It isn’t what happens in the world around us that makes our life better or worse. It’s how we choose to respond that makes all the difference. How we respond to life creates our experience of it. Our focus on thoughts we like and how good we feel when we do, and our focus on thoughts we don’t like and how unpleasant we feel when we do, causes us to see life, and feel about life, in a certain way. Outer conditions, even when they are personal to us, like our health, finances and relationships, have no power to take over our mind or control how we feel.

There are many who believe that we should take life seriously and brace our self for what “it” has in mind for us. But our experience of life depends on what we have in mind. We can choose to feel joy in our day even if our body isn’t expressing health. We can choose to love in our day even if unloving words and actions are directed our way. We can choose to center our self in peace in our day even if we’re in the middle of chaos. No matter what’s happening around us, when we choose thoughts of joy, love and peace, and feel the corresponding good energy within us, we learn that the energy individualized by us, and translated into feelings, thoughts and emotions, is up to us. We learn that our experience of life is our choice. We understand we are not a victim of circumstances, but a powerful commander at the controls of our life.

We live in a Universe of Pure Joyous Energy, and we are free to feel It if we feel like it. We are free to think what we want to think, feel what we want to feel, anytime we choose to. There are plenty of options in this contrasting world of “this and that” to choose between—joy and sorrow, love and hate, good and bad, peace and anger, abundance and lack. The thoughts we choose make a difference in the direction our life takes, one way or the other. Uplifted thoughts, no matter what thoughts we use to get us “up there”—kittens, puppies, babies, dancing in the rain, running through a meadow—cause our life to move forward in a positive direction no matter where it’s moving from.

Positive thoughts carry a healing vibration that brings health to our body, harmony to our relationships, and lightens our interaction with others throughout our day. In this way we become be a catalyst for good. It’s been said, “Every time you think a loving thought you literally bless all realms of creation.” That’s how powerful we are! No matter how small and human we may appear to be, we are powerful, spiritual-vibrational beings sharing One Life with the One Power of a Spiritual-Vibrational Universe. When we’re feeling good we emit an atmosphere of goodness others can feel.

One of the definitions of catalyst is “a person whose talk, enthusiasm or energy causes others to be more friendly, enthusiastic or energetic.” We all want to be someone like that, someone that brings out the good in others. But we can’t bring out the good in anyone else if we don’t bring it out in our self first. When we feel our “spiritualness” beyond our seeming humanness, we are experiencing the atmosphere of God’s Presence in us. We’re aligned with the pure positive energy of goodness, truth and beauty. We naturally emanate loving intentions outward. We’re inspired to be kind, helpful, nonjudgmental, and defenseless. Our conversations are about the good things we see in our self, others, and life. We’re unstressed and easygoing, and it’s easy for others to feel good (and safe) in our presence because we are personifying the Presence of God in us. We are walking-talking Divine transmitting devices. We are constantly sending out, forwarding, communicating, passing along, spreading, and broadcasting the energy waves of our focused thoughts into the Spiritual-Vibrational Energy of the Universe we share. If we’re not feeling good within us, no one else is going to feel it from us.

If we’re wondering what we’re broadcasting, all we need to do is look around at who and what is present in our life because whoever and whatever is there is tuned into the energy we’re transmitting. If we don’t like what we’re attracting, only we can change the frequency of our mind. There is so much we allow our mind to dwell on that is pointless to dwell on because it doesn’t do us or anyone else any good. There is so much we talk about everyday with others that is needless to say because it doesn’t do us or anyone else any good. We can choose to live as the one we truly want to be, the one who brings out the good in others because we feel that good within us. And, we become a catalyst for good wherever we are!