The Principle or Law of Abundance provides every living being with an unlimited supply of everything. Life’s Abundant Goodness is freely given to all alike. But, it is up to us to investigate that Truth for our self and put It into operation in our life by working with (rather than against) the Laws of own Being. Otherwise our ignorance will cause us to live with lack and limitation in our life, and to feel like a victim of the world rather than a powerful, intentional creator of our life experiences.

If we want to create the life we want to live, we must live in conscious cooperation with the Law of Abundance, rather than resisting It by insisting that what is available to us is limited to what is already visible in the world, and the world appears not to have enough good to go around.

How do we live conscious cooperation with the Law of Abundance? By living in conscious cooperation with the One Universal Law that includes the Law of Abundance and all other Laws, yet supersedes all others because It is the Creator all that exists. That Law is the Universal Law of Love. The Science of Mind states, “All life is bound together in One Common Law of Love.

Because the Laws of the Universe govern our life while we are living it, the Law of Love binds us together as One with all Life. If we violate the Law of Love by not loving all Life, we can’t consciously Be One with the Life around us. When we don’t feel love within our self, we pull back from life. We become protective and defensive because we’re afraid there’s not enough love to go around, for us or within us.

We are the one we’re with all the time. Everywhere we go, there we are! We know the unloving thoughts about self and others that we’ve secretly entertained in our mind. We know the unloving thoughts we’ve shared in words and actions. We assume everyone thinks as we think. So, we love or don’t love one another as we love or don’t love our self.

We can choose not to love our self, but if we are bound to Life by the One Common Law of Love, and we violate that Law by not loving our self, we suffer the consequences of separateness, selfishness and loneliness. Like all Universal Laws, the Law of Attraction applies to us. The consequences of unloving thoughts are that we attract to us unloving encounters, unloving relationships, and unloving situations.

The good news, and there is always good news, is that because we can’t avoid the affects that the Laws of the Universe have on us, the Law of Love that binds us together as One Life loves us all as One Life. No living being is left out. The whole Universe is loving each of us at this very moment. Who are we to disagree?

When we feel Love within our self for our Self, we’re feeling the presence of God in us, and we’re able to feel our connection with the one beautiful, cohesive, harmonious Universe of God’s Creation. Self-love allows us to truly Be One with Life because we are able to Love the One Life we’re with.