Image by ddzphoto from Pixabay

This world is one of contrast, light and darkness, wanted and unwanted. What we experience depends on where we look and what we focus on. We live in a Universe of Unlimited Good that is providing more than enough of what we could individually, or collectively as a human race, ever ask for in this world. A Universe that answers every request to experience that Good with a resounding, “Yes.” We read in the Book of James, “You lust and you do not possess; you murder and envy and you have no power. You fight and you do battle and you have not because you ask not.” Why don’t ask? Could it be because inequality, lack and conflict seem natural us? Could it be because we believe there’s not enough good for everyone, anyway. Or, could it be we don’t feel worthy enough (yet) to receive the good we desire, so why ask?

The Science of Mind tells us, “Prosperity is the out-picturing of spiritual substance in your experience.” Spiritual substance is the Invisible Creative Energy of the Universe out of which all things come into visible form and expression in the world and in our individual life. That Energy is Unlimited. There is more than enough of It to create more than enough of everything for every living being to enjoy. But if we don’t ask for more of It, and accept what we’ve asked for if we do ask, more can’t come to us. The belief in inequality, lack, favoritism, even punishment, i.e, the belief we are separate from one another, rather than diversely one with each other, and separate from the Abundant Good of the Universe, keeps us from accepting and using our creative power to create the life we want to live.

We may hope for peace, joy and love in our life, and the world around us, but we ask (intentionally or unintentionally) through our focus on thoughts we believe to be true. It is “done unto us as we believe” because the thoughts we believe emit a vibration of affirmative creation, no matter what we are affirming we believe or what we’re creating with our thoughts. If we have not what we want, and we have (instead) what we want not, it’s because we’re suffering from memory loss. We’ve forgotten who we are and how powerful our thoughts are. We’ve forgotten there are no private thoughts, no personal thoughts of lust, envy, worry, or hate that go nowhere, because our thoughts don’t stay in our head. We transmit their vibrational energy within an attentive Universe, and It responds to us by creating for us as much, or as little, as our thoughts allow.

Dennis Merritt Jones wrote in The Art of Abundance that our knowing we are one with the Source of Abundant Good is “essentially meaningless unless we understand how to effectively collaborate with its impartial creative process.” That “impartial creative process” goes like this: Ask and it shall be given to you. It’s been said that the Universe is not punishing you or blessing you.The universe is responding to the vibrational attitude that you are emitting.

Are we ready to admit we’re responsible for the energy we emit, and not a victim of the world? Are we ready to accept that no one, including God, is punishing us for anything at all, and that we are free to ask for and receive all the joy, love, peace, and abundant good we desire? We are accountable for only one thing in this world: the content of own mind, and the thoughts we choose to give power to through our belief in them and focus on them. We can change the vibrational attitude we’re emitting by changing our attitude about the life we’re living. We can decide to turn every step we have ever taken, even those seeming missteps, into “something good” by changing how we see the past in the present moment.

We talk lot about the importance of our letting go of the past because what most of us learned about self, and our possibilities in life, needs to be placed in the archives with other archaic misconceptions like the earth is flat. But no one’s past has been all bad. It’s only what readily comes to mind as memory that may cause it to seem as if it was. That’s why is good for us to call to mind some of the good things from our past so that they can more easily come mind and enrich the present moment. For example, remembering the joy and laughter we shared in the past with siblings or best friends allows us to feel that joy now because we enliven those memories in us now. Or, when we remember the peace we may have felt lying in the grass on a summer day without a care in the world, that memory can cause us to feel peaceful now. And remembering the tenderness, and magic, of a first love reminds us we are love because that memory is filled with love we can feel now. Daydreaming is far healthier than regretting.

All the memories that live in our mind today are our interpretations of yesterday. We’re not only free to redefine our past by choosing how we’ll see our memories now, we can decide which ones we want to enliven in our mind. We can choose to animate happy memories that add to our happiness in the present moment, whether happy happened years ago or yesterday. Happy memories cause our heart to sing, and we emit a vibrational attitude that calls the world around us to sing in harmony.

Who we believe we are right now, and not who we believe we’ll become one day, determines what thoughts readily arise in our mind. When we remember we are one with a Universe that loves us and gives us power in each moment to decide how we’ll experience our life, we naturally want to focus on happy thoughts that shape the events of our life. Happiness is always there even when we don’t remember where. Ever lose the keys to your car, and the harder you tried to remember where you’d left them, the farther away that place seemed to get in your mind? Then someone said to you, “Just relax and stop trying so hard, and it will come to you.” And you did, and it did! We don’t need to try so hard to find the key to our self. The door isn’t locked. We enter by giving up our struggle to improve a self that has never needed improvement. When we stop trying to get rid of our false sense of an unlovable imperfect self, and just quiet our mind, the memory of who we are comes back to us gently, without effort, because It was never lost. We’re free to relax and love our self just as we are, just as God loves us now.