The Christmas Season is the time of year when the miracle of Christ’s birth on earth gets a lot of air time. The songs, decorations and gift giving are a happy and festive remembrance of that awesome occurrence in history when humankind was clear enough in mind to recognize the Christ, the Son of God in the flesh, appearing as the Baby Jesus. We could say that humankind, way back then, finally saw the Light! The good news is that the mind of humankind still has the capacity to become so clear it can recognize Christ on earth today in every living being.

Dr. Marcus Bach wrote, “Someday a special genius will come along with a plan, a system, a technique for extending the supernormal magic of Christmas Day into weeks and months and eventually into a year, bridging Christmas to Christmas, until we say ‘Why didn’t someone think of this long ago?’ The truth is someone did, but apparently He made it too simple. From the humble setting of a manger He merely asked us to remember that God is real and life is good.”

Whether or not we remember most of the time that God is real, we remember all of the time that life is real because here we are, living it! And, even though life may feel too real at times, especially when we are in pain, how often does life feel real good while we’re living it? The message of Christ then and now is, “Remember that life is good because God is good and God is all there is. The Father of all.” It is as we remember God is the Real Source of the life we’re living that we begin to see the Light. We begin to understand that we, too, must be sons and daughters of the same Father in Heaven who loves Jesus. A Course in Miracles tells us, “The Love of God is in everything He created for His Son is everywhere. Everyone must be an integral part of whole Sonship.”

At The Life Enrichment Center it’s not only at Christmas time that we celebrate the birth of Christ on earth. Every Sunday throughout the year we celebrate the birth of Christ on earth through each of us as if it were Christmas day! Even though the message of Christ Jesus throughout his ministry was “you are as I am,” in many Christian religions the focus after Christmas isn’t on the birth of Christ on earth through Jesus, or the potential of that birth through all of us, but rather on the crucifixion and the acceptance of Jesus as the only Son of God. But God’s son is everywhere. It is as we accept that Truth about our self, and all life, that we are saved from the fearful illusion of our separation for the Goodness of life.

In The Way of Mastery we read, “I was a prototype for what is to come, an expression in space and time of what all of you are destined to be. Yet that destiny is but the remembrance of what you have always been beyond the veil of illusion. In truth that which you are has never tasted separation.” When we live with the bitter taste that comes with a belief in separation, we stumble around in the darkness of confusion unaware of who we truly are, and living without the experience of the power and pleasure of being the sons and daughters of God on earth. Our belief that we’ve somehow been separated from the Real Source of our life, and yet are still alive in the world, causes our mind to be filled with painfully bitter thoughts of guilt, blame, shame, anger, resentment, unhappiness, and neediness. The destination to the sweet taste of oneness, and the memory of who we’ve always been beyond the veil of illusion, is a journey without distance. The only movement it requires is a movement in consciousness to lift the veil. The veil of illusion begins to lift as we slow down the busy noise in our head so we can sense a place of perfect peace and stillness within us. As we allow the fullness of that silence to become all encompassing, we are able to hear the Sweet Voice of Christ saying to us, from within us, “You are as I am.”

We often use the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season to convince our self we don’t have time to slowdown our body, much less our mind! But what about the rest of the year? Does it seem in this get up and get it done world that we’ll fall behind if we don’t get up and get it done, day after day. Who has the time to sit and meditate to set a high creative vibration for our day? Maybe it seems too “otherworldly” to take time to sit and be still, and let our Inner Light, energized with a peace that passes this world’s understanding, to pass through us.

No matter how long or dark an experience may seem in our life, if we live in an uplifted, welcoming expectation of the inevitable return of the light of God’s Son within us, we’ll experience Its healing Power on earth through us. That Powerful Presence will get us through our longest night—through a difficult health condition, a traumatic family situation, or any other crisis that may occur in this earth life. Even when we think we’re alone in the dark, our inner light shines. It’s like the star in the East that led the Wise Men to the birthplace of Christ. If we let It, It will lead us to that same place of birth within us and bring about healing and a feeling of safety. It is only as we learn to be still and let the Truth speak through us that we can know our inner light shines “for real.” When we know, we experience the power, glory and freedom of that which we’ve always been. It is the way to let in the abundant good that comes to us when we’re in alignment with the Real Source of our life. It is the way for us to see beyond what appears to be dark spots of not-so-good in our life or the world around us. It is the way we are able to look at any darkness as a Holy Night because we know it is causing us to look to, and look for, nothing but our Inner Light to guide us.

Our Inner Being is already illuminated with Christ Light. Our Inner Being glows because It knows we are as Christ is. When we allow our Inner Light to shine, It illumines our mind and causes us see our self and all life in the Light of Divinity. That Light is the Pure Positive Vibration of Love, Joy and Peace. Its Energy heals us as It reveals to us the truth that we’ve never been separate from the Divine Source of our Being. That Divine Source is real and life is good.