Often during a storm at sea, the command of a ship’s captain to his helmsman is “steady as she goes,” which is to say, “stay the course.” A Course in Miracles tells us that “Faithfulness doesn’t deviate.” In other words, “faithfulness” stays the course no matter what challenges may arise in our life. Our spiritual compass is set in the direction of the Christ within us, and if we consciously move deeper and deeper within we become aware of the Power that lives within us, and creates through us, the life we desire to experience here on Earth. We are the helmsman of our Individual life journey. It’s up to us to stay the course. Nothing—no condition, situation, or challenge—can take us off course unless we let it. It’s been said “Our faith can move mountains. Our doubt can create them.”

A good question for us to ask our self may be: “How big is my faith and where do I place it? Do I place my faith in the Invisible Spirit or the visible world; in my Spiritual Power or in my doubt; in Love or in fear?” Do we believe our Inner Being can help us find a parking spot or where we left our keys, but can’t help us find peace of mind in the middle of night? Do we believe the Spiritual Power within us can heal us of the flu (in 24 hours or less), but that it is too difficult to heal the body of a seemingly life-threatening disease? Do we believe the God of our soul can be found in the middle of a quiet forest, but not in the middle of a noisy crowd? Do we believe that the Universe in which we live will provide us with all we need for the simple life we’ve settled for, but not the abundant life we truly desire to live?

If we want to experience the Power of our Inner Being, it is important for us to use every moment, and every experience within it, as an opportunity to awaken the passion and forgiveness of our heart, the inspiration and creativity of our soul, and the awesome power of our mind. When it comes to spiritual awakening through our human experiences, if we snooze we lose! We awaken to our Spiritual Power to create the life we want to live here on Earth through our faith that it doesn’t matter what the challenge is in our life, ALL things, not just some things, are possible to us, through us and as us as spiritual beings having a human experience. Faith as a grain of mustard seed can move mountains in our life, but we have to believe It to see It!