Image by Fifaliana Joy from Pixabay


We are immersed in a miraculous Flow of Life. We are swimming in a Universal Creative Energy in which we are One. There is only One Life that is everywhere. It lives in us as us and we live in It as It. Alan Watts wrote, “We do not ‘come into’ this world; we come out of it, as leaves from a tree. As the ocean ‘waves,’ the universe ‘peoples.’ Every individual is an expression of the whole realm of nature, a unique action of the total universe.”

The Universe in which we live, the Universe that lives in us, is always ready to move through us in amazing ways, whether we’re ready or not. But if we want to intentionally participate in creating the life we want live, and the world we want to live it in, our readiness is essential. We’ve got to be ready to take charge of our life by giving our attention only to those things we want to see grow in our life and in the world. When we choose a specific focus, and we tend to it and care for it, that is where mastery comes from. We’ve got to be ready to become the Master Gardener of our mind by mentally letting go of what we don’t want grow, and by deciding to choose our thoughts as carefully as we would seeds for the garden. Why? Because our thoughts are creative in every moment. Right now through them we’re creating our life, whether we’re ready to or not!

In his book, Discovering a Richer Life, Ernest Holmes referred to the inner impulse to expand our expression of life, and to grow in spiritual Awareness, Grace and Beauty, as the Divine Urge that permeates every living thing. Are you ready to expand and grow, or does the idea of being more of YOU seem beyond you, and even frightening to you? We get used to what we get use to. We make a habit of thinking of our self in a certain way, and living our life in a certain way, that seems to harden around the edges. Dennis Merritt Jones wrote in The Art Uncertainty that the Divine Urge is a voice that perpetually whispers in our inner ear “Grow Grow Grow,” but there seems to be another voice that often speaks much louder, the voice of fear, that shouts “No no no! Stay right where you are because, while you may not like it, at least you know the rules and boundaries.”

It may seem safe for us to stay put, and to continue to believe what we’ve always believed, without considering how those beliefs are limiting our experiences of life. But, we miss discovering more of the miracle of who we truly are. It’s important for us to stop reacting to what we see in the world, and start choosing how we want to respond in a Universe that is always responding to us. The Law of Attraction that governs the Universe, and therefore governs our life, gives us more and more of whatever we focus on whether we like it or not because life can only appear to us where we are, through the eyes we’re looking with.

As an individual expression of the whole realm of nature, we’re predisposed to experience miracles in every moment. That’s why it is essential for us to remind our self each day, and perhaps many times throughout the day, that we are surrounded by a Holy Miracle Maker that is ready to create miracles for us, and will, whether we’re ready to receive them or not. If we want to catch a glimpse of the miraculous in our own life, and the world around us, we must be looking for the miraculous. In the song, “I’m Ready for a Miracle,” the lyrics include the phrase, “My mind is open ready to receive It, my heart is open, open all the way.” Is your mind open and clear of blockades of judgment, so that unloving thoughts don’t block your view of the miracles you’ve asked for through the vibration of your desires? Is your heart open to receive what you want because you know you are so worthy that the Universe always says “yes” to you?

In A Course in Miracles we read, “Miracles are natural. When they do not occur something has gone wrong.” The only thing that can cause the appearance of something “going wrong” in a Universe that is creating miracles every moment is our unreadiness to receive them. Such unreadiness prevents us from seeing them even though they’ve been given. We must be ready for a miracle to appear to us before it can appear to us. If we’ve allowed doubt to enter our mind that Life is Good no matter what appears to be going on sometimes, if we’ve closed our heart to love because we believe that some people, including our self, don’t deserve love, we’re not ready for a miracle.

If we are going to be enriched by this Earth life we’ve chosen to live, we need to be ready for life to enrich us rather than expecting life to deplete us. Miracles are everywhere for us to joyously observe and experience, but rather than looking for them in our every day life, often we’re so fixated on what we see that we don’t like, or on what’s not there that we want to be there in our life and the world, we miss the miraculous and settle for the mundane. If a miracle isn’t coming through for us its not because it’s stuck somewhere in the flow of Life, or because it’s being withheld by a Universal reluctance to bring to us what we desire, and it’s surely not because our prayer is being ignored by a God that is preoccupied answering everyone else’s prayers but our own. It is our unreadiness for the miracle we’ve asked for.

Abraham-Hicks tells us, “There is no shortage. There is no lack. There is no competition for resources. There is only the allowing or the disallowing of that which you are asking for.” We’ve already received a resounding, earthshaking, vibrational “YES” to our every request from Existence Itself! We are an individual walking miracle, vibrationally surrounded by the miracles we’ve asked for. What we want in form is already there as the non-physical answer to our prayer, but it can’t come into physical form before our eyes unless we’re ready to see it. The pathway into physical form is through us, through our conscious awareness of the Invisible Miraculous Presence that is right where we are.

We read in The Science of Mind, “There is already something which is transcendent and triumphant, not only eternal in the duration of time, but omnipresent in the time in which we live.” The transcendent and triumphant Spirit of Life is always present in the time in which we live because we are One with that Presence. We are the Holy Representative of that Presence. Life supports us physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually all at the same time, in this time in which we live, when we let It. If we’re not quite miracle-minded yet, we can at least be ready to be ready for the miracles that are natural to us. We get ready to be ready by wanting to feel spiritually good more than wanting to be right about any situation the world. We get ready to be ready by deciding to be happy even before we have a worldly reason. In this way we are answering the Divine Urge within us to “Grow Grow Grow.” If we’re ready to be ready, nothing can stop us from growing a miraculous life.

When we’re ready to be ready to be nonjudgmental and unafraid, any positive thought we focus on will open us to the miracles that are natural to us. It’s our readiness that allows the vibration of positivity to come alive in us through a positive thought. In A Course in Miracles we read, “Everything has been given you by God’s decision. This is His Will and you cannot undo it.” There is nothing that is withheld from us. There is only the allowing or the disallowing by us of that which is already there for us. When our mind is open to receive it, when our heart is open, open all the way, we’re ready for the miracle that is always ready for us!