Our world today seems to be dreaming up some pretty scary nightmares. Yet, because Life is ever-expanding, our world (in its contrasting ways) is expanding, too. So at the very same time some beings are expressing more violently as they look at a world of dreams and see only nightmares, many more beings are looking within and awakening to a deeper inner peace, and experiencing more loving encounters and greater coexistence than ever before.

It’s been said that “Faith is seeing the light of your heart when all your eyes see is darkness.” Light is a powerful vibration and healing energy. We could say that the metaphoric contrast between what happens in the light and what lurks in the darkness makes it easier for us to see what we want and what we don’t want to experience as our life. But, it is our focus that calls either to us. Through the creative vibration of our joyous focus on what we want, we see more and more of it in form and expression in our life. And, in the same way, through the creative vibration of our fearful focus on what we don’t want, we see more and more of that in form and expression in our life.

We see what we’re looking at, and we see it through the thought-filters of our mind. In other words, we see our point of view everywhere we look! It matters what we focus on each day—what we think about and talk about, and how we react to life—because the thoughts in our mind, the intention behind our words, and the feelings beneath our reactions create our individual experience of life. There are no opinions or judgments that we can just “toss out there” that through the Law of Attraction won’t come right back to us like a boomerang.

Each day we get to decide through what we focus on what will gain creative momentum in our life. And, it is our faithfulness to our point of view that either adds to the darkness of fear around us (and within us) or allows the Light of our heart to shine until all fear disappears. It’s as we become aware of the spiritual qualities that live in us, and practice feeling and expressing them, that we begin to see that no matter what is happening around us, something greater and more powerful is happening within us that can change any condition in our life.

We might want to ask our self: “How big is my faith and where do I direct my faithfulness—in the Unchanging, Ever-Present Power that lives within me and can do all things (not some, but all) through me no matter what? Or in the shifting, fluctuating world that seems to be outside of me; a physical world that certainly appears to have the power to do all things to me no matter what?

There is nothing wrong about our choosing to place our faith totally in the world, and to look to it to make us healthy, wealthy, happy, and fulfilled. It’s just that this world is all about opposites and contrast, so that our faithfulness to the world can cause us to be sick, poor, unhappy, and incomplete. In a world of opposites, every gain has a loss. In a world of duality, what is given can be taken away. And in a world filled with facts that seem to change every day, what’s true today might not be true tomorrow.

But, what is spiritually true now is true forever, and what is true forever is true right now. Faithfulness stays true to the Truth no matter what the facts seem to be in any given moment. That is how spiritual-vibrational-energetic healing takes place—in the Light of Truth. It may be a fact that we appear to be sick, sad, or lacking in some way. But when we look within, and place our unwavering faith in the wholeness of our True Being, healing takes place because healing is the revealing of the Truth about us that is already within us.

It takes no faith at all to believe it when we see it, and all the faith in the world to place our trust in what we don’t see yet, with conviction that the unseen Power of Spirit, the Law of Attraction, will bring our desires into form and expression in our life. There are plenty of unseen Laws that govern this world that we have faith in without ever worrying they’re going to fail us sometimes. Our faith in the Law of Gravity, for instance, keeps us from deciding to step off the roof of a high building just to see if it’s still true that what goes up must come down. We have faith in the Law of Mathematics, as well. How often have you worried that two plus two would suddenly become 5 or some other number, rather than 4, and you’d never be able to make change again! And, how many times have you woken up in the middle of the night and wondered if the sun would rise in the morning?

We seem to save our lack of faith for God and turn to the unseen Power of our Spirit only when the world has said “no” and failed to give us what we want. The practice of faithfulness is trusting that despite our human appearance and human mistakes, we are spiritual beings now and forever. It is the conviction that Christ is the only life in us, and the only Truth about us, because we are sons and daughters of God now and forever. It is the certainty that our every prayer and every desire is met with a “yes” by a Universe of Love that has only our happiness in mind.

We may believe there is a God, but do we trust that God is All Powerful, not just in the unseen Realm of Spirit, but right here on Earth in us, through us, as us? Our true essence, our Inner Being, dances in the Light of Truth now and forever. But it is up to us to allow our “secret powers” to become active in us, so that we can do all things (not some, but all) through the powerful vibration and healing energy of the Light of Christ within us. Then, and only then, can we set things right in our life and the world around us.