Can we imagine anything more beautiful than to awaken to a radiant sunrise and to spend our day walking among graceful butterflies? It would be easy to feel the joy of living. In fact, given such worldly circumstances, feeling joy wouldn’t feel like a choice at all. What’s currently going on in the world today is giving us an opportunity to become aware of our Power to choose how we will experience life, and to become aware our freedom to decide how we will live in the world, no matter what is happening in it. It is giving us an opportunity to practice what we teach—that Joy, Peace, Love, and Well-Being are qualities of our Spirit that are always within us to choose.

There is Power in the attitude we choose toward life. As we’ve noted before, there is scientific proof that at a cellular level, every single one of us depends on positivity to survive, and that when facing a health crisis our actively enhancing positive emotions can boost our immune system. If that is case, then it must also be the case that when facing a health crisis, our actively enhancing fearful negative emotions can lower our immune system. The Science of Mind advises, “How careful we should be about what we let down into the deeper currents of mentality.” Our experience of life is determined not by what life brings to us, but by the attitude we bring to life; not by what happens, but by the way our mind looks at what happens. The thoughts we entertain in our mind aren’t determined by the thinking of anyone else unless we join with that thinking. Our individual experience of life isn’t determined by the life experience of anyone else unless we allow it to be our experience, too.

We are powerful beings of creation, right here on earth. We create our experience of life by the consistency of the thoughts we choose to focus on, whether those thoughts cause us to feel joyous and filled with a sense of well-being, or they frighten us and cause us to feel like hell. We read in the Book of Psalms: “If I ascend into heaven, You are there; If I make my bed in hell, behold You are there also. If I take the wings of the morning and dwell in the uttermost parts of the sea, even there Your hand will lead me and Your embrace will hold me.” We live, and move, and have our being right now in a Universe of Love, and Love is the Vibration of Creation. We can never lose our Inner Connection, or our Spiritual Power, our God given Power, our Divinely Sourced Power to create our individual experience of life through the Universal Law of Attraction that responds to us. Through the vibration of the thoughts we’re emitting, we call to us whatever is occurring in any moment, and what will be occurring in the next moment and the next unless we change our vibrational tune.

The Power of a positive attitude brings health and vitality to our body, calm and well-being to our emotions, and clarity and peace to our mind. However, living a spiritual life isn’t a lollipop ride. To be in the world (as Jesus said) but not of the world we must take responsibility for, and control of, the only thing we have authority over—our mind. Even though as spiritual beings living a spiritual life is natural to us, it requires inner strength and deep conviction to live it in this world. It requires centering our self in Peace in a world of panic, and choosing Love in a world of conflict, divisiveness and blame. “Don’t worry be happy” is a call for deep spiritual practice! One that is often easier said then done because most of us were taught and still believe that to worry about others is a sign of our love for them. However, when we worry about anyone, we put them in a place of vulnerability in our mind. We’re accepting the possibility that harm can come to them. We’re not seeing the Spiritual Being, the Divine Being that our living from our Spirit would allow us to see. We’re not recognizing that the Christ within them is always present to guide and protect them.

It has been said the worry is the misuse of imagination. We can’t call a good outcome to self or anyone else by imagining the worst and trying to prevent it. Fearful or faithful, anxious or trustful. we attract the experiences that will come to us in the future through the thoughts we believe to be true right now. The Law of Attraction doesn’t differentiate between what we want and focus on, or what we don’t want and focus on. It simply brings into our life experience more of whatever we focus on. Because like attracts like, like it or not sooner or later the thoughts we give our attention to today, even if we’re only trying to prevent “the bad” from getting worse, will manifest in some way, shape or form.

No one can cause us to see life the way they see life unless we decide to see it that way too. Our individual point of view is determined by just one thing, the thoughts we choose to make our own. The Way of the Heart tells us: “When you arise in the morning, the first thought that makes a home in your mind you will act on. You may stretch the body. You may smile. You may frown. You might be filled with peace, or you might feel the weight of the world. These things come not because you have perceived them outside, but because you have allowed them inside the depth of your consciousness.” When our thoughts are stimulated only by what we see and hear in a world that seems outside of us, when we arise in the morning we feel the weight of the world. And though we may take pride in our ability to feel its pain, such thoughts aren’t helpful to the world because we’ve allowed them to find a place of creation inside the depth of our consciousness, which will create more of the same. But when we make the much more difficult choice not to worry but to be happy, when we arise in morning our first thoughts make us smile and cause us to be filled with a peace that not only feels good to us, but is also good for the world because we’ve allowed healthy thoughts to find a place of creation inside the depth of our consciousness, which will create more of the same.

Are we ready to be the awesome spiritual beings we’re created to be? Are we ready to allow the Power of our Spirit to arise in us and make a better day for our self and the world around us? If we are, and wonder how we can arise tomorrow morning, and the morning after that, and the morning after that with a smile on our face and a heart filled with peace, A Course in Miracles suggests this practice before we lay our head down to sleep each night: “Listen in deep silence. Be very still and open your mind. Go past all the raucous shrieks and sick imaginings that cover your real thoughts and obscure your eternal link with God. Sink deep into the peace that waits for you beyond the frantic, riotous thoughts and sights and sounds of this insane world. Then you will hear God’s Voice reminding you of Him and of your Self. He wants you to hear His Voice. He gave It to you to be heard.”

No one can influence us without our permission. No one can turn us away from a Truth we believe. Our Inner Being knows when something is Real, Authentic and True. No matter what anyone else would try to convince us of, the Truth will always feel true within us because our heart knows when something resonates. We must decide to trust that Feeling.