Image by Helena Sushitskaya from Pixabay

If you’ve been following our exploration of the Power of Love this month, than you know that even though there is only One Love that infuses the Universe, we are looking at Love in two ways. First, as the Love that has no choice but to Be what It is always: Love no matter what. And, we’re also look at Love as a choice we can make in our day-to-day while we’re living this human experience of contrasting human behaviors

We could say that the One Love of the Universe in which we live it a “choice-less” Love that flows everywhere, in every direction all the time without deciding where It will go or how much of Itself It will Be when It gets there. While we, humans, have the capacity to measure our expressions of love by the gallon or the teaspoon, Divine Love is without measure because Its Infinite. And, because Divine Love is beyond reason, It needs no reason to Be Itself, and never withholds Itself even a little, for any reason, anywhere in the Universe.

It is Divine Love that lives in us right now. It is there for us to share just as It is—unconditional, unwavering and unchanging. It is the Energy of Life that breathes life into our every breath. It is the Pulsation of Life that beats our heart. We couldn’t live without It even if we live ignoring It. But, when we become aware of that Love within us, even for a moment, we have no choice but to Be Love no matter what because It is the very nature and substance of our true self. We don’t need a reason to Be what we already are. Of that Love, we read in the Book of 1 Corinthians: “It does not dishonor others. It is not self-seeking. It is not easily angered. It keeps no record of wrongs.”

Because we appear to be able to breathe on our own, and our heart seems to be able to beat without feeling the Love that beats it, our human interpretation of love appears to be a choice, one we don’t always make. When we forget there is only One Love, and God is that Love and loves everything, we look at love differently. Love becomes a personal thing that fluctuates with our mood and attitude. It becomes a tentative offer we make to others based on rules we’ve set for its expression by us. Our personal sense of love is filled with a need for equal return. It’s possessive and fearful of loss or rejection. To that view of love, “choicelessness” feels more like powerlessness.

The Love we believe belongs to us, and not to anyone we keep it from, has no freedom to just Be Love. We take our personal sense of love on an ego trip, with our “somebody done me wrong songs” playing on the radio and a stack of “records of wrongs” in the trunk. When others don’t play by our rules for love, we’re easily angered and we have plenty to say that not only dishonors them, but Love, Itself. Our mind may allow us to talk about love, read about love, and think about love, but because it has expectations about what love should be, it keeps us from loving.

Even though we don’t always feel Love alive in us, or feel like expressing It for someone (or lots of someones), doesn’t mean It isn’t there for us to choose. As Shakespeare might put it: “In this world Love is something we can choose to be or not to be.” What will we choose is the question? Our awareness of Love within us may fluctuate, but it never goes away altogether. It is our willingness to choose It anyway, in any situation, that lets us know It is there, and that we don’t need a reason to feel It. We all know when we choose not to love, even when we feel justified, it doesn’t feel good. If we ignore how bad it feels and continue not to choose love, we often get sick, feel tired, sad, and angry. We get confused and lose our awareness of our inner guidance that is Voice of Love, Itself. Choosing something else instead of Love is a choice against the Allness of God. It’s a belief that there something else besides God that valid and true to choose. But in the Book of 1 John we read: “He who does not love his brother who is visible, how is it possible for him to love God who is invisible?”

The Power of Love is the only Power in the Universe because God Is Love and God is the only Power in the Universe. No matter what opposing power there appears to be, we can choose to see It differently. In The Science of Mind we read: “More than one power would indicate a universe divided against itself and this kind of a universe could not hold together.” But the Universe is still hanging in there, holding Itself together after more than a bajillion years. And since we’re hanging with It today, the One Power of Love that is everywhere in the Universe is everywhere in us. Divine Love lives in our heart. Our heart is our direct connection with the Love that just Is, the Love that is God, the Love that can be nothing else but Love.

We came into this human experience to learn about freewill, self-direction, and freedom of choice. We are free to choose to Be (or not to be) Love. But if Unconditional Love feels so good to feel, and so bad not to; if It does so much good for our health, happiness, and peace mind; if It has the Power to heal us and the world around us, why don’t we become unreasonable and do the unthinkable, and choose It anyway? Love is all there Is, no matter where Its absence appears to be in us or the world around us because God is all there Is no matter where God’s absence appears be in us and world around us. But God will be in everything we see when we choose to see our self differently, as the One that can only Be Love. If we would know the love God has for us, we need choose to love as God loves: Love wherever we are, letting love flow in every direction without deciding where It should go or how much of It we’re willing to express.