Mark Twain wrote, “The difference between the right word and almost the right word is the difference between lightning and lightning bug.” The “right” word can be powerful, so can silence. No matter what the situation may be in our life, no matter what the conversation we’re having may be about, and whether we’re talking with one other person, a group, or even to our self, if find we’re feeling disturbed by the spoken words or the thoughts in our head, if we choose to we can become aware of a powerful Holy Silence in the gap between our words and thoughts that connects us with our heart.

A deep breath before we speak that is filled with an intention to feel peace slows the knee-jerk reactions in our mind that want to come out of our mouth, so that we are more able to respond from our heart. No matter where we are, or what’s going on, a deep breath with peaceful intention can bring stillness to our mind. And, when peace comes to our mind, then the right word can come in if it needs to be heard. If a thought flows to our mind from our heart, if a word forms for us to speak, we can trust it is the needed word, the healing word, the peaceful word because it is a word that is being translated by us from the vibration of Love within us.

We’ve all heard the saying “Silence is Golden.” It is an ancient one that has made its way through the ages to modern times. If fact, the Torah tells us in a proverb, “If a word is worth one shekel, silence is worth two.” But silence means different things to different people. Silence can be valuable, often more valuable than words, depending on the intention behind the silence.The Silence that is Golden not only requires us to keep our mouth closed, but our mind quiet as well.

In this world, as the saying goes, “all that glitters isn’t gold.” Just because we’re silent doesn’t mean our mind is quiet or our intention is peace. Sometimes when we’re silent we may be filled with agitation, anger, or fear that brings about anything but peace to our mind and calm to our emotions. Sometimes closed lips have a closed mind behind them. That silence is often a tool to control others, not a means to find peace within. Have you ever been given “the silent treatment” by someone? Or, have you been the one to stop speaking to someone else because they said or did something you didn’t like, and you wanted your silence to show them just what you thought of their behavior?

The silent treatment is a purposeful rejection of the very presence of another human being even though we’re well aware that they’re there because we’re actively ignoring them! It is an emotional distancing that is meant to be punishing to someone else, but when we withhold the very Life Force of Love within us that is meant to flow unrestricted through us to everyone around us, we punish our self. If we’ve ever stopped speaking to someone if only briefly, we know how bad it feels to us to resist our Divine Nature to Love. It’s exhausting to withhold the love, joy, peace, and grace that is always shining in our heart because to do so, in order for us to withhold the Love of our heart, we have to continuously block It with the judgements of our mind. We have to keep reminding our self that we’re angry with that person. And, every reminder keeps us farther away from peace of mind.

Still, the silent treatment is a popular tool of control in this world. That’s why “shunning” is used in some religions to try to get members to follow a particular set of rules. When silence is used as a means to control the behavior of someone else because we want them to follow our rules, it is a silence that’s not worth even one shekel. We could say that the silent treatment is “fool’s gold” because even though we may believe our silence is getting us exactly what we want, even though we’re silent we continue to emit a wordless negative vibration that is not only felt by those around us, but responded to by the Law of Attraction that governs the Universe in which we live. The Law of Attraction responds to vibration, not words. What we emit vibrationally is the creative Language of the Universe, and the Law of Attraction delivers to us people, conditions and situations to match it.

There is another silence that won’t bring to us what we truly want to experience. It is a silence backed by our fear of what others think about us. Have you ever not said something to someone, or in a group, not because you were feeling peaceful, compassionate or loving, but because you couldn’t come up with a good answer on the spot to prove your point and win the argument? But later on, once you were alone but still upset, your mind seemed to be filled with all sorts of witty comebacks that you coulda, shoulda, and wished you woulda said? When silence isn’t intended to bring peace within us, we won’t find it simply by biting our tongue and not moving our lips.

When we’re blinded by our thoughts, we’re easily confused and peace is hidden in the confusion. When we’re pulled by our emotions, our words can easily go in a direction that is harmful rather than helpful. So often we’re obsessed with the words we’ve spoken. We think about them over and over again after we’ve said them, regretting them or worrying if we were misunderstood or sounded foolish. When our mind and emotions are in control of us, a deep breath helps us begin to take back our power, even if we have to temporarily bite our tongue as well!

Behind the noise of the critical mind is a realm of unconditional Love and unchanging Peace. If peace is what we looking for, once we begin to quiet our mind, we’re more able to find our way there. Not speaking when we’re hurt or angry is a good start if peace is what we want to feel instead. We can become a master of the words we choose to speak and choose not to speak by taking a deep breath before we speak. When we do, we may remain silent and say nothing at all. We’ll still emit a vibration of peace that is helpful to us and those around us. But, if a thought comes to mind, if a word forms for us to speak, we can trust it’s the right word. We won’t need to worry about it or regret it because it will have been our translation of vibration of Love within us.

If the world seems to be driving us crazy and our mind is steering the way, there is a Silence that is Golden deep within us, a space beyond the surface of things, beyond the world of noise and appearances, beyond our human personality and our relationships with other human personalities. It is an empty space beyond words and thoughts that is full of answers. But we must be quiet enough to hear. The mystical poet, Rumi, wrote, “The quieter you become the more you are able to hear.”

The Silence that is Golden is a silent energy infused with wisdom. It is the pure positive energy that fuels the birth of all things. All that exists, including all of us, has come forth as the Holy Word from that Powerful Silent Place of Wordless Grace. And, we are free to return to that Silence anytime we choose because we’ve never truly left It and It has never left us. It is beneath the surface of every “thing” including this human thing we call our self. The spiritual teacher, Mooji, said “The wise leave aside the incessant murmurings of the mind and merge themselves here in the infinite stillness of Being.”