Image by Afishera from Pixabay

December can be such a wonderful month, with all the beautiful colored lights, sparkling decorations, happy Christmas songs, thoughtful gift giving, and loving gatherings with family and friends. We can enjoy all the days, start to finish, if we decide not to join the frantic energy that often builds up this time of year as we, the people, run around to get things done, and often end up doing too much, buying too much, and eating too much.

Along with all its sparkle, December also offers great symbolism. Since it’s the last month of the year, it always seems like a good idea each year to take at least a little time to appreciate the year that we’ll soon be leaving behind and happily anticipate the new year ahead that symbolically offers us a fresh start. This particular December, however, is especially symbolic because it’s not only the last month of the year, it’s the last month of the decade! So, it would seem like a super good time for us to take time to say “thank you” to all the experiences—all the people, conditions and events—that helped us to grow and change over the past ten years, whether we wanted to grow and change or not, and whether or not we can see right now all the positive ways we have been assisted in our spiritual growth. But either way, the end of a decade is definitely the perfect time for us to say, once and for all, goodbye to the past, and begin to intentionally imagine and daydream the good life we want to experience so that we do, just that, moving forward. We want to be sure, however, that our mind isn’t so completely preoccupied with past memories and future expectations, that we miss the present moment, in this case “the Christmas present moment,” as it’s happening.

Although anytime of the year is essential for us to be consciously aware of the Christ that shines in us, in December as we talk about, and sing about, that most holy birth of Christ on earth through Jesus, we are reminded that the Christ that was aglow in his beautiful mind and heart is the same Christ that lives in us. We are all born of God. The perfect Son is alive in each of us. Just as Jesus did long ago, we can give birth to Christ on earth through our life here and now.

NOW is the only time for anything new to come to light. We can gain experience from the past, but we can’t relive it. Now is the only time change can happen. Even though we can’t change yesterday, the changes we make now will change tomorrow. Now is the perfect time for us to enjoy the precious gift of our life because now is the only place life is happening. We may have loved, and been joyful and peaceful yesterday, but now is the only time we can feel it. If fact, there is no real experience without present moment experience. We can only touch “reality” by being present where we can feel the real.

With so much life behind us, and so many possibilities ahead of us, to choose to live in full awareness and appreciation of the present moment is a powerful choice. Often it seems we are looking for a better moment to appreciate or some future moment more to our liking. But when our tomorrows come, they come one moment at a time. When they arrive they are the present. And, it will be up to us to do then, what it is up to us to do now, find the WOW right where we are. In every moment there is always something amazing to catch our eye and capture our heart if we’re open to the pleasurable seduction of the present. Wrapped within the present moment is everything we truly desire to feel and experience.

Emily Dickinson wrote, “Forever is composed of nows.” Living in the WOW of NOW guarantees we’ll live happily ever after because we live forever one moment at a time, happily forever now. There is a joyous, exalted energy this time of year that is so much more pleasurable and powerful than the hustle-bustle energy we so often feel during the holiday season. If we quiet our mind, and open our heart, we’ll catch that Vibe from on High, and feel the deeper meaning the Season reflects.