With the passing of our Beloved Marcia Allen it seems the perfect time for us to consider the changing Nature of the Universe in which we live and how we can embrace the changes that inevitably come as we live this earth life. In fact, the only constant in this life is that it is constantly changing. And even though we know nothing stays the same in this world, no matter how much we may want it to, so often we’re not expecting change to occur, and not ready for it when it does.

As long as we live in this Universe, change isn’t finished with us in any area of our life. In order for something good to come from any change, but especially unexpected, unexplainable and unwanted change, we must not only learn to deal with it by accepting it, but to allow it to empower us to move forward into the something good that awaits us just beyond the visible moment and current experience.

In his book, The Art of Abundance, Dennis Merritt Jones writes: “The Universe, eternally expanding at the speed of light, is perpetually pushing out, creating more of itself from within itself…your conscious awareness is the point of access.” We are the ones through which the Universe expands. We are the medium through which Its Abundance pushes out with an extremely plentiful, over-sufficient quantity of supply and creates more of Itself through Its overflowing fullness.

The direction that “overflowing fullness” takes in our life depends on where we direct It. We direct Its flow in our life through our belief system. It flows where we are focused and becomes what we expect it to. That is why it’s a good ideas to always believe that something good is about to happen.

When change comes, if we believe something good will come from it, it does because that is the outcome we are looking for—the something good that will take on, like a beautiful butterfly fresh from its transforming cocoon, a new form and expression that gives us more freedom in our life.

a But if our philosophy is “Life’s crap shoot. If something good is going to come from change, I’ll believe it when I see it.” Then we’ll unable to experience something good from change because we’ll be looking in the wrong direction of expectation—to the world to prove it to us, rather than to the Power within us to create it for us.

What appears to us in visible form and expression is the result of what we expect see. How we choose to feel about what we see determines what comes next. Our experiences in life depend on our mental perception and emotional reaction in each moment. What we experience depends on whether or not we believe something good is about happen, and how much good we allow our self to see and feel, and reveal next.

So often we fear change because we’re afraid it will move in a direction we don’t want it to move, and that it will move us in direction we don’t want to go. And, sometimes it appears to do just that.

Unless we learn to trust the ever-changing, ever-expanding Nature of the Universe in which we live. Unless we have faith and conviction that the Universe of our creation always has our happiness in Mind. Unless we learn to trust that there is an unseen picture, a kaleidoscope of positive possibilities in each moment, that is greater and more expansive than the one that is visible to us, no matter how good things may look. We’ll not only resent change when it comes, but let it send us in a direction that closes us down from participating in positive ways in the ever-expanding Universe of creation.

When we live in fearful resistance to change, we redirect the abundant Flow of Good that is always flowing to us, away from us as It flows through us. We send It downstream and then constantly chase after It.

It is only as we direct the Flow of Good, by expecting It to come to us in form and expression, that we are able to consciously create a life that (to us) is worth living while we are here living it.

Otherwise, we live our days by default, convinced that life comes at us without cause, rather than to us through the frequency of the thoughts and feelings we emit. We’ll believe we have no power and no choice as to how we experience our days, or what we can create through the metamorphosis of change.

Just as the Law of Abundance gives to all alike without judgment. Just as the Law of Attraction brings to all alike whatever the mind is focused on without an opinion as to whether or not the mind should by focusing on it. The Law of Expansion has no bias whatsoever. It gives us more and more of what we’re waiting for.

If we resent some situation in our life, if we complain about the unfairness of some event, if we’re filled with long-term sorrow or self pity because something happened we didn’t want to happen, we nurture the seeds of that which will be, and bring about more and more of the same in our life.

Marcia Allen never felt sorry for herself no matter what happened in her life, and she never wanted anyone else to feel sorry for her, either. That’s why when her house burned down she wanted to wait awhile before telling our congregation.

Just hours after the fire she came to see me because she wanted to tell me in person what had happened. She wanted me to be able to look into her eyes and know she was okay. After she told me about the fire, we cried a bit and hugged a lot. Then we sat quietly shaking our heads at such an unexpected event.

Finally she said “You know I wanted new house.” And, I said “You couldn’t think of another way to get one?” She shrugged and said, “Well I’ve got this way now, and I know that a fantastic house is going to come out of this.”
And with that affirmative statement, she directed the Flow of Good her way and into every aspect of the building of her new house.

She was so grateful for every single person and every single thing that added to the something good she was fully expecting to emerge from the unexpected change in her life.

Melody Beattie, the author of Co-dependent No More, wrote: Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, and confusion to clarity. It can turn a meal into a feast, a house into a home, and a stranger into a friend.” It can also turn any event, condition, or sudden change in our life into Something Good.