Image by 畅 苏 from Pixabay

Our personal perception of existence, which is to say, the way we see life and believe it to be, is comprised of all we believe to be true about our self, as well as all the ideas and opinions we’ve learned to think of as true about everything around us.

We activate, or give life to, thoughts in our mind by giving them the power of our belief. If we don’t believe a thought that comes to mind is true, we’re not interested in it and we let it “pass through.” It’s those thoughts we choose to chew on that affect how we feel about life. Thoughts we focus on and enjoy can cause us to feel satisfaction and a sense of well-being in our life. Thoughts we focus on but don’t enjoy can cause us to feel frustration and feelings of anxiety about our life. Either way, what goes on within us is up to us.

No one else is responsible for what we believe is true, or how we feel about what we believe, no matter how much we’d like to blame someone else for any negative thoughts or feelings we experience. No one can make us go anywhere, mentally or emotionally, that we’re not already heading because we are always in the driver’s seat of our individual experience of life. There may be people in our life that like to sit in the passenger seat and give us directions, but no one can make us feel joy or pain unless we turn the wheel in that direction.

Thoughts we believe are true are powerful, creative things that create the conditions, situations, and emotions we experience. We can’t talk our way out of own creations because no matter what we “say” we think, we are always accountable for what we actually believe is true. The Creative Power of the Universe that creates on our behalf is listening, not to our words, but to the authenticity of our thoughts.

In The Science of Mind we read, “Man has the ability to choose what he will do with his life, and is unified with a Law which automatically produces his choice. While he does not have the ability to destroy the idea of himself, he does have the ability to deface it and to make it appear discordant, but he cannot destroy the Divine Image.”

We might want to ask our self: “Have I been embracing, or defacing, the Divine Image of myself and others in my mind? Have I been spraying the graffiti of negativity on the beautiful face of creation?” We carry the thoughts we hold in our mind wherever we go, and those thoughts affect what we see. Our point of view (alone) determines whether we embrace, or deface, the beauty of creation with our eyes.

We can gauge what thoughts are active in our mind most of time by the way we feel about life most of the time. Do we feel excited about being our self in the world, eager to join with the rest of life in co-creating and experiencing more of the good, the beautiful and the joyous? Or do we feel exhausted by the life we’re living, but powerless to create a more satisfying one?

The Spiritual Teacher, Mooji, said: “Feeling stuck is simply a thought believed in. Remove the belief and stuckness vanishes.” If we’re feeling “sticky” and uncomfortable in our day-to-day life, unclear about what we want, but sure of what we don’t want. If every negative fearful, word we hear and every negative fearful image we see seems to stick in our mind and add to the powerlessness we already feel, we might be ready for a cleansing shower of blessings that a new point of view will bring about.

No one has the power to shower for us! No one can unstick any thought for us. A thought we hold onto is ours until we let it go. But it’s important to consider that a thought that causes a feeling we don’t like isn’t going to create a life we like. It’s been said “Decide what kind of life you actually want, then say no to anything that isn’t that.” If we’re not experiencing the kind of life we actually want, it’s likely we’ve been saying “yes” to the world of appearances when we should be saying “no.”

When we give the power of our attention to what we don’t want, what we don’t want keeps coming to our attention. The Science of Mind tells us, “Everything in the body of man, as well as in his affairs, is the result of what he thinks. Nothing in the external is a cause. Nothing that happens causes itself to happen, but is always the result of some inner cause.” Our individual consciousness is that inner cause.

We may get tired of being accountable for everything that happens in our life, and we may wonder why somebody else can’t just step up and take responsibility for their part in an interaction and make it easier…on us. Maybe they can, but it isn’t up to us to demand it of them. It’s up to us to ask it of our self. We can only be accountable for our consciousness, and when we are we’ve taken care of everything that has anything to do with us.

No matter what thought crosses our mind, we are always free to choose a better-feeling thought, a more satisfying thought. The good news is there is always a better-feeling, more satisfying thought that will bring us peace, if peace is what we want.

So often we look for conditions and situations to change first—for our health to improve first, our relationships to get better first, our finances to ease up first, or for events in the world to change first—before we allow the feeling of well-being into our conscious experience. But, if we isolate our sense of well-being to our focus on human conditions, we’re going to miss out feeling connected with the well-being that is the basis for all that exists in the Universe, and in us.

Because well-being is natural to who we truly are, we can choose it no matter what is going on in our life or the world around us. We can choose well-being even if our body is sick. We can choose well-being no matter what others are saying or doing. We can choose well-being even when we can’t see yet how things could become beautiful again. If we choose it without placing conditions on our feeling it, the good news is our health, relationships and finances will naturally improve, anyway, without effort from us. And, our inner sense of well-being will cause our perception of the world to become beautiful again.