There is such a high holy vibration and elevated energy around this time of year that has been occurring since pre-historic times when people celebrated the equinoxes and the solstices as sacred times. In fact, Easter began as a pagan festival named after the goddess of spring, Ostera or Eostre. It was a celebration of spring in the Northern Hemisphere long before the advent of Christianity. Even today Easter is a celebration of spring and new life with its colorful eggs, bright baby chicks, fuzzy bunnies, and lilies and tulips symbolizing female fertility. And, then there is Passover, which celebrates the exodus of the Israelites from slavery in Egypt, that adds even more holy energy. And, of course, in the Christian religion, Easter celebrates the resurrection of Christ Jesus that occurred over 2,000 years ago.

Sometimes as we observe certain religious traditions, whether they are normally a part of our own or not, such observations can offer us a deeper look at our self as a spiritual Being living in a spiritual Universe, and give us a greater awareness of our inseparable oneness with the One Creator of all Life that is beyond any interpretation. Easter, as the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, is powerful and, if we let it, it can go far beyond the historical event. It can have a profound and lasting effect upon us as we rise in spiritual awareness of the Christ in us.

We read in The Science of Mind, “To think of Jesus as being different from others is to misunderstand his mission and purpose in life. He was the way and proved it.” We may wonder how the resurrection of Christ Jesus can be “the way” or even a way for all of us to rise in consciousness and identify with Christ. The story of the Earth life of Jesus may have concluded with the crucifixion, but when Jesus became the resurrected Christ, and before he ascended walked this Earth as the arisen Christ, he gave the gift of Christ on Earth to every living being from that moment on. That gift is ours on Easter Day and every day.

There is a unique crucifix that hangs above every door inside every room at Ascension Genesys hospital. What has always struck me about that particular crucifix is the pewter image of Jesus and where it is positioned on the wooden cross. The hands don’t appear to be nailed to the cross itself, the way they appear to be on other crucifixes. Instead they are raised above it on each side (absolutely free of attachment) as if to say “Nails? What nails? I’m not a man nailed to a cross. I am the resurrected Christ.” The Way of Transformation tells us that the nails represent that which would hold us stuck in the horizontal dimension of the body and time, which would nail our feet to the world. The world seeks to nail us down by insisting that we think with it and react to it. Yet, like that of Jesus, the crown of our head is forever open heavenward.

We are free to receive the Love of God, no matter what is happening in our life, by choosing only loving thoughts, and by looking gently, as Jesus did, upon everyone and every event and seeing only perfect innocence. We read in A Course of Love these words attributed to Jesus, “The nature of life changed with the resurrection. You who have come after me are not as I was but as I am. I am the resurrection and the life. So are you.” Because all Life is One Life, we share One Consciousness with the whole Universe, no matter what we choose to be conscious of. We could say that the Light of the resurrected Christ so brightened the path Home to our Creator that it permanently lit the way for all of us to more easily find our way to our true Self. When we look within for Divine Illumination we can see the shining path of Light left by the resurrection.

We read in The Science of Mind, “Jesus saw the road back to God and he followed it. He saw a clear distinction between the false and true, and offered all of us a final demonstration that it is impossible to kill God’s Son.” When Jesus proved through his resurrection that death has no power over the Son of God, he proved it for us, too, because we are all Sons of God. He confirmed that there is no separation between the human and the Divine, even here on Earth, and even for us. We are as holy and free as we choose to be. We can rise as high as we choose to go. Through the same Power of Christ we can do the works that Jesus did. In the Book of John we read, “Timeless truth, I tell you: Whoever believes in me, those works which I have done he will also do, and even greater than these things he will do, because I am going to my Father,” and lighting the way for your resurrection and transformation.

The Way of Transformation tells us that because Easter has been made to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, it has only served to turn our attention from our own specialness, in the sense of our uniqueness, the specialness of our existence and our reality, and placed our attention on the specialness and the uniqueness of the existence of Jesus and his reality—as though Christ is something merely historical; as if Jesus is the only special one in the eyes of God. A Course of Love tells us, “You must see the link between resurrection and the birth of the god-man.”

As we feel love and gratitude for Jesus and the life he lived on Earth because he lived every word of his teachings, it’s important for us to remind our self that though he showed the way, he was not taking the journey for us because he could not take it for us. We’re told in The Way of Transformation that no one is going to save us. No one is going to rescue us. It is between us, individually, and our God. It’s a decision we must make to be determined to choose only what is real regardless of what our physical eyes seem to show us and what so many around us seem to believe.

What makes it seem so difficult is that we have accepted into our mind that the world we see is real—more real, more certain, more undeniable, and more essential than our Divinity—and that it holds a power to dictate to us whether we’ll feel joy or sadness, peace or disturbance, Love or judgment. But, we can choose, if we want to, to take the message of the resurrection of Christ Jesus that occurred in time, a long time ago, and assimilate it as a symbol of our own life today. The Way of Transformation tells us, “You can choose to awaken from the uselessness of separation, the uselessness of victimhood, and the uselessness of weakness, and you can choose to accept the empowerment of becoming responsible for this dimension of creation, the empowerment of deciding to walk the Earth as the arisen Christ.” If we’re willing to open our awareness to the high holy energy of Easter Day and let our Divinity rise up in us, we will recognize we have the power to celebrate and accept our resurrection as the living Christ by seeing beyond the boundaries of death, loss, fear, hurt, anger, and projection, and the thoughts upon which projection rests.

We read in The Way of Mastery, “Easter is for you and not for me. Therefore make no pilgrimage to me. Make a pilgrimage to the heart of your Self by looking upon all that you see this day and seeing its beauty and harmlessness, and by knowing that you are looking out through the eyes of the arisen Christ. You are that One who, with me, has overcome the world.” As the Powerful Energy of our Holy Divine Self rises up in us, we will rise in Consciousness above the world of duality. We will become aware of our Oneness with our Creator and all of Life, and we will walk as the arisen Christ, as a god-man on Earth.