We’ve all likely noticed that time seems to be speeding up. And if that’s true (and some studies say it is), there’s nothing we can do about that except to let the speed of time be less important to us than how we spend time. In The Way of Transformation we read, “You are free. In this moment, you are as free as you will ever be, right now. How, then, will you use time? What will you construct out of your infinite field of awareness? What world will you look upon? What thoughts will you think? What feelings will you evoke within the cells? Where will you direct the body to be placed on a daily basis?” In other words, we are free mentally, in an unlimited way, to choose who we will be, master or victim, and how we will be, happy or fearful, wherever we are (wherever we place our body).

If we use time with the awareness that time in this human environment is a precious gift of temporary manifestations and changeable creations, we’ll realize that we are never stuck with what we’ve made of our life, or in our life, (even if we’ve made a mess) because we can change our mind and change the forms and expressions that we call “our life.” The world we individually experience is not being done to us, it’s being done by us, and it’s not coming at us, it’s coming from us. There is no greater freedom than to live a life of our own making, and realize we’re making it happen as it does.

We all have that freedom with the unconditional assistance of a Universe that doesn’t judge us and what we create at all. As difficult as it may be to see most of the time, or all of the time, we are one with an Infinite Field of Awareness that is aware of us. But, in those moments when we know that’s true, we flow with the Natural Harmony and Goodness of Life. Joseph Campbell wrote, “The goal of life is to make your heartbeat match the beat of the universe, to match your nature with Nature.” We get to decide whether we match our nature with the world or with the Nature of Love that created us.

We get to choose what we focus on, what we think about, what we do each day, and how we feel doing it. We get to decide to use time to be happy being alive rather than waste it waiting for something specific to come along to make us happy. We get to use time to decide who and what we prefer around us, and then attract whoever or whatever to us simply by focusing on the good feeling our preferences create within us even before whoever or whatever appears around us. We get to use time to focus on happiness and well-being even when our body feels sick and, if well-being is our focus, naturally evoke well-being within our cells. We get to use time to focus on inner Peace, to think peaceful thoughts that cause us to feel calm and safe no matter what’s being said around us or to us, or by the news media. And, we get to use time to Be Love in a world filled with contrast, differences, opposing views, and strident opinions, where not everyone chooses to express Love with words and actions.

We’re as free as we will ever be, right now, to decide what world we will look upon, and no one can interfere with our view unless we allow them to. We’re so free we can choose to use time to look upon a world we wish were another way, and then resist the newness in our thinking that would allow us to see it another way. We’re so free we can use time to be unhappy with our self and the life we’ve constructed, and to be unhappy with others and how they’re constructing their lives. We’re so free we can use time to regret our past or long for happier, healthier yesterdays that have already been lived. We’re so free we can use time to worry about what life might have in store for us in the future.

So then, how will we use time? Only we, individually, can answer how we will use time, and only time will tell what our choices have been. Thank God we have access to an Infinite Field of Awareness that we’re free to use to construct a human life that isn’t dependent on time going fast or slow. In fact, that Field of Awareness doesn’t depend on time at all because It’s beyond time. It is between the time it takes for us to think and think again. But our awareness of that Timeless Construction Zone depends on what world we decide to look upon and think about because what we’re creating with our thoughts is being created in that world. We can use time looking upon a world of limited possibilities and hardened facts, and limit our possibilities for experiencing more than we’ve already experienced within that world. Or, we can use time aware that what we see depends on how we “Be,” and knowing that what we’re looking at we’re looking with, i.e., it’s coming from us. We can use time looking upon a world of beauty, love, peace, harmony, and well-being just by feeling those things, and then watch them being created for us right before our eyes as we gaze upon that world. If that’s the world we choose, our heartbeat will match the beat of the Universe that is conspiring to bring every good thing to us!

Last Sunday we considered that there is only one time in which our creative power exists or that something new can come from us…and that time is Now. Every moment is Now (Now, Now, Now), and it’s the perfect time for us pay attention to the Timeless Presence in which we live, instead of looking at our watches. Within the Infinite Field of Awareness, which is only available Now, there are no age restrictions or limitations, no too soons or too lates. It is available to us anytime we’re conscious of It as the moment we’re in.

That moment becomes a “fresh start-start fresh” opportunity for us to change our mind about anything…anything. It doesn’t matter if we’ve thought a thought for a minute, a day, a year, or if we’ve been thinking it our whole life. It doesn’t matter how long we may have been stuck in a belief about our self or someone else, or how long we’ve been defending our limitations and our limited opinions of the world. If we choose to change that thought to a better feeling one, and focus on that better feeling thought, it will change the world we look upon for the better.

Mooji wrote, “When you walk into a dark room, it doesn’t matter whether it’s been dark for ten minutes, ten years or ten decades, when you flip the switch, the light still illuminates the room.” Changing a limited thought to a better feeling one, or even if we can’t think of a better feeling thought, then simply not focusing on or arguing with a thought that doesn’t feel good, is like flipping the switch in our mind and illuminating it. How long we experience that illumination depends on what we focus on next.

I’ve been noticing a trend on Facebook where people write “so this happened” above  a picture they’ve posted. Sometimes it’s a picture of a diploma or award, sometimes it’s a picture of a newborn baby, or kittens or puppies. And, sometimes it’s a picture that is less celebratory of “the this” that happened—like a picture of a dented fender, or a picture of a broken leg, or a picture of some other unwanted occurrence that occurred.

It seems to me that often our conversations in our head and with others are a lot like a Facebook post. We focus on, and talk about, this thing that happened and that thing that happened. Some of it’s good news we want to share because we like others to celebrate with us, and some of it’s bad news we want to share because we like others to commiserate with us. But, either way, we’re still talking about yesterday. And, that’s okay if we want more of the same today. These words are attributed to Buddha, “What we are today comes from our thoughts of yesterday, and our present thoughts build our life of tomorrow.”

As saying goes, “Today was tomorrow yesterday.” Whatever manifested world we’re looking upon today, whether we like what we see or not, is a “has been,” i.e., a manifestation that has happened as the result of thoughts thought yesterday. If we continue to point out what our past thinking has brought about, or if our conversations with our self and others don’t at least include some new awareness that what happened brought about, nothing new from our Infinite Field of Awareness can come into our view.

If we want newness—whether it’s a new health experience in our body, a new expression of harmony in a relationship, a new manifestation of abundance in our finances, a new friend, a new job, a new whatever—we can’t let what has happened get in the way of what could happen and prevent us from seeing more than we’ve seen before. When was the last time we did something for the first time? When was the last time we did something just for the fun of it, with no goal in mind but fun, and we had even more fun than we expected? When was the last time we spontaneously said “yes” to the moment, without over thinking it or second guessing it, and we had the time of our life?

Every moment is the perfect moment for us to pay attention to the Timeless Presence that offers us more and more of the life we’re created to live. This human environment is s precious gift of temporary manifestations and changeable creations that change as we change our mind. Within that Infinite Field of Awareness—that belongs to all of us because we were created by It before time and It sustains us still—there is nothing to limit us, no age restrictions or limitations, no too lates or too soons. All that’s there for us as we live in this human environment is the Unlimited Answer to our choice to ask: “Now what?”