It is likely that “somehow, somewhere” all of us (if only for a brief moment) have made a deliberate choice to allow Unselfish Love for someone to be alive in us even though we were unaware the Love we were allowing was the Love of God. When we unselfishly love someone—whether it’s a human being, a furry animal being, or a furry human being—we don’t see our interests as apart from theirs because all we are interested in, all we want, is for the one we love to be happy, feel secure, and lack nothing. There isn’t anything we wouldn’t give to that one!

Whenever we have felt unselfish Love, we have felt the Love of God, and when we extended that Love into living expression towards our beloved, we became even more aware of Its Presence within us. In fact, the more we Love unselfishly, the more Love seems to grow and expand within us, and to call to us to discover new ways to express It. It’s almost as if, if we don’t express more of It, we might burst with all the Love we desire to give!

This is the Nature of the Love of God. This is the Nature of the Universe in which we live. This is the Powerful Unconditional Givingness of Pure Spirit to all Creation. And, this is our true Nature whether we feel It or not. But when our Love feels like that Love, we know it because there is no fear in loving too much. We’re aware that the Source of Love within us is Boundless. There is no need for anything in return because our Joy is in the giving of Love. And, there is no need to question why want to Love so freely because as we feel Love grow and expand within us as we give It, it feels so good!

We know how good it feels to go into a store or market and ask for help (maybe where something is located, and the person is genuinely happy to help. We know how good it feels when checker or cashier is smiling and friendly even while we’re handing them our money! And, we know how good it feels to talk with a customer service representative on the phone and have a pleasant experience with that disembodied voice. We appreciate service with a smile because even when we can’t see the smile, we feel the good energy that a genuinely joyful, love-filled being emits. We can even feel it over phone.

A Course in Miracles tells us that the teacher of God is generous out Self interest. It’s not a generosity of the me-self, but of the we-Self—the One Self that is Creation. In this One Life we share, in order for it to work for everyone, there can be no personal interests apart from anyone else’s, no more deserving or less deserving of the bounty of Life.

This life is all about  thefearless, unchildish, unselfish, and unconditional Love that joins us from within to the Life around us. But when we make our expression of Love personal and conditional, filled with tantrums and demands for our needs to be met, when our expressions of Love all about the me-self, we measure with a thimble how much we are willing to share because if conditions around us aren’t just right for our giving—if no one else is smiling, if everyone else is grumpy, and no one seems to be loving us—how are we supposed to feel genuinely joyful and filled with Love for those around us?

When we choose not to express Love in a particular situation, we pinch our self off from the Source of Love, and we become less and less aware of Its Presence within us. Rather than Love expanding, and our being called to discover new ways to express It, we become ever more fearful of losing the little love we allow into our vibrational expression, and ever more full of reasons and excuses for not expressing more of Love. Rather than bursting with Love, we feel like we’re shriveling up and slowly dying to Life. We lack enthusiasm and true compassion. We can’t “send Love” to anyone else if we’re not able to feel It to send It. We can’t give from empty vessel.

Like all the other attributes of God’s Teachers, generosity rests ultimately on trust for without trust no one can be generous in the true sense. It’s not only what we say and do in life, but how we feel while we are saying and doing it that not only makes all the difference in our experience of true giving, but in our experience of true receiving because the Love of God grows, intensifies and multiplies within us as give It, and we receive more within us to give. We’re not here to find Love, and possess It when we do. We’re here to Be Love, and we can only Be Love by removing our conditions, reasons and suspicions for not loving.

If we were all being Love just because it feels so good, then no one would be looking for Love because It would be everywhere. And, no one would be worried about losing Love because there would be no place in which Love could disappear into. When we allow Love to Present within us (no matter what) by choosing to Be Love (no matter what), the whole world becomes our Beloved. We’re here to lift our self up thru loving unconditionally so that we can call one another to a higher vibration of life. In that high vibration of Love we are able to co-create beautiful expressions of Love together.