Image by ThePixelman from Pixabay

Easter Sunday was the perfect day to continue our April theme, “Be Accountable for your Consciousness” by acknowledging, celebrating, and learning from a Man who walked the earth in human form and chose to be totally accountable for his consciousness. Despite worldly appearances that, like us, Jesus could see. Despite opposition all around him to his message and demonstration of Peace, Love, Joy, and Brotherhood. Jesus remembered his Oneness with the God of his Creation, and chose to honor that Oneness by being accountable for his own thoughts, words and actions within Creation.

There is no evidence (anywhere) that this Son of God spent his time judging what others were doing and withholding love from them because of their behavior. There is no sign that he was offended by what others were saying about him. And, there is no indication whatsoever that he believed anyone had power over his life. Yet, because Jesus took responsibility for what he chose to see as reality, he was able not only to stay healthy himself, but also to heal others. He was able not only to raise Lazurus from the dead, but himself as well. And, right up to the very end of his earth life, he was able to forgive his enemies—not just those that wanted him dead, but those who did everything in their power to try to make it happen.

Because Jesus knew he would soon be leaving his human form, he said: “Truly, truly, I say to you. You will do the same things I am doing, and even greater things” because I am leaving this earth plane. In other words, the time will come for you to stop depending on me, and depend upon the Christ that lives in you.

All this happened more than 2,000 years ago. Yet millions around world today are still celebrating the life and resurrection of Jesus. In The Science of Mind we read, “Jesus stands forth from the pages of human history as the greatest figure of all time. His teachings contain the greatest lesson ever given to the human race. And his life and works while on earth provide the grandest example that was ever given to man.”

This world has had over 2,000 years to practice getting really, really good at doing the good works Jesus did. It has had more than 2,000 years to demonstrate Peace, Love, Joy, and Brotherhood. Either we are a bunch of slow learners, or we haven’t been practicing at all because we still don’t believe the same Christ that was alive in Jesus while he walked the earth is alive in us today.

In order for us to demonstrate the miracles as Jesus did, i.e., through the Christ in him, we must believe Christ lives in us. We must be willing to rise to the occasion in our own consciousness and believe in our own divinity. We are each accountable for what is in our mind, and whether the thoughts we focus on cause us to feel down, depressed, unhappy, and unloved, or uplifted, joyful, loving, and filled with compassion for our self and others. If we’re feeling down, we can instantly rise by deciding to let go of all the heavy, limiting thoughts we’re focusing on. When we do, we automatically float like a happy, weightless cork on the Oceans of Love.

Just imagine if the millions who celebrated Easter on Sunday were to say “I shall rise,” and then choose to rise by letting go of thoughts of separation that just aren’t so. Every conflict would disappear, every sickness would be healed, and the Kingdom of God would, at last, be revealed to everyone right here on earth!

If we believe anything other than our own individual consciousness and perception of existence is responsible for our health, wealth, happiness, or anything else, we’ve missed the whole point of the life of Jesus and the message he offered. If we choose to live as if life happens to us from “out there,” it stands to reason our mind will be filled with fearful thoughts that cause us to be self-protective and defensiveness, and to feel powerlessness to direct our own experiences of life. Then, if our life goes in a direction we don’t want it to go, we naturally look for something or someone “out there” to blame. It doesn’t occur to us that life is actually happening through us according to the thoughts we focus on in our mind. Thoughts aren’t just a suggestion to the Universe, they give direction to Universe.

In The Way of Mastery we read, “For you have well been crucified by your own thoughts. And by your own thoughts, you have brought your persecutors to you, who have nailed you on the cross a million times, so that you could be confronted with the opportunity to look out upon a lovely world by seeing only through the eyes of Love.” Because we (and only we) are responsible for what we see, we are free to change our mind, and in that change to rise in consciousness to a higher, more lovely point of view.

Are we waiting for the second coming of Christ on earth to come from somewhere other than from within us? Are we waiting to accept we are more than just human because we still have a lot of human stuff to do before we accept there is more to us than meets the eye? Are we waiting because it seems too hard to be accountable for every little thought we think, every little thing we feel, and what those thoughts and feelings are creating?

The Way of Mastery asks, “What then is the veil that seems to make it so difficult? It can be only this: that you have accepted into your mind at some level, that the world you see is real and that it holds a power to dictate to you whether you will feel peace or disturbance, Love or judgement. This is always an illusion.”

We have the power right now to live in joy and freedom, and to create a life we’d enjoy living each day. But it’s up to us to remove the obstacles in our own mind that are preventing us from experiencing the peace, love, happiness, compassion, and forgiveness that would bring it about.

We can choose to take the message of an historical event that occurred in time and space (oh so long ago), and identify our self with its message, “Love one another as I have loved you.” How do we do that when no one seems to be behaving!? The Book of Philippians tells us, “Let this Mind be in you that was also in Christ Jesus.” To let that Mind be in us we must be willing to rise above the world of appearances so the Christ within us can shine through us no matter what may be going on in our body, relationships, finances, or the world around us.

We don’t need to wait for the world (we see) to change. We simply need to change our mind about who we are. As we identify with the Divine in us, we can’t help but to see the world differently. If we’ve been waiting for the second coming of Christ, we don’t need to wait a moment longer. Christ is already here within each of us. If we let It, It will bring the same healing Power of Love to earth through us that It did over 2,000 years ago through Jesus.

What does it mean to walk this earth as Jesus did? The Way of Mastery tells us, “It means to choose to awaken from the uselessness of separation, the uselessness of victimhood, and the uselessness of weakness. And choose to accept the empowerment of becoming responsible for this dimension of creation, and the empowerment of deciding to walk the Earth as the arisen Christ.”