Olya Adamovich from Pixabay

As far as our relationship with our Earthly father goes, we may either be thrilled that we are so much like good old dad, or we may wish the apple had fallen a little farther from tree (or at least rolled a bit afterwards). But as far as our relationship with our Heavenly Father goes, we may not see any resemblance to Him in us at all. But even so, It’s there because His Holy Paternity is everywhere, including right where we are.

In the Book of Genesis we read, “So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them.” Like Father, Like Son (Like Father, Like Daughter). We could say that we were created in the “Sacred Spitting Image” of God. Nothing true or lasting about us has changed since the beginning. We haven’t fallen near or far from the Tree of Life. If we’re alive, then we’re still attached to the Sacred Branches of that Holy Tree by the Divine Life Force within us that is forever holding onto us and nourishing us with Pure Positive Energy.

When we realize we are still One with the Power that created us, we realize that the Love, Peace and Joy we feel, whenever we feel it, must be coming straight from Its Heavenly Source. In the Book of John we read, “I AM the living GOD, The Vine, and you are the branches; whoever abides with me and I in him, this one brings forth much fruit because without me, you can do nothing.” Our Heavenly Father’s DNA is everywhere because there is no Life without His Cosmic Chromosomes. Without them we could do nothing even when we think we are.

Even within this human experience where we seem to have inherited traits from our parents that we don’t like and wish we hadn’t inherited, even as we express our self humanly in all the ways we do, our true DNA (Divine Natural Attributes) of Love, Peace and Joy that we’ve inherited from our Heavenly Father are encoded within us. The good news is that unlike some Earthly fathers, our Heavenly Father is never angry with us no matter what we do. The wrath of God is an old Biblical concept, one many of us grew up with and tried to hide from. It was, and still is, a misinterpretation of the Law of Attraction that governs the Universe, and responds with perfect creative accuracy to the vibration we are emitting with our thoughts, whether they are positive or negative.

In The Way of the Heart we read, “You live in a field of vibrations and energies that is operated by the law of attraction or resonance.” The Law of Attraction is based upon “Like attracts like”; “What goes around comes around”: and, “What you put out, you get back.” The Law of Attraction is a Force that guides us by letting us know through the conditions, people and situations that come into our life what we’re attracting with our thinking. When we’re emitting negativity vibrationally, what comes around to us, what we attract, and what we get back can sometimes feel like scary punishment though It’s there to guide us.

In the Book of Deuteronomy we read, “Take this scroll of the Law and place it in the side of the Ark of the covenant of LORD JEHOVAH your God, and it will be there a witness for you.” The Law of Attraction creates forms and experiences that “witness” for us the consequences of our thinking. Abraham-Hicks tells us, “To better understand the Law of Attraction, see yourself as a magnet attracting to you the essence of that which you are thinking and feeling.” There is nothing in either of those quotes, ancient or current, about an angry, wrathful God punishing us for wrongdoing.
We simply attract to us, through the Law of Attraction, the consequences of our own thoughts, words and actions. The Law of Attraction isn’t angry when it manifests consequences for us. It responds without judgment to the vibration of our thoughts, and the vibrational intention of our words and actions, and perfectly manifests the results

Even while all of this is going on, it’s important to remember that we haven’t been kicked out of our Father’s House no matter how we’ve behaved. It is the Divine Power of the Father within us, the miraculous molecules of Divinity at the root of our thoughts that give our thoughts power to create, no matter what we’re thinking and no matter what we’re creating. Those same miraculous molecules of Divinity live in every cell of our body and give us the power to heal. They are at the center of our heart and give us the capacity to love everyone and everything. This is the inheritance we are free to live in the world!

In The Way of the Heart we read, “Always remember that the Father looked upon His only creation and said ‘Behold, it is very good!’ That goodness has a name, it is yours! And behold it is very good!” The Father, our Father, the God of Love, the God of Peace, the God of Joy pronounced All that Is as “very good,” and that includes you and me. Because there is only One Father of Creation, and that Father could not look upon His Creation and behold It as very good unless He was looking with eyes of Love, as Holy Sons and Daughters of God we’ve inherited that Love. Love’s Lineage is Everywhere, but we can only perceive It with our heart.

What is true about us, and all Life, remains forever true about all of us no matter what we do. We are Love, now and forever, whether we choose to express the Love we are or not. We read in A Course in Miracles, “Darkness cannot obscure the glory of God’s Son. You stand in light, strong in the sinlessness in which you were created, and in which you will remain throughout eternity.” That means that we and everyone else remain “very good” in Truth. And, it also means that each of us experiences the consequences of our forgetting the goodness of our True Nature.

We have to pay close attention to what feels good within us if we want to discover who God is in us, and live our Godlike Nature in the world. The more attention we give to our Father-Son, Father-Daughter, relationship with the Divine, the closer we’ll feel to our Father. And, the closer we feel our Father, the more we’ll feel like Him. As we pay attention to what feels good within us and allow feeling good to guide us, the more goodness we’ll attract to us and the less negative consequences we’ll require to jolt our memory of who we are.

Like the God of our Creation, we are Unconditional Love. Like our Father, we too are created to behold the very good in all of creation. As we choose to forgive our own ungodly thoughts, and the ungodly behaviors of others, like Father, like Son, we too will be in Love with everyone! We read in The Way of Transformation, “As you proclaim and know in the depth of your being that you are the holy Son of God, you will not settle for less than Heaven on Earth.”