Image by alan9187

All consciousness holds the power to create, but it is our individual consciousness that holds our power to create what we want. Our perception of existence is all we can create with. Our individual consciousness holds not only our perception of our own existence, it also holds our ideas, opinions and judgments about everything that exists. It is our personal point of view of what we believe to be true about life. It is our “this is me” thoughts we believe to be true about our self, and our “this is you” thoughts we believe to be true about everything else. Our personal perception of life colors and filters our day-to-day experiences and affects what we create for self.

Our individual consciousness is the only consciousness we can be accountable for because we are the only one that thinks with our mind and feels with our body. No one can make us think, feel or believe anything we choose not to (good-bad), and vice versa. If we have been trying to convince anyone else to think as we think or feel what we feel, it isn’t possible because not one of us is intended to experience life in exactly the same way. Even if we think we can control the thoughts and behaviors of someone else, no matter how right we believe we are in trying, changing the mind of another isn’t any of our business—whether it’s a parent, child, friend, or stranger.

Our business is to be accountable for our own mind. If we don’t like what we see “out there,” it’s our personal perception we need to try to change by letting shift happen within us that lifts our point of view so that we can see something new. Every up or down thought, every up or down feeling, every smile or tear, every condition of our body, and every person that comes into our life (no matter what they appear to bring us), is bringing a holy gift of self-discovery as we become aware of our power to choose how we will experience the moments of our life.

If we don’t like the way we feel about life, through our experiences and relationships, we can discover our power to see things differently. We can shift our thinking from blame, shame, fear and worry to thoughts of peace, acceptance, forgiveness, and freedom that feel better within our consciousness. We may be able to walk away from other people, and we can always walk away from situations, but we can’t walk away from our consciousness. Without it we’d have no awareness of existing anywhere or feeling anything at all.

Even though we may share a collective consciousness with everyone in the world, our individual consciousness emits only the active energy of those ideas we’ve accepted as true about self and the world. We don’t give our energetic focus to stuff we don’t believe because it has no relevance in our life.

It’s been said, “There are more things that frighten us than injure us, and we suffer more in imagination than in reality.” When we hear something shocking and we say, “I can’t believe that!” Yes, we can, if we are able to form a mental image and give meaning to that image in our mind. The world offers plenty of negative images that, if we give power to them through our focus on them, can cause fear, anxiety, worry, and negative anticipation within our consciousness. And, negative energy has the power to call to us unwanted experiences in our life. The power of a thought to create in our life is equal to our belief in the reality of that thought. No matter how ignorant of the Truth a thought may be, if we believe it’s true our belief in its reality gives it power

There is so much more to us and the world around us than we can see with our physical eyes or hear, taste, smell and touch. But it is still there as the invisible pulsations, oscillations and rhythms of Life, Itself. Those invisible vibrations are the reason that when we tune our radio to a certain station we hear what that station is broadcasting. The broadcast frequency and the frequency of our receiver are set in the same place.

Do you know what you are broadcasting with your thoughts? Do you know what frequency you are setting your receiver to? Thoughts that we believe to be true broadcast a certain frequency, and because every person, every thought, every idea, and every aspect of everything has a frequency, the things that match our frequency show up in our experience.

To be accountable for our consciousness is to watch our self. It is to notice what we think about, focus on, and give the power of belief to in our mind. If we’re not getting what we want, and a whole lot of what we don’t want, it is likely that the words we speak don’t match the vibrational energy of our consciousness. We can’t change our life experiences, or create what we want, with words that don’t carry the power of our belief. That’s why affirmations we don’t believe in fall flat, and go nowhere in creating what we want. We can affirm all day “I am healthy, I am happy, I am financially free,” but if we don’t believe that’s true, there is nothing our words will do to bring it about.

If we want our words to have the power to create what we want, we must let the shift happen in consciousness that allows our words to rise high and ring true. If we want to turn our experiences of not enough—whether it is not enough health, happiness, love, peace of mind, or financial ease—into experiences of more than enough in every area of our life, we must shift from doubt to belief and from fear to trust, so we can begin to feel our way Home to the truly real within us.

The highest and most powerful vibration in the Universe is Love. God is Love, and ever there as our Unlimited Source ready to bring about our heart’s desire. Our accountability for our every thought, word and action is to the God of our Creation, and no one else. We’re not here to change the world, or each other. We’re here to perceive the world as God created it and enjoy our existence in it. Then, the vibrations of love, joy, peace, and compassion are able to extend and expand creation through us.