All learning takes practice. For example, we can’t learn to play the flute by carrying one around with us so that we look like a flutist. And, we can’t learn to play the flute simply by reading a book on how to play one. We can learn a lot about the history of the flute from a book—who designed it, how it compares to a trumpet or clarinet, and the names of all the great flute players—And, we can engage in fascinating conversations about what we’ve read. But unless we pick up a flute with the intention of learning how to play it our self, and then practice playing it our self, we’ll simply carry flute facts around in our head, and actually playing the flute may remain something we want do, but we still can’t do because we don’t know how to do it our self.

In the same way, we may want to change our life for the better. We may have read plenty of books telling us that we need to change our thinking—from the limited, negative thoughts that are creating what we don’t want, to expansive, positive thoughts that will create what we do want. But unless we practice thinking new thoughts, unless we make it our intention to let go of the old and see life differently, our head will simply be filled with facts about how changing our thinking can change our life, and actually creating the life we want will remain something we may want do, but we can’t do because we don’t know how to do it our self!

If we believe our thoughts are creative, and we have the power to decide what we think and how we feel about our self and the world around us, that’s helpful. But, if the same old thoughts continue to show up in our mind every new day. If we continue to experience one health challenge after another, one disagreement after another, one pile of unpaid bills after another, one disappointment after another, it is likely we’re not practicing the changes in our thinking that will create change our life.

If we want new experiences, we have to practice thinking new thoughts. The good news is that since we think every moment, we have an opportunity to practice thinking new thoughts every moment and get really good at it! We can take charge of what we’re thinking in each moment. We can become aware of how we’re feeling in each moment. And, we can take responsibility for our reactions or responses in each situation, until our moments of practice transform our life into a whole new way of living.

Every time we choose look to look within for an uplifted feeling or positive response, even in a seemingly negative situation; every time we choose to use our Power of Choice, Its Presence within us grows and expands because our power to create what we want is Unlimited. As we practice living as a spiritual being (even while we’re having this human experience, and even if others think we’re crazy because we’re not imitating or conforming to the world), it becomes more natural to us and we care less and less about what others think of us. Expressing self as a spiritual being becomes something we get better at through practice no matter whats happening in our individual life and in the world. As we trust that all is well, no matter what appears to be “unwell,” we experience a Peace of Mind that heals our experiences in life. Only then are we able to offer Peace to the world through us. Otherwise it is an empty call for a Peace we cannot feel.

We all feel upset and angry from time-to-time. When we understand it’s a choice, and take responsibility for choosing it, we can also take responsibility for letting it go. Peace would flow generously, like a River, through our mind from the Fountain of Love in our heart if we would allow It to. If we were willing to go with Its Flow and not dam It up with the conditions we place upon Its Presence in us. It is our thoughts (alone) that build the dams that impede the flow of Peace in our mind, and it is our choice (alone) that can remove them branch by branch.

Peace flows like a river in a tranquil mind. It flows into everything we think, say and do. It flows into all our relationships because It flows into our relationship with our self and inspires the way we speak to our self, and treat our self, when we alone. Peace begins with each of us. Peace in our mind brings Peace to our homes, communities, country, and the world. Let us choose to Be the Peace on Earth.