Art by John Hain

What does it mean for us to “be accountable for our consciousness”? What do we mean by consciousness? The Science of Mind defines consciousness as “the perception of existence.” Our individual consciousness, or perception of existence, differs slightly (or a lot) from the consciousness of everyone else on the planet. We don’t see anything exactly the same way as anyone else, even when we think we do, and even if we want someone else to see things exactly as we do! It is that slight difference (or that big difference) that makes all the difference in the world for each of us and the life we create for our self.

Being “accountable” means taking personal responsibility for something. The one essential “something” we are all accountable for is our individual consciousness, the “Here I am” we say every day. It’s the only statement that belongs to us, alone. It is the only statement we can make that no one else can make for us. But, it is who we believe we are when we say “Here I am” that makes all the difference because our individual perception of who we are affects our experience of life in every way.

Who we believe we are affects how we see and perceive our relationship to life. It affects what we see as our surroundings and how we respond in each moment wherever we are. We announce “Here I am” wherever we perceive our self to be in time and space. We announce our existence in the world from moment we wake up in the morning until we go to sleep at night, and then our subconscious takes over and has a field day making dreams and nightmares out of the thoughts we hold in mind!

The book, The Art of Abundance, by Dennis Merritt Jones, tells us that beyond the degree of our sense of being physically awake and aware of our surroundings at any given moment, there is another deeper level to our consciousness, much like an invisible suitcase that contains the sum of our beliefs, both conscious and unconscious.

In order to be accountable for our consciousness we not only need to accept responsibility for our conscious thoughts, words and actions wherever we are, but to pay attention to how we feel, because how we feel can reveal unconscious beliefs that we may need to unpack from our “invisible suitcase” so that we can lighten up!

We are immersed in an invisible ocean of vibrations that includes an agreed upon human belief system Carl Jung referred to as “the collective unconscious,” which is the combined conscious and unconscious beliefs of every human on the planet. We could say, then, that along with all our own stuff, we carry everyone else’s stuff in our invisible suitcase! Is it any wonder our life feels so heavy at times? Ever had a disturbing thought come to mind and wonder where it came from? Not every thought that crosses our mind is ours, unless we claim it and make it our own.

Our consciousness contains the imprint of everything we’ve ever learned in life and believe to be true about our self and the world we live in. It contains every belief we’ve ever had from the day we were born right up until this moment, no matter where we got the ideas we believe in. What matters is what thoughts we believe are true, and whether we hold onto them or let them go, because what we perceive around us has everything to do with the thoughts “we’re packing” in our mind.

A mind jam-packed with opinions and judgments, whether we are conscious of them or not, blocks of our view of the pure beauty and loveliness within us and all around us. The world may teach “seeing is believing,” but if we can only see the world through the perception of our own existence, then believing is seeing. The world has nothing to show us that doesn’t already exist within us.

Do you know what is in your consciousness? Are you aware of the ideas, opinions and judgments you carry with you wherever you go? It is an important question to ponder because wherever we go, even before we say a word when we get there, we announce “Here I am” through the energy we bring and the vibrations of the thoughts we emit. No matter what our words may say, it is our consciousness that calls to us in form, expression and experience, what we hold to be true about our self and life.

If we’ve flown on a airplane or jet, we’ve heard the advice “put your mask on first,” as the flight attendant explained to us that before we can help anyone else, we must first be able breath our self.

It’s been said, The mind is like water. When its turbulent, it is difficult to see. When it is calm, everything becomes clear. If we’re focused on the turbulence of the world and the drama of others, it is often because we don’t want to look within our self to solve the problem we perceive. If we’re upset and angry about who’s doing what, if our mind is filled with our opinions of what others should think, say or do, we can’t see clearly. That is why the only consciousness we’re accountable for is our own.

In The Science of Mind we read, “For everything that happens in the objective world,” (the world we see out there) “there must be something in the subjective world” (the beliefs we hold in mind) “to perfectly balance it.”

How balanced are you in your life, mentally, emotionally and physically? How is your health, your relationships with family, your partner, your former partner, friends, and coworkers? How prosperous do you feel? How happy are you each day? How much time do you spend thinking thoughts that feel good?

Unless we take the time to consciously unpack those heavy ideas of unworthiness we picked up from the misperceptions of others, those mistaken thoughts will keep us grounded in a life where we’re meant to soar. Unless we become accountable for the thoughts we’re packing in our mind, and unpack those that don’t bring us joy and happiness, the erroneous beliefs of the world will weigh us down until they finally wear us out.

If we’ve been feeling a heaviness as we live our day-to-day life, it’s likely the weight of the thoughts we’ve picked up along the way and unconsciously packed in our invisible suitcase, thoughts that don’t allow us to feel the incredible lightness of being we’re created to feel.

If we want to bring Truth to light, we need to lighten up on our self, others and the world. If we want to be part of the solution anywhere, we need to put our mask on first…and breathe.

We can’t help the world to be more loving, peaceful and joyful unless we feel the lightness of love, peace and joy within our self. It doesn’t matter how long we’ve been believing a lie, the moment we realize it’s not true, it’s gone.

To be accountable for our consciousness is to be responsible for our thoughts, words and feelings. We can get rid of old baggage if we choose to. We can decide to focus our mind on uplifted thoughts that uplift our feelings. And, when we do, the weight of the world vanishes.