Someone said the other day: “I love waking up to the smell of the Universe conspiring on my behalf.” Life is good when we let it be. We’re here to enjoy it and bring our joy to it. We’re not here to be confused and miserable, or to do what we don’t want to do until we die or we’re old enough to retire. Our life theme song doesn’t need to be “Poor Poor Pitiful Me.” It can be “Alleluia.”We live in a Universe that loves us and all that is required of us is to allow It to; to let it heal us and reveal to us all that is good, beautiful and true within us and the world around us.

But, we must “let it be good” before we experience the good in our life in form. We must let the good times roll before they roll! It’s been said, “You can spend a lifetime trying to be One with the Great Spirit, or simply focus on Love and realize You already Are.” The Pure Energy of Love that flows throughout the Universe in which we live, lives in each of us because there is nothing else alive in the Universe, or in us, but Love. Our purpose at The Life Enrichment Center is not to teach anyone how to be a spiritual being. Our focus is on the spiritual practices that allow us to experience our self as the spiritual being we already are.

When we’re not experiencing the Love that we are, when we’re not feeling Love for our self or someone else, life is hard. It’s a struggle to try to be who we’re not. There isn’t going an accumulation of heavenly points for struggling on Earth that we’ll receive later on, after we gone. All we get for all our struggles here is more struggle. Our struggling and efforting keeps us from feeling our Oneness with the Great Spirit of Love and from experiencing the Power of Love that would easily bring to us beautiful experiences of Love in form and expression. Struggle causes us to lack motivation and interest in life because it wears us out. We feel sick and tired, and tired and sick, because we’re not letting Love, and the Joy, Gratitude and Ease that arise from It, to fill us with the Energy of own true nature. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “Any struggle you ever feel is because you’re out of resonance with who you really are.”

We’re not going to become a spiritual being through our human efforts, or by learning about spiritual practices. We’re spiritual beings right now even while we’re clothed in these physical bodies. But what learning can do is teach us how to stop struggling, and fighting against our self and life. What spiritual practice can do is help us to stop resisting our magnificence so that we can live in resonance and vibration with who we really are. That alignment allows the powerful creative energy that is already within us to heal our body and relationships, to bring clarity to our mind, peace to our emotions, and joy to everything we do.

Through our positive vibrations we call to us a life we enjoy living every day, a life that brings us happily-ever-after moment-to-moment. When we’re in resonance with the spiritual being we really are, we don’t just experience relief from our struggles once in while, when things don’t seem so bad—when there’s not quite as much pain in our body, or there seems to be a tentative truce in some relationship, or we managed to make ends meet. Relief isn’t only on rare occasions when our attention is momentarily drawn away from our self-induced unhappiness to something beautiful and precious that distracts us. We experience a life we enjoy being alive in every day.

If we’re not feeling the Love we are, it’s because we’re not letting Love Be Love in us. We’re letting something else be there instead, judgements of our self, others and life that make Love seem absent. We are spiritually free, right now, to think thoughts of love that cause us to feel It present within us. We’re free to create and experience whatever we want to create and experience. So why don’t we? Abraham-Hicks tells us, “You are here to create the world around you that you choose while you allow the world as others choose it to be to exist also.” And therein lies the rub! We’ve got to mind our own spiritual business of creating through our focus on Love a world that we love to live in.

So often we let our opinions, judgments and fears of what others are creating keep us from paying attention to own creations, as if what we create depends on the behaviors of others. What gets in the way of our being a Master of our life, at the helm rather than somewhere below deck seasick, is our resistance to letting life happen around us while we focus on where we want go and the joy of the journey. We fight against things around us because we’re convinced they should be different than they are, or rather different than they appear to us to be, so that we can be happier than we are. We stick our nose into someone else’s business, and our focused frustration on changing what is not ours to change keeps us from changing the only thing we can, our point of view. We cannot know, because it isn’t ours to know, what anyone else is thinking or what they’re truly asking for in life. But if all suffering is a call for Love, then what we can do is Love, and there is no judgment or a need to control in Love.

Eckhart Tolle wrote, “Accept, then act. Whatever the present moment contains, accept it as if you had chosen it. Always work with it, not against it.” So often we think we know what others should be doing, our family members and just about everyone else. We want others to behave according to our view of what’s right and appropriate so that we can feel better. When we try to convince someone else they are wrong and we are right, or we want someone to understand why we said what we said or why we did what we did, we prolong experiences that are conflicting. We perpetuate feelings we don’t want, and out of those feelings we attract more conflict.

When we fight against a situation, rather than letting it be better, a disagreement often leads to an argument that didn’t need to be. A mistake by us we refuse let be often leads to defensiveness and embarrassment that didn’t need to be. A mistake by someone else we refuse to let be often leads to frustration and anger that didn’t need to be. Whatever happened yesterday, or five minutes ago, if we can let it be, any negative emotion we feel will dissipate. No one but us needs to change for us to be happy. Whatever any moment contains, in Truth, we have chosen it, or rather we’ve chosen to see it the way we’re seeing it. And, we are free to see it differently.

We become a Master of our life by letting go of our need to change or control the world around us so that we can feel better. We can only feel better by choosing to feel better, by finding a thought that feels better to think and focusing on it. We don’t need to fight for our good, we just need to stop fighting against it. We let good be, and allow it entrance into life, by letting good thoughts make a home in our mind. A good thought isn’t dependent upon anything but our choice to think it.

We let our self be the Love we really are when we let go of our need for anything outside of us to change before we choose Love. In this way we allow the Power within us to create for us, out of our very own thoughts, the world we choose to experience around us. As we decide to live as the spiritual one we already are, and practice our power of choice, we find being happy is easy or easier. We free our self from being a victim of conditions and situations. We’re no longer interested in joining in the conflicts and dramas around us. We become a lover, not a fighter. We live in alignment with the Power of Pure Positive Energy and we embody who we really are even in our human form.

Our resonance with Pure Positive Energy naturally brings to us as much health and well-being, as many loving and harmonious relationships, and as much abundant good as we let flow into our experience. Matt Kahn wrote, “As I accept that I am worthy of my highest fulfillment and of my highest abundance, of my highest health, wellness and joy, my highest ecstasy, bliss and integration, my highest consciousness and partnerships, my highest love and highest potential, I bring that to life to show me how miraculous, powerful and infinite I am.” How miraculous, how powerful, how infinite are we willing to let our self be? How happy are we willing to give our self permission to be in this Earth life? How much freedom to be fully alive are we willing to allow our self to experience?

It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been estranged from our relationship with the God of Love, we didn’t leave home without Love because we’ve never left our home in the Heart of God. We live in a Universe of Love that loves us, and we are free to let Love be Love in us!