Even though the first definition of “father” in the dictionary is “male parent,” more detailed definitions of “father” include “the founder of a lineage; the originator that serves as a model; the predecessor, precursor, protector, provider.” Jesus called God, “Abba,” (Aramaic for “Father”) and himself “the Son of God.” He knew that he shared the same lineage, the very same Life with God. If fact, he experienced his resemblance to the Father so clearly and completely that he said “I and the Father are One.” Then he proved that Oneness to himself, and those around him, by teaching in so many words, and demonstrating with so many miracles, that the qualities of the Spirit of His Creator were his own.

Even though we may not always see the Holy Resemblance or experience our connection, we are one with the Spirit of the Universe; One with the Father of Life. The Presence of Love (our Father) is everywhere, supplying all that life requires in every dimension because God is the only Life there Is even here on Earth. We are that Life expressing! That is why it is important for us to look for that Holy Resemblance in our self and in everything we see.

Recently a team of scientists led by the University of Hawaii School of Ocean and Earth Science and Technology discovered that everything is made up of particles that were once gently floating in outer space. Using samples collected from the upper atmosphere of our planet, they found that there is “stardust” right here on Earth; dust particles so old they predate the formation of our Solar System; interplanetary dust particles that survived from the time before the formation of anything we see with our physical eyes.

This “stardust” is not only providing insight into the chemistry of the ancient building blocks of the visible universe, but it is proving the insight of the mystical poet, Rumi, who wrote centuries ago, “We are stars wrapped in skin.”
 Rght here on Earth, where stardust, itself, gives form to our thoughts and feelings, all that our Father has is ours to choose to experience and demonstrate as our life.

We may wonder then how we might live in such a way as to demonstrate reverence for the Holy Reality of Life; the holiness that is our only Reality despite our thoughts, words and actions, and those of others, that so often cause the stardust to take such unlovely shapes and forms. We can only live life as a “namaste” from the inside out. There is no way (no matter what we say) for us to see the “Light of Christ” shining through anyone or anything unless we first allow It to shine within self.

How can we live life honoring the Christ within our self and all living, no matter what? The Spiritual Teacher, Mooji, suggests this: “Say thank you to your inmost Being. Even if you cannot see at the moment what to say thank you for keep on saying thank you. It will change the vibration inside and make you light and open, and full of love, forgiveness and joy.”