creativity, and freedom of our soul that is present even in this human experience. That is why it’s essential for us to notice how our thoughts cause us to feel (closed or open, bound or free.) It’s important for us to pay attention to our Intuition, to become aware of the way we feel when we follow It and the way we feel when don’t, and to notice what happens next in either case. It is vital for us to care more about how we feel than we do about what others think we should think and feel, because it is the power of our thoughts that create our life experiences. The power that backs our freedom of Independent choice is this: The Power of our Inner Being, the Christ in us, the Knowing in us that speaks to us and guides us through the way we feel, and lets us know what is true, good and right for us. The Science of Mind tells us, “We will do well to listen to this Inner Voice, for it tells us of a life wonderful in its scope, of a love beyond our fondest dreams, and of a freedom which the soul craves.”

This particular Independence Day may have seemed to contradict the whole idea of Individual Independence and Freedom. With the current situation in our country, it would appear we have less freedom today than many had when the Declaration of Independence was signed in 1776. It would seem the world outside of us has more power over us than it ever did. Yet, there are those who’d say this is perfect time for us to discover what true freedom really is, and feel the Power within us that is always backing that freedom. If we felt free before the pandemic, but we feel imprisoned now, then our sense of freedom has been dependent on the conditions of the world, rather than the Power within us that backs our complete freedom unconditionally.

This year is giving us an opportunity to see more clearly who we truly are in ways we hadn’t anticipated. But no matter how we got here, here we are and it’s up to us to seize the moment. We are at a point in our evolution of consciousness where we can call forth more of the creative power of our spiritual-vibrational reality into our human experiences, if we choose to. We’ve come to a portal of awakening to the holy Sons of God we are that allows us to see that every moment is a holy moment, a place in time where the good, the beautiful, the mystical, the magical, and the precious are present for us to experience, together, as the One Creation of God.

Someone said a few days ago that if 2020 is telling us anything, it’s telling us to enjoy the moments we have and don’t take any day, anything, or anyone for granted. That’s often a lesson learned when we’re on our deathbed and suddenly realize how precious our earth life has been. It’s sometimes a lesson learned through physical loss—when a loved one leaves for any reason, when we lose our home or some other cherished possession, when our youth is lost to age, when our flexibility is lost to disability, or when our health is lost to disease. But we don’t need to lose to win this. We have been given the Power of Independence to be in the world, but not of the world. We’re free to feel peaceful in our home and peaceful whenever we leave it, no matter where we go or how crowded it may be.

If 2020 is telling us anything, it’s telling us not to depend on any physical condition for our happiness, well-being, peace of mind, and freedom to enjoy the moments of our life. It’s telling us to look within for the Joyous Truth of who we are that is beyond what can be physically seen, heard, touched, or tasted—and to live that Truth in the world. We read in The Way of the Heart, “Until you fully decide to come into life as the presence of Christ, as the presence of Love, and to own each moment of your experience as wholly self-created, for no other reason than that you have chosen it from the infinite freedom of your unlimited being, life has not yet begun.”

We free to be the presence of Love that will cause us to love everyone we see, no matter who, with the deep awareness that we are all in this together, and Love is all we can truly give to each other or receive from one another. If ever there was a time for us to prove to our self that who we are is more than the self we see physically, if ever there was a time for us to own our experiences in the world because we understand we have the Power see the world independently, now is the time.

In the midst of the noisy explosions on the Fourth of July, a full moon was silently shining. Fireflies were quietly putting on a light show of Love, signaling to each other in such a beautiful way their readiness to co-create together. Are we ready to put on a light show of Love and signal to each other our readiness to co-create together? Abraham Hicks tells us, “It’s not just that your purpose is joy, it is that you are joy. You are love and joy and freedom and clarity expressing, Energy frolicking and eager. That’s who you are!” There is no condition, no situation, no person, and no thing that has the power to prevent us from being all that we are every moment. We have the Power of God to back up our freedom. Let’s let that freedom ring!